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#BREAKING: Attorney General Letitia James will announce the grand jury findings in the Daniel Prude case in Rochester New York shortly. I will have the latest details.

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Pastapaige ()

They didn’t pick me for jury duty 😔😔 I tried to look like an antifa member that smokes weed and hates cops because it’s true!!! 😼

ScreenCraft ()

Our True Story and Public Domain competition jury includes the Oscar winning producer of SPOTLIGHT, and an Oscar-nominated writer for THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON and writer of the Netflix mini-series WHEN THEY SEE US. More info and to submit:

N S ()

@FritzP85 @afneil And one side of that has been largely discredited, notwithstanding the jury

Betty ()

@KellieCyorks No jury in the world would convict me for attacking the person that gave this to me.

Geoffery Rogers
Geoffery Rogers ()

#BREAKING: Attorney General Letitia James will announce the grand jury findings in the Daniel Prude case in Rochester New York shortly. I will have the latest details.

Evan ()

@CFBKnights I say let’s wait and see. Gus hasn’t even gotten a commit to us yet, so the jury’s out on whether he can recruit to a G5 school in 2021.

Elizabeth Wilmot of Deppland 🏴‍☠️
Elizabeth Wilmot of Deppland 🏴‍☠️ ()

@KTN12201 @TheNamesQ Can be found in contempt of court; sanctions can be fines, jail time, orders to produce docs etc. If found to have destroyed key evidence, judge can instruct the jury to assume the evidence was not favourable to AH. Won’t help AH ultimately & could lose her the case.

Robin ()

@peggyinidaho @SpeakerMentors My jury is totally out on hs straight to uni. Professors generally love their older students becuz they come WITH life experience and the eagerness to learn as a choice as opposed to an expectation. More maturity. I was the oldest in my graduating class. 34.

Phyllis Ramos
Phyllis Ramos ()

How is it that @SenTedCruz and @HawleyMO get to sit on the jury concerning the insurrection when the are complicit in helping to cause it⁉️

Tammy WitchyAF
Tammy WitchyAF ()

@silverlb52 He was shoved. Hard. I hope the jury/judge gives him everything he asks for and then some.

Glenn Murray Craig
Glenn Murray Craig ()

@CerebralWisdom If that were the case we should select our representatives the same way we delegate jury duty.

Dave Cicada
Dave Cicada ()

@selectedwisdom You mean you don’t remember when Nazis got to serve on the Nuremberg jury?

MyKid MyLISA ()

ในปีที่ผ่านๆมา #LISA ทำให้วงการแฟชั่นยอมรับและประจักษ์แล้วว่า เธอมีทัศนคติและสไตล์ที่เป็นของตัวเองตลอดมา ชอบเวลาสื่อต่างๆอวยลูกลิซนะ เพราะมันทำให้เห็นว่า การได้เป็นกก 2021ANDAM Fashion Award เพราะทั่วโลกให้การยอมรับในความสามารถของลูกลิซ.. via @nylonmag

JAZ ()

My tweets may not be seen,but I just wanna say, I’m happy and proud with what the pinks are doing and achieving right now. Jisoo with her drama, brands and (hopefully) her solo being cooked, Lisa (also) her solo preparation, YWY3 mentor, as a jury (somewhere i forgot🥲) ...

Samantha Jury
Samantha Jury ()

Between COVID & now snow storms I’ve had to pack one too many “just in case they make me spend the night at the hospital” bag 🥴

Humanity ()

@DerenicByrd Mental illness is an excuse for all white people and they get away with murder, racism, rape, anything as long as their klan members are the judge and jury!

정식업체 오티켓 O1O-9926-O811 카톡: OTICKET 안전결제
정식업체 오티켓 O1O-9926-O811 카톡: OTICKET 안전결제 ()

( 카톡: oticket ) symphony 신용카드현금화 assemble 카드한도현금화 lane 휴대폰정보이용료 steam 핸드폰소액결제 jury 구글정보이용료 truth 신용카드깡 expand 휴대폰소액결제 정책 365일 24시 언제나 친절상담

😼 ()


malcolm poynton
Malcolm poynton ()

Well done to Alejandro di Trolio, executive creative director at @Cheil_Worldwide for making the jury for the National Creativity Awards 2021, craft category.

Keith ()

@thehill Not to mention they, the jury, are culpable in the insurrection and saving their own azz

Amy Long
Amy Long ()

@tedcruz Why do we have to explain how a jury works , and insurrection to you? Scumbag

blow fish win✨🐡
Blow fish win✨🐡 ()

very slowly starting to like gunbreaker. maybe, still unsure and the jury’s out for lunch.

Noov ()

Fashion jury lisa mainnya ampe france ga heran stan kandang babi ngamok

네이버 "기가막힌티켓" 검색 {카톡: Goodtk7 } ⓒHS2112 ()

빠른진행 도와드립니다. O1O-4869-5877 ( 카톡: Goodtk7 ) warrant 휴대폰핸드폰모바일소액결제현금 humor 카드한도현금화 available 구글정보이용료현금화 jury institute 신용카드현금 severe 신용카드현금화 example 구글기프트매입 p…

Peter Kroth
Peter Kroth ()

@ichigobatakekak 1. Impeachment is not a criminal process. 2. Just as defense is not entitled to representation at a Grand Jury hearing, so defense is not entitled to representation in the House. 3. Trump was invited to appear at the Senate. His team said, No.

nous ravene
Nous ravene ()

woah fashion jury for ANdam fashion award along side with Phoebe Philo, that is huge

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Rwlesq ()

@N8te4u @thelindsayellis If you are causing a ruckus on an Amtrak train, the conductor can kick you off without having to first empanel a jury.

LISA_Blackpink ()

@Koreaboo One and Only Lalisa Manoban FASHION ICON​ LISA FASHION JURY LISA 블랙핑크 리사 #LISA #리사 @BLACKPINK

Jury Foto,Jury Twitter Trends - Top Tweets
Imane ()

Je suis prête à faire l’éloge le plus too much de la queen du Bhoutan demain si on me demande la femme qui m’inspire, vraiment ils sont pas prêts les membres de mon jury

McMucho ()

Irgendwie hat die Sendung mittlerweile an Charme verloren. Die Jury tut so als würde sie wirklich raten und am Ende ist es bestimmt eine Freund/in von Ruth #MaskedSinger

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