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‘my ex boyfriend was lewis capaldi’ ok and i can finish a family size bag of doritos in 4 minutes but you don’t hear me mentioning that every 10 mins #LoveIsland.

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@LoveIsland Loveisland you only posted this 5mins ago so I know you’re active. We, the people want you to bring in a petite girl T-Jah like boys regardless how of height. It will be ever so sad if our brother Nas left without finding love..

Sure Knees it’s not that stressful when someone gets your name wrong, just correct them and be on your way? This is coming from someone who literally has 3 letters in their name and people still manage to butcher it #loveisland.

Unpopular Opinion Girl: “I wanna keep my options open” Public: ‘it’s love island that’s what ur here for’ ‘u do u girl’ ‘it’s ok she’s only known him a few days’ Boy: “I wanna keep my options open” Public: ‘#mEnAreTrAsH’ ‘he’s a game player’ ‘toxic masculinity’ #LoveIsland.

Jaysis if I had a euro for everytime someone said my name wrong😅😅😅😅.

Mike and Leanne will either be the new Jack and Dani or they will take the Michael and Amber turn. I hope the former! #loveisland.

Jess must leave, I like Eve she’s so sweet and chilled. #LoveIsland.

#LoveIsland being on in January is fucking with my brain I keep waking up thinking it’s summer 🥶.

Ollie has left the villa!! I wonder if he was “forced” out cos of the animal trophy hunting? #LoveIsland.

Christ, that Ollie has left #LoveIsland. What are we supposed to laugh at now? I HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO TWEET.

Ollie has left the villa, probably because he wants to get back to his hunting whilst in Cape Town #loveisland.

#LoveIsland: Ofcom received 231 complaints against Ollie Williams, after pictures emerged online that allegedly show him posing with dead animals.

Loveisland, maskedsinger, the voice, X factor never seen any of them and have no intention to lower myself to watch such utter crap.

@Jamken22 Tried watching #LoveIsland once, after a few mins I felt like I lost one IQ point for every minute 🥴🤪.

#RealGod_Is_InForm परमात्मा साकार है। सामवेद संख्या 822 उतार्चिक अध्याय 3 खंड 5 श्लोक 8 - पूर्ण परमात्मा कविर्देव मानव शरीर में गुरु रूप में प्रकट होकर प्रभु प्रेमी भक्तों को तीन नाम का जाप देकर जन्म मरण से रहित करता है। #LoveIsland.

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‘my ex boyfriend was lewis capaldi’ ok and i can finish a family size bag of doritos in 4 minutes but you don’t hear me mentioning that every 10 mins #LoveIsland.

I never tweet about the balls that is this awful show (@LoveIsland )- but this from @ChrisGPackham is most certainly THE one to retweet!!!.

You grew up on love island I grew up on blind date we are not the same #CillaBlack #LoveIsland.

putting it into existence now that when I achieve my goal body i’m applying for #LoveIsland.

How many lookalikes does connor bloody have?! #LoveIsland #connor.

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Hello @ITV and @LoveIsland fans . The majority of people in the want to see an end to trophy hunting so perhaps it would be better to not provide a platform to anyone who kills wildlife for fun . Times are changing - will you ?.

Ok in all fairness, I’m actually starting to like Leanne, let’s hope she doesn’t pull a Yewnade please god I don’t think I deal with that nonsense again #LoveIsland.

‘i’m so sorry i must have been a bitch to you’ loool fuck off paige you fucked his best mate while you were with him #LoveIsland.

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“I was in the blazin squad” “My dad’s Danny dyer” “One of my ex’s is lewis Capaldi” #LoveIsland.

Beyonce of Waltham Forest yet you never had a boyfriend. #LoveIsland.

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Love island coming to make customer service advisor a celeb - look at life - Life can flip 😅 #LoveIsland.

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