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Updated: September 14th, 2021 06:40 PM IST

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Kanye and Lil Wayne talking about working with Tyler, The Creator

Kanye Twitter

Anything associated to Kanye always goes west 🤦🏼‍♂️

@BalliciJack İslam emredince laf ederler kim ve Kanye giyince moda olur ahir zaman işte


Rapper die eigentlich kein Zusammenhang haben aber trotzdem ich jz vergleiche teil 4 Kanye > eminem


Parecem pantufas do hotel, kanye djo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭he really don’t give a fuck

Ambos están lejos de su mejor forma, pero diría que Kanye le gana de largo la partida a Drake si comparamos sus nuevos discos, y nos guiamos solo por su música. Escribo sobre eso en @MussicaInfo

Bon je crois qu’elle veut nous faire comprendre qu’elle est de nouveau avec Kanye. Il n’y a que lui pour l’habiller ainsi 😂😂😂

@fatileerma Siento que es más para seguir el vibe de Kanye, ya viste las historias de lamacorita, me hicieron mucho sentido

Gold armor for Lil Nas X, all black for Kim and Kanye at Met Gala

Kanye Foto,Kanye Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

@estendenciavzl No se si le hace publi al álbum de Kanye, el cual hace lo mismo vistiendo ropa negra y media en la cabeza, o si es una protesta al uso del burka en Afganistán, ya que esta toda tapada pero al mismo tiempo muestra todo

kanye krazy really my favorite durk song from his main stream career whoever produced that is nice

@KimKardashian Kim, you’re letting Hollywood get to you way too much. This is not normal. We miss your fashion inspo, not just cozy wear and COVID-19/sad symbolization. I’m happy Kanye was able to put this together for you, but we need to see the old you again. We miss you Kim 😢

kanye deve ta puto com o tanto de gente falando q eh ele q ta la com a kim sendo q eh o demna

Tô chocado que foi o KANYE WEST que criou o look inteiro da Kim. Fico de cara com a excelência artística desse homem

All I think about is them saying Kanye was running around like he was the Phantom of the Opera 😭

@chibiferda They are saying it’s to show her love for Kanye, since he’s not there. But it’s Balenciaga 😂

adorei o outfit de personagem não desbloqueado da kim e do kanye

My beats really starting to sound nice. My scripts getting better. Me and my homies gonna be filming and recording on the regular. On my way to being the perfect mix of Kanye West and Donald Glover.

I simply cannot make sense as to why kim and kanye showed up like that. like for what reason

This the typa shit Kanye was talking about when it comes to her dressing herself


@nytimes I’m so sick of Kim and Kanye. Stop giving these douchebags free publicity.

@nipontii amiga eu acho q eh divulgação do album do kanye q o conceito eh ser todo preto sem nenhum detalhe

@milatequilayt I low key love it, especially with the theme. Kinda iconic. But heavy with Kanye inspo so 🤷🏻‍♀️

@guiapetitosa amg ela e o kanye tão usando esse conceito desde o início da divulgação do álbum dele ksksksksk dps tá uma olhada no insta dos dois

Cherub x Kanye West - DOTA, dropping Christmas Eve 2021 #TheThrone

véi Kim e Kanye são incríveis, não tenho o q dizer #MetGala2021

Kanye Foto,Kanye Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

Diga que voltou com o Kanye sem dizer que voltou com o Kanye: #MetGala

Kanye Foto,Kanye Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

⬇️ TODAY IN HIP-HOP ⬇️ 2009: Kanye West walks out on stage and interrupts Taylor Swift’s VMA speech

Kanye Foto,Kanye Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

One day after the 14-year anniversary of Kanye West and 50 Cent’s famous album battle between Graduation and Curtis, Drake’s Certified Lover Boy officially outsells Kanye’s Donda in total first-week sales by nearly double Certified Lover Boy - 613,000 Donda - 309,000

Kanye and Lil Wayne talking about working with Tyler, The Creator

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