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Vou dizer uma coisa: - Eu me surpreendi em Roma, porque o time era muito melhor. - Eu me surpreendi em Liverpool, porque não achava que ia acontecer duas vezes seguidas. - Hoje, eu não me surpreendi em nada.

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Simba ()

Imagine a Liverpool vs Bayern final. That would be such an insane matchup/spectacle. Two historic and current juggernauts going head to head.

𝚃𝚃 ()

The transition of Liverpool players from being overrated to being incredibly disrespected and underrated is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The decline of this platform is unreal

UtdArena ()

This does not mean we take delaying to the extreme like van Dijk does as Liverpool have conceded goals in the past due to him being passive. However, the principle is correct and should be the first thought of a defender generally unless the circumstance dictates otherwise.

Liverpool Echo
Liverpool Echo ()

Shoppers told of a huge police presence outside the JD Sports store in Liverpool One

B/R Football
B/R Football ()

Roma 2018. Liverpool 2019. Bayern 2020. More embarrassing every time.

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Marcelo Bechler
Marcelo Bechler ()

Vou dizer uma coisa: - Eu me surpreendi em Roma, porque o time era muito melhor. - Eu me surpreendi em Liverpool, porque não achava que ia acontecer duas vezes seguidas. - Hoje, eu não me surpreendi em nada.

Guilherme Fernandes
Guilherme Fernandes ()

@BerrielRafael2 Nem que a torcida inteira fosse no insta dela, sai do Liverpool nunca kkkk

Shafayat 🐦
Shafayat 🐦 ()

Liverpool were after. Arsenal were after. Safe to say both have dodged a potential bullet here.

𝓐𝓼𝓪𝓹𝓱 ()

@_bayerndepree O pior é eles dizerem que o Bayern tá jogando muito só agora sendo que ha dez anos o Bayern chega pelo menos nas semis kkkjj (salvo aquela vez contra o liverpool)

Blues ()

Liverpool fans hating on Adrian? Swear he’s not even that shit man. How do you guys think we feel watching Kepa every week. I’d take Adrian over Kepa ffs

Culés Brazil 🇧🇷
Culés Brazil 🇧🇷 ()

Setién planejou um 4-4-2 para conter o avançado pelos lados do Bayern. Uma curiosidade, Valverde também queria enfrentar o Liverpool no 4-4-2 também para conter os ingleses. No fim os jogadores insistiram para jogar no 4-3-3. Que hoje a vontade e a sorte estejam conosco! #UCL

Matchday365 ()

Defensive errors leading to an opponent shot, 2019-20: 1. Aston Villa - 29 2. Southampton - 20 3. Man City - 19 4. Norwich - 16 4. Brighton - 16 ... 16. Everton - 10 16. Liverpool - 10 18. Chelsea - 9 19. Man Utd - 7 20. Burnley - 5

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Rola ()

I know we can’t sign everybody but seriously I would love thiago at my club lol he is Liverpool bound tho

Lewis ()

he’s walking into that liverpool midfield, how are some people this stupid

Rangers Youth DC
Rangers Youth DC ()

You can see he looks after his players and he looks like a fantastic manager to play under. He is getting a real kick out of Liverpool and they have responded to him. Winning the league title and the Champions League is a phenomenal achievement.

Actu Foot
Actu Foot ()

Jordan Henderson a été élu Joueur de la saison par les supporters de Liverpool. ❤️

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Geovanna ()

@mareth_l eu também lembro de 2015, mas ao mesmo tempo vêm pensamentos tipo: 2018 , roma, 2019, liverpool .. até lembro da goleada histórica em cima do psg, mas logo depois vem as lembranças da pipocagem

Henry Jackson
Henry Jackson ()

Liverpool Player of the Year in the season they finally win a Premier League title. Genuinely unthinkable back in 2011 - what an incredible journey.

Kesh4LFC 🇨🇦
Kesh4LFC 🇨🇦 ()

@JenboLFC Wonderful Jen I hope to visit Liverpool one day and just soak it all in. Thanks for sharing!

Punnen Thomas
Punnen Thomas ()

Liverpool post this tweet Won the CL Won the UEFA Super Cup Won the Club World Cup Won the League campaign finishing with more than double the points Everton managed

👓 ()

Actually never been triggered like this before of a footballer nvm a Liverpool player. How can you be so arrogant, when you cost us a potential, UCL, FA cup & another super cup etc. This team could’ve been one of the football greatest ffs.

Felipismo🇪🇦 ()

@forlanista_ @Cholista__ El mejor partido de la temporada fue en el Wanda contra el Liverpool. Ahí si que parecían otro equipo, celebrando hasta los despejes. Nada que ver con lo que vimos ayer

Busty ()

@Ces_gurl @andygee87 Liverpool completely banned this in their area , I hope Scotland does the same. That paper has no place I’m society

Liverpool and Transfer news
Liverpool and Transfer news ()

Few photos for Liverpool fans to use when we get sent Llorente gifs 🤝👍

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lolo mercato
Lolo mercato ()

Alors que le @PSG_inside aurait transmit une offre de 30M€ pour Thiago Alcantara (Bayern Munich, All.), le joueur aurait trouvé un accord avec Liverpool (Ang.) qui serait à son tour en discussions avec le club bavarois

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edward asencios
Edward asencios ()

@VarskySports @EloBengoechea Se le acabo la suerte al amarrete de Simeone, solo defendiéndose ganó al Liverpool, nunca juega de igual a igual con los grandes. Hoy el Leipzig jugó mejor y domino el partido. Nagelsman le ganó lejos el partió, propuso y ganó.

Rhys N Williams
Rhys N Williams ()

Premier League: Liverpool FC Championship: Preston North End League 1: Shrewsbury Town League 2: Tranmere Rovers National League: Macclesfield Town.

Perla. ()

@martin_nns JAJA creo que sí, igual mi mamá los consiguió en Liverpool. Pueesss cocinamos sin grasa y no se pega el buebito 😂

Ancestors’ First Son™️
Ancestors’ First Son™️ ()

Liverpool fans after Simeone and Atletico Madrid got knocked out by RB Leipzig.


Igual que al Atlético lo daban eliminado cuando le tocó el Liverpool, al Leipzig parecía que mejor se quedase en casa porque ya había perdido. Ayer el susto de Atalanta, hoy Leipzig. Vaya Champions más bonita esta quedando.

☚ #ExaARMY #Caturday ☛
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