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「#みやぎ復興マラソン 」が台風のため中止になりました。 参加予定だった方、主催の方、ボランティアの方、残念でした…。 みなさんのツイートを集めました。 早めの中止決定で混乱は少なく、みなさんからの熱いメッセージがたくさんでした。 #復興マラソン2019.

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Eliud Kipchoge makes history by running sub two-hour marathon.

New post (Kipchoge’s Inspiring Marathon Run, Just in Time for Chicago) has been published on Trending News -.

Right I have an hour till I need to leave to drive to Peterborough for my Half Marathon 🤣 the distraction of the race has made me eat a second fried egg on toast 🤣.

Day 173 of uploading a poster a day for #ayearoffilm #365films Each film will have had a lasting impact on me. In random order: Film 173 John Schlesinger’s Marathon Man (1976) Starring Dustin Hoffman, Laurence Olivier, Roy Scheider, Marthe Keller, William Devane.

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@KennethAlting @ThijsFeuth Integendeel: wat Kipchoge doet is puur marathon. Alleen heeft hij gisteren geen marathon gelopen. Je bent ook geen voetballer wanneer je na school op een pleintje met een bal gaat spelen..

Hot and humid day- completed the Bangalore Half Marathon. Timing not so great at 2:28!.

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@WRETCHEDmovie Just started watching here at the Ohio 24 hour Horror Marathon, and its great already!!.

Yes he is THE G . of the marathon so their energies are not for sports but couch..

A black female has the record for the most gold medals and a black man just ran a marathon in under 2 hours. This is CRAZY. Just know THEY HATE TO SEE IT.

This makes me finishing a half marathon last year feel way less impressive..

its a marathon AND a sprint -Eliud Kepchoge. Congrats for making history. Its crazy how this man ran a marathon at a pace faster than my 200m sprint..

「#みやぎ復興マラソン 」が台風のため中止になりました。 参加予定だった方、主催の方、ボランティアの方、残念でした…。 みなさんのツイートを集めました。 早めの中止決定で混乱は少なく、みなさんからの熱いメッセージがたくさんでした。 #復興マラソン2019.

@Cyarine Ive always felt like i was in a bike marathon and everyones on bikes but i gotta drag around a 50lbs cannon ball behind me while everyone speeds off..

“ I did! And there’s a lot more where that came from~ “ He broke off a piece and quickly ate it before handing the rest to the small goddess. “ Doing anything tonight? If you persuade Artemis to let me over, we can have a movie marathon! “.

@MiamiGotJokes I think that’s that dude that ran that sub 2 hour marathon this morning.

@rayyah_idk Eulid Kipchoge just did a marathon in under two hours. There are some Amazing athletes in running these days. That said, 10 months after birth is 100% Bonkers, she must be made of *iron* 😳.

@SkizzyMars gave me the best night ever and now I’m headed home to go run a half marathon in the morning. Can’t wait see you again soon xoxo.

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Of course Marathons are an extreme sport. The first guy who did one was a guy named Marathon and he dropped dead after it..

Why a Sub–2-Hour Marathon is Relevant to You, Even if You’re Not a Runner.

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¡GRACIAS Grrmán Silva Tours! Hoy nos reportamos listos para un Marathon Majors más, esta vez @ChiMarathon será el escenario donde cada uno de nosotros escribirá una página más en el impresionante libro de la vida. Gracias equipo y gracias corredores🤗..

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The moon-landing moment: How Eliud Kipchoge made it: Last year, he obliterated the world marathon record with a stunning 2:01:39 time in Berlin.

Next up on my horror movie marathon is Terrifier, tbh not a scary movie just gory, didn’t care for it 🤷🏻‍♀️.

He ran a marathon in less than 2 hours, a feat never achieved before anyone before.

Only whent 13mi of the 19 I planned. Still a marathon distance of 26 miles difference. A good proof of concept for what i wanna do later! Time might not look good for marathon standards but for what im trying to achieve im on good pace..

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ALL NIGHT HORROR MARATHON (35mm prints) (@ Hollywood Theatre - @hollywoodtheatr in Portland, OR).

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