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good morning!! today’s morning song 🎧 久しぶりに聴くと良かった♪.

Clinical psychologist and author Dr Jordan Peterson says the European Union’s decision to classify nuclear and natural gas as clean energy was “pretty obvious”..

@ADumbMillennial ABEMA still using pink gear Kenny on the CyberFight so… that’s something, I guess lol.

DS: “I thought Kenny’s performance was okay, but we are still looking for that position and we’ve got Sam Byram coming back.” #NCFC.

Kenny is British, Plana is Mexican, Ashe is Argentinean, Miko is Japanese/American.

Kenny Foto,Kenny Foto by BLM | VØ₦ ₴ØⱠØ,BLM | VØ₦ ₴ØⱠØ on twitter tweets Kenny Foto

@SubwayToShea @mikemayer22 #TheCleaner I think this can actually work for both Sugar and Kenny 😏.

F外失です。 RenaultだからといってMTじゃなきゃ行けない理由なんてありません!走りの楽しさは変わらないですから 僕もメガーヌのATですが、走りやドレスアップを楽しんでます。 無理にMT買って下手な走りするよりかはATで優雅に走る方がいいと思います。 ATをMTぽく走らせるのも楽しかったり😌.

Kenny Foto,Kenny Foto by ケニー・K@車垢,ケニー・K@車垢 on twitter tweets Kenny Foto

@KatStryker111 wow Kat all these journalists are coming out with bullish articles about amc . so they are changing their narrative meaning they know they lost . but trying to act like they win by manipulating the media hahahaha they think we leaving after the squeeze ! YOU GOING TO JAIL KENNY.

@Marty83461594 Absolutely Yeah he is not 100 percent but he will get there it will take time he is Amazing as ever in the Ring i got Goosebumps see him Wrestle on Tv again so Awesome Damn Right what a Match indeed and an Epic Return for Kenny..

@Frecklychan Lets remember she literally puts a baby in danger in a blizzard just to prove a point that Kenny is messed up,nice Jane..

@kenny_spicysol 2週に渡って放送なんて💓贅沢✨ 楽しみにしてまーす✌️.

@Basser_Kenny_J ありがとうございます🙇‍♂️ ちょいスリムですけど水深50センチにいました😊.

@kenny_luca この度はキャンペーンへのご応募ありがとうございます! ご参加ありがとうございました。 次回の企画も楽しみにしていてくださいね。 年に一度の大売り出し✨ #ビックの大決算セール 開催中🎈 8/31(水)まで.

@Fightful Just let his last few matches include danielson pac Kenny(if he’s back in time) or Dax.

@TonyBokhoven — Cody Hansen’s father, Kenny, was first referred to as “One of the Boys from Nunda” by former @HusetsSpeedway and Lake County Speedway announcer Denny Oviatt in the 1980s..


10 likes and i will force joe, kenny, and marisa into a aladdin group halloween costume.

I literally cried from the beginning of Battle Cry til the end of the show. Welcome back Kenny you beautiful bastard #AEW #AEWDynamite.

i don’t think kenny would go through damn near a year of rehab just to come back too early and fuck it all up.

#AEWDynamite so yall saw how kenny was trying to win on his own, hobbling a OWA and only won because the bucks helped stop the others from breaking the pin right 😭.

님들아 짱구기 포토북 결제함???? 품절이래 근데 난 삼 ㅋㅋ 11시되자마자 바로결제갈겻지~.

@mellasvisionary I stopped caring at a certain point. i remember Roman doing a promo, and Kenny was on the other side of the country, Japan, announcing his streaming, and WWE fans were attacking him for “sabotaging Roman’s promo.” hypocrites here..

what if hangman faces for the world title at all out and wins and the bucks and kenny win the trios belts.

Did you know the “Construction Christmas Tree” signifies the safe completion of the framing of the structure & a wish for continued good luck? We couldn’t think of a better way to place the final steel beam of the Coach Kenny Deel Stadium project!.

Welcome back Kenny. ジャスティンロバーツからのBattleCryで職場で泣いてます。誇張抜きです。ガチ泣きです。 #AEW #AEWDynamite.

@coffee_matcha03 まっちゃやさんおはありです☀️ そうですよね〜僕は最近はもうライブのシリアル入ってるCD以外買わずにサブスク頼りです笑.

Day 18 - R Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town - Kenny Rogers Who knew that this number was originally written by Mel Tillis, and was first recorded by Waylon Jennings? Me neither..

@woodypaige @jimbcbs4 Monforts won’t see a penny from me or my family until they sell. Worst owners in the history of professional sports..

Fights have peppered both sessions, with multiple players being ejected the past two days. On Wednesday, the conflict sprang up once more when Panthers safety Kenny Robinson flattened Patriots returner Kristian Wilkerson in what was supposed to be a thud (not full contact).

Kenny Foto,Kenny Foto by Logan trump,Logan trump on twitter tweets Kenny Foto

@Kenny_killer__ すきな人。 ぴっぴになると ~未満って意味らしい。.

@mihaya_706 みはやSwitchやったねwww ドムにもサブにもなれる的なwww.

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