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Updated: January 15th, 2022 07:40 PM IST

Fue un bonito día junto a @Marcmarquez93 ✊🏼 It was a great day with my brother Marc 💪🏼 #AM73 #mx

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Back to the cinema with Mrs Marc for an afternoon viewing of #LicoricePizza , we have the screen ourselves and have bought a Nando’s in!

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@Marc_Brownstein Sophisticated Brownie! God bless you! Eat some carrots! Lol. You are the man.

Was looking for an answer to a question about a DS game, found a thread where someone said they had never heard of the game and that was because it was developed for the wrong platform. One, why are you responding here then, and two, 154 million DS systems were sold, man.


Five star ⭐️ performance 👏👏 Clean sheet 5 goals 4 consecutive wins in all competitions 3 🆙 to 3rd until Tottenham play 2 Back to back home wins for the 1st time under Marc Skinner. 1 One #MUWomen ❤️

Marc Foto,Marc Twitter Trends : Top Tweets

@HKT3030 You must be a similar age to me. I remember reading some of the early issues in my University years. On one day of the week I had multiple lectures and seminars spread over the day so I used to grab lunch and sit in a communal area with a copy of either RG or NOM.

La cantidad de goles en este vídeo q se habría tragado Marc al nivel que está ahora mismo

Silicon Valley kingmaker Marc Andreessen invests according to the Lindy principle. It’s one of many shortcuts in his complicated web of ideology.

Public: Marc Lavoine la douche froide : très critiqué après son passage dans Quotidien, les internautes ne via @GoogleNews Ah la presse

@StauffenbergM @ManonCantin49 Bonjour marc !! Bienvenue dans le monde des hommes libres 😃

@7Marquezg Yo lo único que diría es que es un comentario partidista aprovechando el mal estado de forma de De Jong. Qué diremos cuando Rodri lleva una mala racha? A quien querremos entonces fichar? Lo que si te digo es que a Rodri nunca le he visto el nivel de De Jong del Ajax. Qué opinas?

@pinguica641211 @Marc_fg Conciencia social. No querer ver morir a padres o abuelos solos y por falta de aire. Cada uno elige sus motivos. En el instituto había siempre alumnos hippies, heavys, clá Con la vacuna igual. Sería raro que todos fueran antivacuna. Como sería raro todo lo contrario.

@MarcGitar1 @YouTube Marc, not sure if you watched Get Back at all, but the band came alive when Billy showed up. It was really something to see.

@Marc_Also @BBCNews Not much on the fact she donated to the Tories either. Theresa May even gave her an award. It’s been known about for ages, I really can’t think why half the story was suddenly brought to light at Patel’s behest, can you?

@pmarca @a16z Rebranding their campaign to American Dynamism to suggest they are transforming the local government with what they called web3 earlier to attract startups that compete with us. Our IP is global Marc.

I spent $100 last night filling my tank up and buying a bag of potatoes and some butter. How are we supposed to survive 😭😭😂

@JackPosobiec Reminds me: Trump needs to tell us who recommended McMaster, Bolton, Wray & several others and pledge to never bring them into going again.

ประกาศแจ้งผลการรักษา COVID-19 ของ “มาร์ค-ปาหุณ จิยะเจริญ” Updates: Covid-19 treatment results of “Marc” Pahun Jiyacharoen #GMMTV

Marc Foto,Marc Twitter Trends : Top Tweets

Fue un bonito día junto a @marcmarquez93 ✊🏼 It was a great day with my brother Marc 💪🏼 #AM73 #mx

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