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The 2020/21 Bundesliga season kicks off on Friday when holders Bayern Munich launch their quest for a ninth straight league title at home to Schalke. #Bundesliga #Bayern

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Pocket Rocket App
Pocket Rocket App ()

@_anthonykay @kkvr2823 Give it a go. Should work fine now. Not sure what will happen after the launch, so that will be an interesting experiment.

Eli ()

@Hi_im_Georgie the whole situation was a mess. review embargo one day before launch, no preorders, scalpers, etc.

billy gmeinwieser
Billy gmeinwieser ()

@AaronBorton94 @PlayStation All the ps fanboys talking shit enjoy no games on Xbox. What do u have besides exclusive announcements for games 1 n 2yrs out which half the games u play once n all most all are on pc so not really exclusive and no backwards compatibility. Enjoy nothing to play ar launch

KeeB ()

This launch was an absolute joke, 1 picosecond passes and there are no cards on any website. #RTX3080 #RTXoff

TK Frampt
TK Frampt ()

@citrus3000psi I managed to get my order done at 6:02, checked the page and only 6 were left. They were going faaaaast. Thanks for the mods and congrats on the launch!

Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips ()

@247clubclassics is LIVE! Join me for 2 hours of classic soul and funk at the launch party. Tweet us right here for requests and dedications!

小田 ()

良すぎるんだよなぁ…(語彙力) 想像の雨 - siraph #LINEMUSIC

he burnt my shake
He burnt my shake ()

@Hive_Thrall @Latios_XD Wait what. I wasn’t getting anything at launch but the ONLY title I want is Demons Souls.

かのん@神情報専門アドバイザー ()

それ気になる‼️ と一目で思われる言葉の使い方で 売上をアップすることができます 今すぐ下のURLを押して下さい‼️     ↓ ↓ ↓  ⇒  期間限定で無料公開!

Christian Eulinberg
Christian Eulinberg ()

@vitcor @videogamedeals Since they are sending limited units to the United States I would say your chances for walking into Best Buy the day that it releases and snagging one will be very slim. This is the type of product that if you want it on launch day you have to act fast.

WillSF ()

@NVIDIAGeForce Finally got my notification email. An hour and 12 minutes after launch. Also an hour and 11 minutes and seconds after bots bought all the cards.

AuroDK ()

@Ramb099639712 @NVIDIAGeForce They didnt put Them on sale. They had Them on the site to hype up the launch and make people go out and buy the others from retailers.

Bennie LaLa
Bennie LaLa ()

@JayzTwoCents My partner and I thankfully were able to order our consoles last night but I’m still worried about their ability to be fulfilled. Depend on the holiday climate and availability on launch, I may hold onto mine and see who is trying to snag one for their kid for Holiday. F scalpers

The Probe
The Probe ()

Innovative microscope shielding Nuview is pleased to announce the launch of the Scope-Shield and Scope-Cone, in response to requests for microscope shields. These innovative solutions have been developed in conjunction with leading dental clinicians to ...

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Tom Tom Beedham Tom Tom Beedham Tom
Tom Tom Beedham Tom Tom Beedham Tom ()

New Feeling is one of the few things I haven’t second guessed putting energy into over the past several months. The work I’ve been doing w Daniel, Jesse, Katerina, Laura, Leslie, Melissa, Michael, and Paul inspires me every day, and today, we launch! 🚀🛠🤝

WhatHouse? ()

Apartments Come To Epsom This Weekend

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Webnow🌎 ()

Coinspeaker Apple Releases iOS 14 Ahead of iPhone 12 LaunchWith the increased risks of cybercriminal attacks, Apple has updated some of the security more:

Webnow🌎 ()

PowerTrade is a new mobile-based cryptocurrency options trading platform set to launch this more:

のんちゃん ()

夜勤行ってきます。 にったんのインスタライブ見たかったけどアーカイブ残るらしいから。もしかしたらシロセさん登場があったりして… 今日の最後の曲はTattoo (feat. WHITE JAM) - SHIROSE(WHITE JAM)月曜日の楽しみの為に頑張ろー #LINEMUSIC #無料でフル再生OK

Fatimah Oyelami
Fatimah Oyelami ()

The host of the event and the Honorable Minister of Interior @raufaregbesola is live at the #OnMeritTheBook launch

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Webnow🌎 ()

A mobile bitcoin options trading platform set to launch this year has secured funding from some of the industry’s top-tier investors. PowerTrade raised $...Read more:

ちくき(あるちゅー) ()

いいんですか? - RADWIMPS #LINEMUSIC #無料でフル再生OK

The Guardian Nigeria
The Guardian Nigeria ()

The 2020/21 Bundesliga season kicks off on Friday when holders Bayern Munich launch their quest for a ninth straight league title at home to Schalke. #Bundesliga #Bayern


@shadadzai Then i’d opt for the digital edition. You’ll probably get NBA and Fifa at launch so it won’t matter. Those games will make up 70-90% of your library. If you think you’ll be getting more games like spiderman then get the standard edition.

Ash • BLM 🇯🇲🇧🇧
Ash • BLM 🇯🇲🇧🇧 ()

@ajlivi_ Unfortunately it’s only a matter of time when them shops ain’t gonna be around like that unless they change their business model. Disc versions of new games are usually cheaper at launch as well.

Mark 🏋️‍♂️👨‍👦‍👦👩‍👧🎮🎬⚽️
Mark 🏋️‍♂️👨‍👦‍👦👩‍👧🎮🎬⚽️ ()

@crazyitalian7 @paulsuperchef I think with this next generation its not going to be about launch day exclusives, its about whats going to come later and what games play and look best coming from third party and how accessible games are

Andre Delaney
Andre Delaney ()

@Xbox Have to say, first time in my life I wont get getting a playstation at launch. I love all consoles, but I am disappointed with this showing and the complete mess of a rollout. That Xbox Series S is just far to tempting.

Andile K Nzimande
Andile K Nzimande ()

It was for this exact reason that her career failed to launch 😭

Zia Askari
Zia Askari ()

#OPPO Partners with MS Dhoni to Launch #BeTheInfinite campaign @oppomobileindia @telecomdrive

Souper Hooman
Souper Hooman ()

@MikeJMika Game devs should get a special portal website that lets them prepurchase a console that arrives the day before launch. Idk why console makers do t offer this perk to developers. It’s just good business to let the people who make your games have access to your platform.

☚ #keingradmehr #hahohe ☛
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