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Lied Twitter

Today’s terrorist attack will be politicized and lied about. The man was under demonic influence. Completely incoherent “ideology.” Hybrid of Nazism with green new deal leanings. He called himself a left wing “green nationalist.” That’s why you can’t post the document..

The fact that Kevin McCarthy lied about wanting Trump to resign after Jan 6 isn’t a scandal. Or even a surprise. The scandal is that lying is the only way he can keep his leadership post. In Trump and McCarthy’s GOP, truth is disqualifying. And the bigger the lie, the better..

I have tried to put this as simply as I can without exploding with rage. Johnson lied, lied & lied again.

Now that we know these are lies, how do you feel? Do you feel lied to? Or are you so invested in the lies, that you’re making excuses for them, in order to save face?.

“Turning 29, and 28, and even 27, I lied to my friends and family about my happiness. For years in a row, I blew out my candles and wished to be alone.” Today is my 30th birthday. I wrote about grieving for your younger self:.

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@TheFergusonWay Maguire one of the shittest players I’ve seen play for United. Is annoyed by a players behaviour whose been here since the academy and only stayed because he was lied to about what role he’d have in the squad. So happy we never signed maguire…..

Das Lied kommt in meine Playlist. Für den Gewinn wird es nicht reichen, befürchte ich. Ich mag das. Weil ich es nicht verstehe aber verstehe. #escorf #ESC2022.

@BillKristol The Republican Party supports a traitor who called Mexicans rapists, banned Muslims, sexually assaulted women, sought and accepted election interference from Putin, extorted Ukraine, obstructed justice, lied about a deadly pandemic, and tried to overthrow our democracy..

(JC had a popular only*fans and he always asked JFM to take his trial pics, trying out the look of the costume and all. If the costume looked good, JC took it to NHS for pro photoshoot. JC never lied to his dad. JFM simply assumed his A-Cheng still loved playing dress up 🥰).

In life, you are going to be lied to,left out, talked about and used, but you have to decide whose worth your tears and who isn’t..

SPANIEN REALLY ???? Slutty Stripper mit Lied-hab-ich-schon-wieder-vergessen 😵‍💫 Juries voller geiler alter Böcke oder was #esc2022.

Warum bekommt Spanien so viele Punkte im Juryvoting?! Das Lied war kompletter schmarrn und es gab objektiv so viel bessere #escorf.

Jetzt mal Butter bei de Fische: Hätte #UKR 🇺🇦 gerade nicht so viel Scheiße an der Backe, wären sie maximal im Mittelfeld gelandet. So pralle ist das Lied nämlich nicht 🤷🏻‍♀️ #ESC2022.

I lied lmao Me and my Alpha had a great sub-funded night out ~ He goes to boot camp tomorrow so you lucky simps can expect me being very active the next few months.

tw// r*pe a screenshot from some mutuals. she lied about being sexually assaulted/r*ped by this “attacker”.

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negativity in this world without us adding to it. That being said we are still together after 40 years, have never lied to or hidden anything from eachother, in any way or form. No one is perfect, even if it seems like it..

Ford has lied to the autism community - he has no intention of ever helping these families. The waitlist has grown to 53,000+ families under Fird govt. #voteLiberal.

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Fat lard of a PM should not be anywhere near NI politicians. He has history of been a shite diplomat , lied to the NI people and politicians on the protocol and is no respected by anyone in NI . Waste of space and time . And what’s worse he knows it but does not care..

Das Lied der Niederlande erfüllt mein melancholisches, dunkles Herz mit mehr Melancholie und Dunkelheit.


Grad nochmal dasselbe für #POL Warum macht der das?! Das hätte ein richtig gutes Lied sein können. 😕 #ESC2022.

Ich freue mich jetzt einfach ein Lied lang darauf, dass gleich Serbien kommt #Eurovision.

@Jett_GH I loved Russ. But he lied. So It’s hard to accept. Wish he n family well! But honestly hope we sack the heck out off him on opening game..

@MisterSenseo Wat is er slecht aan het lied van Oekraïne? Het is gebaseerd op muziek uit Oekraïne. Dat het niet enorm westers is betekent niet dat het slecht is.

The last guy who was President said he would build the wall and Mexico would pay for it. Seems like @RepRosendale’s boy lied and he doesnt care. #FreeEdward.

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@MegumiKuragiri im going to have to cancel our date. i was lied to about how im the only one.

he’s not a minor but it’s weird as fuck that he even pretended and lied about being one.

@xoxfrockcheerio Okay actually I lied feel is one of the albums along with after laughter and RIOT! by paramore.

@shireleigh @summyb__ Yeah you cool asf!😂but I met 1 leo girl that just lied for no damn reason! But the guys are lethal😭.

@AJMetallicGuts 1. She could have lied to make you think about it, thus hook you to her. 2. She was and you’re next in line=🚩unless you want a hook don’t do it if she asks for money etc, you should know; can get it for free elsewhere. 3. She underestimated a popsicles fortitude….

I done went down on a bitch I don’t know. I told her I don’t really do it unless I’m drunk or I’m high but I lied I don’t drink I don’t smoke..

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