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Luca said Im obsessed with ya and Gemma looked she should be #LoveIsland.


luca can dish it out but can’t take it and that’s the biggest ick in a man 😭 #LoveIsland.

Luca’s acting like this 19 year old is the love of his life. Once she leaves the villa she’s leaving you bro 😭 #loveisland.

Así fue el recibimiento para Luca Langoni (20 años) en Barrio La Liga, Laferrere, al volver a casa a la madrugada, tras debutar como titular en Boca. La primera que corre a abrazarlo es su hermanita, Julieta. El abrazo final es con su mamá. Langoni está en Boca desde los 7 años..

😲 FIRST LOOK 😲 Ekin-Su starts the wheels on a gossip train that might not be able to be stopped 🚂 Will this cause a diversion for Gemma and Luca? #LoveIsland.

They need to send the girls to Casa Amor this year. I need to see Luca howling at the moon #LoveIsland.

Gemma’s extra pissed because she knows she’s not feeling Luca that much and feels exposed #LoveIsland.

LOL with Kim K’s dating choices lately, I’m sad to say Luca might have a chance 😂.

Just remembered Luca’s Winston Churchill tattoo. The reaction now makes complete sense. #LoveIsland.

Nah we need Jacques OUT. Jay and Luca we’ll deal with you later.

Luca por pasar: manifestantes cobraron peaje a conductores en Ruta Las Palmas de Viña del Mar.

Nelle ore successive al crollo del Ponte Morandi, Luca Bizzarri esprimeva cordoglio alle vittime e sdegno per il cedimento del viadotto. Ora è diventato il testimonial della “piattaforma multicanale e interattiva” promossa da Autostrade per l’Italia [.

Luca Bizzarri sarà la voce di un nuovo podcast di Autostrade. Le vittime del ponte Morandi: “Incoerente, dopo il crollo si disse indignato”.

No cus genuinely what would possess you to vote for Gemma or Luca #LoveIsland.

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Didn’t you just tell Luca five minutes ago that you fancy Danica #loveisland.

Luca Foto,Luca Foto by ταραξίας,ταραξίας on twitter tweets Luca Foto

luca is a btch boy he has all this the energy for the girls while wanting to fck jacquea and davide so #TALKSWITHASH.


The way Luca sat rubbing his nipples while sadly gazing at Gemma #LoveIsland.

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[Cellmax] The cell created by Doctor Gero by manipulating the cell was a terrifying enemy. This time, based on the blueprint of the cell, his grandson Hed demonstrated his genius to make it huge and remade it more powerfully..

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En estos tres días, dos amigos muy queridos (uno de aquí y otro de USA) me dieron la fantástica noticia que, después de años, la justicia les adjudicó sus tan esperados hijos adoptivos. Ezequiel y Luca, ya tendrán quienes los amen y curen sus heridas❤️.

#dfs897 私も個室に上から水降ってきたことあるなぁ、 え!?イジメなのあれ!?ww.

Is Gemma doing manifestations or witchcraft because how Luca this hooked, if Gemma leaves his withdrawal symptoms will be lethal 😭#LoveIsland #LoveIsland2022.

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They are just angry they need to pay cc for summon animations 💀.

I just don’t like Luca’s vibe and think Gemma could actually do soo much better #LoveIsland.

大家都在瘋Luca的選圖 我的視線在別的地方,為什麼只有Shu有皇冠🥹雖然看起來是兔子在追皇冠,但把Shu放在那邊,真的好像半周年不好好戴皇冠的圖🙏.

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#DFS897 スカートめくりはダメなのに、 体育の授業の前にふつうに教室でパンツになって体操服に着替えてるのはちょっとびっくりしました🫣.

Ya quisierais q fuera verdad q Luca habla con gente de por aquí 🤣🤣 Luca no cuenta nada a nadie. Lo q ha dicho lo dijo en la revista y en el preguntas y resp. para todo el mundo Pero aparte de eso,no os dais cuenta de lo mal q quedáis diciendo eso? Como q no sois de fiar.

Sobre el cierre de la victoria de Boca vs. Barracas Central en la #LigaProfesional, debutó en Primera Luca Daniel Langoni: uno de los goleadores de la Reserva. El pibe es categoría 2002 y tiene contrato con el club hasta 2026..

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“If that was me and Gemma one of us would be in the doghouse” Luca are you aware she’s been in a bed with Davide optionally for the past however many nights #LoveIsland.

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