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Gave them a guard of honor just to dishonor them on the field and beat them like security guard that caught a petty thief #LIVMCI


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James Austin
James Austin ()

The guy interviewing Klopp after the Liverpool game today should lose his job. Clueless bucket head asking useless questions. #LIVMCI

Ashley Lewis
Ashley Lewis ()

Not a great result vs City but who cares we’re already champions, all the idiots kicking off because we lost and saying we need a big investment in the summer, have a day off will you #LIVMCI

Kartik ()

Pipe down @ManUtd fans. You lot actually lost to Sheffield Wednesday and Middlesbrough in your treble winning season. #LIVMCI #PremierLeague

The Champioooonssssss
The Champioooonssssss ()

Itna dive swimming pool me nahi marte Usko laga dive marenge toh title jeet jayange #LIVMCI


Man City have no respect how can they embarrass newly crowned Champions like that #LIVMCI

Lil DJ 18
Lil DJ 18 ()

Loserpool got too much hyped up after their title win. We showed them who is the boss 🤫 #LIVMCI @LFC @ManCity

DOPE.🖤 ()

Do you know what hurts me the most? Liverpool losing to Manchester City most of the time 😢 #LIVMCI @LFC @ManCity #MCILIV

Ronald A. Sirait
Ronald A. Sirait ()

Kebanyakan party bablasss 🤣🤣 pohhh pohhh 🤣🤣 #GGMU #LIVMCI

Prajakt Kamat
Prajakt Kamat ()

When the premier league champions gets thrashed by a champions league reject 😂 #LIVMCI

Lokesh Sankar Rath
Lokesh Sankar Rath ()

Is there any team that is touted as greatest, received a guard of honour from the challengers and got thrashed brutally. This is just hype. They will go down. Small club things. #LIVMCI

Shourya Srivastava
Shourya Srivastava ()

Hope liverpool keeps up its woeful performance till the final match day 🙏 #LIVCFC #LIVMCI

Glyn brownley
Glyn brownley ()

Imagine cloughie winning League then losing 4-0 .. he would have gone apeshit 🤭 #LIVMCI

Jamz_No10 ()

Liverpool and Mr Free Hugs found out tonight, “better than invincibles” lolololol #ChampsToChumps #LIVMCI x

Sarcastically Shy
Sarcastically Shy ()

@arianadrip @LFC Keep whining. Liverpool are the CHAMPIONS. Digest it, if you can. #LIVMCI

Roshan Ramesh
Roshan Ramesh ()

Defenders daaru nahi peena mangtay. Weed phuko aur aage leke jaao defence line. Jyada hi party kiya. #LIVMCI

Benue_Icon🏁 ()

KDB🔥 Man deserves all the applause 💯 @DeBruyneKev #manchestercityfc #LIVMCI

Udeh Elijah
Udeh Elijah ()

😂😂😂this cracked me up big time When you miss the last penalty in a champions league final after a 30years wait😂 Ramos | #LIVMCI | Liverpool | Manchester city

Beizzo Andrew
Beizzo Andrew ()

Congrats to Manchester city on joining the league of Watford😏 you feel each goal was ten points😂 sorry🚮 #LIVMCI

That Akwaibom boy
That Akwaibom boy ()

Gave them a guard of honor just to dishonor them on the field and beat them like security guard that caught a petty thief #LIVMCI

Kaz ()

Man City be like, you may have won the league but we kicked your ass tonight. #LIVMCI

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