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BREAKING: Kevin Seefried, the man carrying the confederate flag inside US Capitol during riot, has been arrested

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Agr o mc kevin posta storys com carinhas chorando gnt algm fala oq aconteceu plmr de deus

John Colosimo
John Colosimo ()

Just went through the post games for Baker and Kevin and I can’t emphasize enough how much disdain I have for Mary K and the questions she asks.

riro | cyno waiting room
Riro | cyno waiting room ()

not @ people getting shocked over kevin rather than a grandma being a five star character slashing enemies with her sword

Bo ()

@kevin_jochens That would make sense to me if the current QB and regime hadn’t righted those wrongs.

Cleavon MD
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ARRESTED: Kevin Seefried, 51, from Laurel Delaware. He displays the same flag outside his home and carried the flag all the way to Washington DC. He is charged with violent entry & disorderly conduct on restricted grounds

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Premier League Player of the Month awards 🏆 Bruno Fernandes: 4 in 10 months Kevin De Bruyne: 0 in 60 months 😳

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Kevin Smith Finishes First Draft of Clerks III

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Scott Dworkin
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BREAKING: Kevin Seefried, the man carrying the confederate flag inside US Capitol during riot, has been arrested

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@drisunshine_ essa pose ai ta tipo esse e seu nivel de poder depois você iria massacra geral da fairy tail para no futuro virarem amigos

Jason Scheer
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This is Arizona wide receiver Kevin Cummings. I think he is going to be one of the better recruiters Arizona has had in a bit

The New York Times
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A man who carried a Confederate flag inside the Capitol last week during the riot was arrested on Thursday. Kevin Seefried was wanted by the FBI, which had sought help from the public to identify him and had widely circulated a dispatch with his photo.

Joe Scarborough
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Kevin McCarthy voted to throw out millions of Black votes on January 6th. He had pushed House Republicans back 50 years into the Jim Crow Era. What American company can ever afford to contribute again to McCarthy’s New Jim Crow Party?

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The Hollywood Reporter
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Marvel boss Kevin Feige believes that by going to the small screen, he can still make a cultural impact akin to what Marvel is accustomed to

Dana Houle
Dana Houle ()

Kevin McCarthy still isn’t sure if he should impeach a guy he believes is paid by Putin

Vicky Van Hyfte
Vicky Van Hyfte ()

@NaomiSkouta Kevin Bacon. Footloose? Wel de originele niet de remake. Ondertussen is hij al wat grijs ;-)

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(3) Kevin Durant 2019 Donruss Optic #112 Category: Basketball Cards Location: Ocoee, FL, USA Listing type: Auctions with Buy It -

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#Dakar Etapa 9 Neom-Neom: Kevin Benavídes ganó la especial y Nacho Cornejo sigue liderando en motos. Hoy desertaron Luciano Benavídes y Toby Price quienes fueron hospitalizados por precaución. Stéphane Peterhansel ganó su primera etapa en autos y lidera con más comodidad.

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@CarlosJReyesFL President Trump and close ally House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke, the president kept repeating a conspiracy theory that antifa was responsible for the violence.

John McCormack
John McCormack ()

According to a GOP source on conference phone call yesterday, Kevin McCarthy warned members not to verbally attack colleagues who vote for impeachment because it could endanger their lives.

Kevin ()

@JuanDMonsalveM Y peor que telegram saca esa notificación hasta para los que ya no están en contactos 😂


Marvel’s Kevin Feige says there will be more Avengers movies “at some point”

Foreign Names
Foreign Names ()

I gotta say, watching videos of the truly insane shit that was going made me feel like I need to invest in a moat, a drawbridge, and some Kevin McAllister style traps.

Kevin Keeler 🇨🇦
Kevin Keeler 🇨🇦 ()

@CityCristinaH So nothing has changed for me, I’ve basically been home since March other than groceries and walking my dogs, a few more months won’t matter much.

K ()

Ay no, vive en el EdoMex, en uno de los municipios más precarios del paí y aún así es clasista??? Cómo es posible 🙃 Lo peor es que no sabe que lo es. 🙃

Naji ()

The day Kevin Liles told me the story of him going from being in the mailroom to the president of Def Jam; nothing was the same

Kevin Gavidia
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@mal_menor @FiscaliaPeru Me pregunto si así serán de cojudos si le pasara lo mismo a un fiscal. Sarta de cagados incompetentes.

Jesse Lee
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.@GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy was laying the groundwork for the attack on the Capitol for months. 11/5/2020: “President Trump won this election, so everyone who’s listening, do not be quiet. We cannot allow this to happen before our very join together and let’s stop this.”

Jonathan Swan
Jonathan Swan ()

New: In a tense AM call w Kevin McCarthy, President Trump today privately — and falsely — blamed Antifa people for storming the McCarthy told him the riot “was MAGA” and he knew because he was in there, per WH official. #axiossneakpeek

Kyle Griffin
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Rep. Earl Blumenauer is demanding the resignations of Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise for their role in inciting the violent attempted coup by domestic terrorists at the Capitol on Wednesday and their subsequent efforts to overturn the results of the Electoral College.

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