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One man, the judge in Beaumont, Texas is tasked with a decision that would bankrupt Pfizer & expose corruption within the gov’t who should also be on trial! If allowed discovery, it’s over for both! The vaccine product is misbranded and I proved that nearly 2 YEARS ago!.

Club Q was a liberating space for bartender and entertainer Daniel Aston, a 28-year-old transgender man. On Saturday it became the site of the latest mass shooting in the when a gunman killed Aston and four others..

@JamesYo27502669 Lol! Oh man you really knocking down those stereotypes! They don’t know what to do with your ass! Your truly dangerous to their narratives , you better watch out . . They claiming based on social media data they can tell who is “danger to society & potentially violent”u done 4.

@HonLuttamaguzi Respect En more blessings follow upon you for being such hard work man,I really ask myself Why same people can’t copy u en everyone knows bless you sir..


@MamsTaylor No 1 cares about that shit Mams, it’s time u answer for your crimes. How dare you lie to the fans about jj’s next opponent being a ‘very tough man’ or him being a challenge which would ‘excite the fans’??? Ur a joke, and jj has to sack you immediately to escape from ur choices mf.

The way that the the u see bc the way that, that this- that this man that that- that Angel devil makes- he just, I just Angel devil..

Damn! fuck it, it’s for his best anyway. Man U were never ready to become a top competitive team again tbh.

@shotsofSupreme idont know this man but bro u corny and weird asf for even posting this. who cares if he got arrested 9 yrs real pathetic.

as a man if u got a basketball player as ur lock screen sorry not sorry that’s gay as fuck.

@elonmusk It is awesome when so many count you out and you get to see the country show the naysayers they we’re so wrong . Thank you for all that you’ve done for twitter and for the . One man with courage is a majority !.

No a certain man has done that!!!! I would suggest u quit looking for a certain man to change and certain men u need to stay away from mentally and physically.

ew u guys there was just a man in A FEDORA standing on his balcony looking into my window :(((.

@w_terrence I am with you politics are not the measure of a man, integrity, honesty and accountability is! I am Republican but I don’t agree with Trump I don’t believe people under 25 should be able to purchase a weapon I believe when you lose you honor the winner! And u don’t lie or steal!.

@taffieee16 I promise you….. men don’t ….. if ever you see one that does just know they have crossed over ……one day they will leave u with the kids for another (Supposed) man ❣️.

@Latto since my motha not here ima handle u remember rap game when someone told us u don’t write ur raps🤭🤭 ’t u the same one that was beggin for my motha to save ur flop career be not least u can’t be seen outside with ur married man😂 DROP A TEAR💧.

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