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Surely it’s Liverpool’s title now. It’s not like they’ve given up substantial leads before..

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i went to manchester from liverpool last year and the fact the tickets still look like that eye— also i randomly to pictures of manchester piccadilly station cause my phannie ass became emotional and went “this is where dnp met” as soon as the trained arrived at manchester.

@UnitedStandMUFC Correct? British? If British AM isn´t available MU won´t buy AM. If British DM isn´t available MU won´t buy DM. If British ST isn´t available MU won´t buy ST. Man City is good because of their international players as core of the TEAM. Liverpool ATTACK+2/3 MIDFIELD=INTERNATIONAL.

Laporan keuangan terbaru Barcelona menyatakan klub berjulukan Blaugranas itu masih memiiki tunggakan uang pembelian Philippe Coutinho dari Liverpool..

Liverpool and City switched places in the betting for the title For @bookmakers:.

Liverpool only lost 1 game last season in PL. My mind said, We gonna win the league with 0 losses.

Liverpool & FSG: Bagaimana mereka belajar dari Fulham dan Man Utd; sebelum berlaku nya pembelian pasukan terhebat Liverpool ☺️☺️☺️.

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Our poll is ticking along Have your say on whether you think Liverpool can win the Premier League title here ⤵️.

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Liverpool I apologise for ever saying your fans play the victim worse than anyone. Step up, Leeds Utd fans..

Atleast one thing is certain if we lose against Liverpool Olé is out, there is some hope.

In the space of three years: • Liverpool debut • Premier League debut • First Premier League goal • UCL debut • UCL goal • Champions League final • England call-up • World Cup debut • Golden Boy nomination • UCL winner Happy birthday, Trent-Alexander Arnold.

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United just above relegation zone, I’m 14th from 17 in fantasy footie and Liverpool have won the league in October, plus its fucking down. Monday’s 😎.

@SancadillaNorte pero le puede ganar al Liverpool en el mundial de clubes por eso es el mas caro de la historia en México. Y cuando quiera eleva su nivel y con 10 puntos califica a liguilla.

Liverpool ganó muy bien, protagonista y a buscar el partido. El equipo de Pezzolano sigue confirmando (más allá de un mal arranque en puntos y con un mal partido ante Nacional) con su identidad y su valiente estilo, jugando bien para ganar. Peñarol pálido, juega cada vez menos..

@trotalibros @crisfer91 Jajajajaja pisados al menos el Liverpool ya no me da bilis pero ahora son estos Jajajajaja.

Last season, I witnessed Liverpool get 97 points only to finish 2nd. So if you think I’m stupid enough to get excited about being 8 points clear in October, you’re absolutely right. Good Night.

@rossbowen1 Liverpool 8 points clear. What an even better time to be alive 😃😃😃😃.

@casey_125 @MWakey16 😉 sorry too obvious, Liverpool going very well, City have it all to do.

Kurwa Liverpool to jakby tu przyjechał to nam robi Bayern z 2013 albo i gorzej..

Tunawakumbusha tu kua Machungu bado yanaendelea baada ya mapumziko sisi kama watoto wa klopp tunakuja Man u Vs Liverpool Next 🤣🤣.

Surely it’s Liverpool’s title now. It’s not like they’ve given up substantial leads before..

Happy birthday to one of the English football league’s most eccentric characters - Zimbabwean keeper Bruce Grobbelaar. Six 1st division titles with Liverpool & a famous wobbly-legged penalty shootout triumph in the 1984 European Cup..

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Everton U18s 1-6 Liverpool U18s Burnley 1-0 Everton Fulham U23s 2-1 Everton U23s Just need Newcastle United to win today to drop us into the relegation zone and this might be one of the worst weekends for Everton in a while..

Liverpool is showing all the signs of a champion! That late penalty was it! Winning by all means. 8 in 8 it is!.

Just the small matter of a trip to Old Trafford next for history-chasing Liverpool….

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Islamophobic tweets are on the rise among British football fans—except Liverpool supporters. Why?.

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