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Don’t lockdown the country. Don’t impose curfews. Don’t close schools. Let Americans decide for themselves. And celebrate Thanksgiving.

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BBC Science News
BBC Science News ()

Covid infections in England fall by 30% over lockdown - React study

Paul Joseph Watson
Paul Joseph Watson ()

Nobody can answer the question sufficiently. Why is there a 2 tier policing system in the UK that treats lockdown protesters like criminals while literally kneeling and bowing for Black Lives Matter?

confront your racist uncle ❤️🖤
Confront your racist uncle ❤️🖤 ()

I’m nothing close to an optimist but when I went on self-imposed lockdown in early March I really didn’t think I would be here 264 days later with the situation even more out of

Morrow ()

mfs gonna travel for thanksgiving and have 20 people over and then complain about a 2nd lockdown

was it meeeee, jesus?
Was it meeeee, jesus? ()

Wow @JetstarAirways do better. Not offering flexible tickets for people wanting to fly with you is cashing in on vulnerable ppl should they face another possible lockdown. Covid has not been eliminated just because borders are open. You need to change your policy.

Festive Themboposting 🌈⚡❄️
Festive Themboposting 🌈⚡❄️ ()

@hmsnofun Me watching my trans friends in places with no lockdown

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🩸The Parmburglar 🐷🧚🏻‍♀️💅🏽
🩸The Parmburglar 🐷🧚🏻‍♀️💅🏽 ()

@COVID_Australia Terrible. Early removal of lockdown was a mistake with the potential to ruin any SA Christmas travel

Morgan Elisa 💜✨
Morgan Elisa 💜✨ ()

I’m grateful to live with family. I’d be losing my mind if I lived alone during lockdown. But even w/ family near, I’m still losing it from the lack of companionship otherwise 😫

Alie ()

@CBCToronto @GregRoss17 “We have children to feed” ok yeah and whose gonna feed them when you’re in ICU? The longer these idiots fight the lockdown the longer we’re gonna be in this position.

Tracklist ()

🚨 Indicados na categoria Best Video #GRAMMYS • Brown Skin Girl • Life is Good • Lockdown • Adore You • Goliath Quem merece levar?

Dr. David Samadi, MD
Dr. David Samadi, MD ()

We will likely never know how many people died, completely unrelated to COVID-19, as a result of lockdown measures.

ً ()

elisabetta: mi ha chiesto di risposarlo durante il lockdown briatore: no ❤️ #GFVIP

Rep. Jim Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan ()

Don’t lockdown the country. Don’t impose curfews. Don’t close schools. Let Americans decide for themselves. And celebrate Thanksgiving.

BEgel BiTeS⁷
BEgel BiTeS⁷ ()

BE feels like a love letter to the sadness and quiet triumphs of life in lockdown. everything is different but they have bridged the entire world with a reminder that this is not forever and that there is always joy to be found in our little corners of it. this music is history.

Elven King
Elven King ()

There is a way to stop the pandemic by Christmas without a lockdown, if only the FDA bureaucracy would get out of the way, that is

Kevin Sorbo
Kevin Sorbo ()

If the first lockdown worked, why do we need a second one? If the first lockdown didn’t work, why would we do a second one? Just asking

Marisa Lindsay
Marisa Lindsay ()

@ChrisKlemens We stayed on lockdown for 4 solid months and since my husband is a wedding videographer he had to go film a wedding. He got Covid after we did EVERYTHING right. When you said you’re mad at everyone else I FELT that. I hope you feel better soon and thank you for this raw reaction.

Adriaan Keij
Adriaan Keij ()

Ziekenhuizen overbelast - waar kennen we dat van? mensen geveld? Naar schatting sterfgevallen? En geen lockdown? Geen mondkapjes? Horeca gewoon nog open?

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CIA-Controlled Mainstream Media Propagandists Focus Totally On Another UNLAWFUL Lockdown via @BradleeDean1

A Lost Valkyrie 🧚‍♀️ (they/them)
A Lost Valkyrie 🧚‍♀️ (they/them) ()

@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris The left activists that registered all those voters for you and convinced the anarchists to at least hush about not voting deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. #GreenNewDeal now. UBI + M4A now. Add a mask mandate and a 4wk lockdown for covid ctrl.

✨كات ()

I hope we don’t be on lockdown when april come cause best believe I’m doing something for my birthday this year !

Brian Smiley
Brian Smiley ()

BAC hosts first sanctioned meet since lockdown

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Lemon Sandwich
Lemon Sandwich ()

Thought I sold all of these, but still a few sizes left. Get one whilst you can.

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Dommer ✭
Dommer ✭ ()

@Ramos21x So how is a countrywide lockdown beneficial? We will still have to learn to live with it afterwards right?



Walking-Guides.co.uk ()

Dreading a winter lockdown? Learn to love hiking in the rain | Melissa Harrison #walkinwinter

Jamie Stewart
Jamie Stewart ()

@Telegraph @ProfKarolSikora This is not news. Scientists have been saying this during the first lockdown.

Joanne Pezzu
Joanne Pezzu ()

@prettymuchrob @gatewaypundit Intimidation of Fauci Why didnt he suggest home made mask Feb&Mar like China did knowing million were attending rallies 25 million going to vote -Day before 24 states voted 3/9 he says it is save to go on a cruise if you are healthy -end of week country in lockdown Cultists?

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Beamtenkönig ()

@jonno_3 @ManuelaSchwesig Zum Abschluß nur noch so viel: Ich persönlich war schon für einen harten Lockdown seit Anfang Oktober, daran hat sich bis heute nichts geändert. Fr. Schwesig hat ihre vertretbaren Möglichkeiten ausgeschöpft, was ich mir auch von anderen gewünscht hätte. Aller Achtung dafür!

Kayleigh McEnany
Kayleigh McEnany ()

WATCH: German anti-COVID Lockdown protesters make their voices heard as they’re met with water cannons. The CURE cannot be worse than the PROBLEM ⬇️

☚ Austritt #ARMYSelcaDay ☛
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