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Thank you @taylorswift13 for letting me join you on such a beautiful song. “Lover” remix is out now ❤️ Listen here:.

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Guys its @taylorswift13 & she has big news about #Lover.

💌 someone dedicated lover by taylor swift and shawn mendes to @_jaxiswack_ with the message i love you so much baby and you mean the world to me <3 ~.

@j4ewin i love lover but reputation for sure it’s my fav album alongside speak now and 1989 what are your top3.

death by a thousand cuts is the best song of lover but y’all aren’t ready for this conversation.

Obviamente o remix de lover com o Shawn não vai ter um bom debut pq além de não ter sido avisado que sairia hoje, é uma quarta feira, enfim isso não é desculpa pra ninguém dar stream pq esse remix envolveu o trabalho do Shawn. A minha parte eu to.

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@swiftnevermind Muito, ultimamente só reclamam e nada nunca está bom. Poxa ela lançou um remix da música favorita dela, provavelmente escolheu o Shawn pelo fato de gostar muito dele, e o povo só reclama. É que nem tu disse, não gostou, não escuta, simples e vão dar estream para o Lover eu ein.

@EMO4YONGBOK XD prawda ale wms ok bo chciałam jego kartę a żadnej nie mam innej więc idealna okazja.

O guitarrista de Shawn Mendes disse que o verso do cantor em #Lover foi gravado há menos de 1 semana - durante a passagem da nova turnê do Shawn pela Austrália e Nova Zelândia..

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lover come over kick up the dust i got a secret starting to rust.

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@qshmoneyyy Hahaha ndo that’s why I am pointing out that she ain’t your sis. She’s our lover 😉.

Acabo de escuchar Lover con Shawn, y la verdad es que no me gustó je. Todo bien con él, pero no sé, como que el cambio en la letra ya de entrada fue un no, perdón pero no me causo lo mismo que la letra original Also la frase del Titanic --> ahRE me reí mucho sjsjdjdj.

🇧🇭 iTunes Bahrain: #1. “Lover (Remix)” (NEW) *9th #1 on iTunes*.

@birdsoftay oh omg for sure but she should have kept Lover untouched, WHY RUIN IT, go on collab on any other but on no.

lover is one of taylors best song writing moments of her career and i just cant believe that she let sh*wn m*nd*s step all over it like it was nothing.

I screamed so loud, one of the neighbors knocked on our door 😂😂 Y’all can’t be doing me like this at night. Like damn it’s 11pm #Lover @taylornation13 @taylorswift13.

사랑하는 사람의 머리색으로 변해서 자아까지 그 사람으로 바뀌면... 미친 가끔 제정신 돌아오고 그랬으면 좋겠네요 이중인격같은.

Bikil kayka harry LOVE on tour diay ha HAHAHAHAHAHHA HMMM LOVER Album Hmmm.

@Alyssa_Milano @joncoopertweets There is a NAZI working in the White House. Trumps adviser Stephen Miller is a nazi lover and has to go..


C나왔습니다 호감있늑친구랑 말도 제대로 못해봄.

내일 수능이네요!! 어차피 전 수능 점수 필요없지만😅.

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“Can I go where you go?” We’re headed over to watch the Lover Remix ft. @ShawnMendes LYRIC VIDEO! Join us there 👉.

“Lover” Remix is Out Now! @taylorswift13 @ShawnMendes 🖤.

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Thank you @taylorswift13 for letting me join you on such a beautiful song. “Lover” remix is out now ❤️ Listen here:.

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ISIS bride who urged fanatics to ‘spill American blood’ in terror attacks, begs for a ‘second chance’ to return to US. She is currently married to her third husband with a son from her first lover..

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