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Omg the library just reopened & people lined up and were so excited and the library staff gave an ovation when they walked through the door. Just loving human beings so much right now. SOUND ON! 必必必 @SFPublicLibrary

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Jellie ()

Having to end something toxic but still loving that person and not wanting to leave them is one of the worst situations to be in

Melanated Jenius
Melanated Jenius ()

@FirstThemNEWS I meet a lot of British loving folks from the island makes me feel like damn

恫 唐
恫 唐 ()

Shoutout to all the girls working on loving their bodies because that shits hard & Im proud of you滕滕

Amanda ()

I cant be the only one loving taking care of my boyfriend after he gets his corona shots, right? 扔鳶休 10/10 highly recommend

Maxime Bernier
Maxime Bernier ()

Florida Governor @GovRonDeSantis shows the way for all rational and freedom loving North Americans.

Peter Hartlaub
Peter Hartlaub ()

Omg the library just reopened & people lined up and were so excited and the library staff gave an ovation when they walked through the door. Just loving human beings so much right now. SOUND ON! 必必必 @SFPublicLibrary

Doesnotgiveacrapanymore ()

When, the only thing preventing them from relating to him and understanding/loving him are themselves. And, unless your eye sight is so bad it hurts to read subtitles, than refusing to watch a show subbed because you have to read subtitles (When the dub is bad) is not valid.

A帢刉庢 ()

@RajSing27122245 loving the show bt har cheez ko sugar coat toh nyi kar sakte na ... Dint say it on tag though之唐

That Red Yosh
That Red Yosh ()

a cute @VoltagetheProto once said Just a peace loving Yoshi who loves making new friends ^^

chin  binary code
Chin binary code ()

i miss listening to the songs he recommends and loving them because we have similar taste and sending him songs so he can listen to them too. i miss him complaining about the warm weather and loving the snow, but hating on the rain and traffic.

holly golightly
Holly golightly ()

Love is so pointless if u dont act on it or protect it there is literally no point to loving with no loyalty and no desire to protect - thats just admiration, obsession, possessiveness, idk what it is but its not love

Billy Ray Mansell
Billy Ray Mansell ()

Our 8 Year Anniversary today and our 5th Year Engagement Anniversary Happy Anniversary to my beautiful, loving and supportive Fianc矇e Ellie, who has been my absolute rock since day 1 (where this picture below is from) 毋 #HappyAnniversary

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Genet ()

To all peace loving Ethiopians If this doesnt tell us clearly how Bidens administration is standing with Egypt/Arabs, dont know what else would. We should be vigilant and stand together to fight for our country in every means. #HOAneedTrustedEnvoy #RespectEthiopianUnity

Po Pi Po
Po Pi Po ()

I know that Im a third choice. If I could be happy with that, I would be. But I just want someone to choose me and be sure that they made the right decision in loving me

I.am.sam ()

@RealisticPoetry Daddy let me paint him dolly. His face makes me go Lolly. He makes me happy. Daddy always keeps me smiling. He catches me if I go running. Even when I ran away, he still remembered me. I remembered that day, he still loves me anyway. Thank you for loving me always.

具嫘胯喋芥 ()

萸喋怠颯方艾扎扼扼胯祉楊閬艾具舐絮撖曄雿怒芥柴找漱雿瘨脯瑯芥潦箝押箝佗嚗(憿) @konan_cmore

Celeste ()

The last and newest Celeste sona! Shes definitely a favorite at the moment, a BIG cutie whos eager for getting pampered and lots of loving! Another one that I would be open to playing as! Shes a bit of a slight brat though, but she means well! She might give you kiss too!

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MrKlos ()

Just built diff, can I win my games tho? NOPE loving the ranking system fr

Afrokink Hair Salon
Afrokink Hair Salon ()

Afrokinky braids certainly a hottie on our winter protective style menu! Loving this look on our lovely client from Kariba Wishing you a wonderful new week ahead!

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Keith Wright Author
Keith Wright Author ()

The first in the Inspector Stark series. One Oblique One - Nottingham CID investigate a loving family who are murdered in their own home. Why? Daughter Faye is not as innocent as first thought. A very well crafted plot. - Sunday Express.

Christian Hall
Christian Hall ()

Hey @PDSmix loving the choons right now! Heres the INXS chaka khan track ... oh and pat benetar

Day Man
Day Man ()

If you are able please donate, but at the least keep his family in your prayers,

Rajm ()

hi am Govindh here. am w idower. living alone. I am a simple, ordinary man ,trusted, helpful, matured, romantic, loving caring, believe in sincere efforts, hardworking, believe in God. govinndhan6 at g m a i l.

Doyourhomework ()

Ya loving her too and so intelligent in her approach歹 She is the stitch in the rip

#KyrgyzLivesMatter ()

@Mirsuljan What a solidarity and peace-loving people! I hope the world can hear your voice before the region suffers any more! #Kyrgyzstan #RamhmonStopAttackingKyrgyzstan

Robinmeyer ()

@BaddieTitan @MileyCyrus iconic, real, talented and loving 弘 I have a daughter just like her they could be 胼儭 twins. She was also in 7things video 歹

Njoroge Dorcas
Njoroge Dorcas ()

@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya loving the playlist bro!!!! Could I have this kiss forever 滕滕滕滕滕塔 #MainaAndKingangi

Kayla Bergen
Kayla Bergen ()

@docm77 Docs Twitter has turned into a a Doccy Stan account and I have to say Im loving it.

McLaren ()

Three races in, top five finish in all of them. Loving your work, @LandoNorris! #PortugueseGP 蛤

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Kirstie Alley
Kirstie Alley ()

Oh Olympia Dukakis has passed She will forever be young in my mind and be my loving movie mother. When will I learn that people do not live forever & the time to engage is NOW?.. RIP

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☚ Bielefeld #AUESCP ☛
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