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giving my children $50k so they don’t have to work at mcdonald’s > losing $50k betting on a fight

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Forgot_N ()

If you don’t follow me, your next 10 piece Chicken Nuggets from McDonald’s will only have 9 nuggets.

Samantha Powell
Samantha Powell ()

For a moment I thought this was what got Audra McDonald her first Tony, but it was her third.

BMOREcenter ()

Ben McDonald running into Heston Kjerstad in the parking lot does nothing to convince me that he actually exists still

Smexy⁷🧈 ()

mcdonald’s is a brand deal. i need y’all to stay in school pls

クソやろう⁷ 🧈(S WORDED)
クソやろう⁷ 🧈(S WORDED) ()

@seunieloveee McDonald’s is a brand itself. Out of the top 10 brands in the industry BTS has had deals with, Coca-Cola, Samsung, McDonald’s, and Louis Vuitton.

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jess louise 🍒
Jess louise 🍒 ()

burger king is not a good restaurant, i will take this to my GRAVEEE!! theres no good qualities about burger king. you can go to kfc, mcdonald’s literally ANYWHERE ELSE WHO CHOOSES TO GO TO BURGER KING.

. ()

i’m not even a darklina but my god u are obnoxious the day u fill out that mcdonald’s job application is the day i rejoice

Bruno Puelles
Bruno Puelles ()

Antes de que se acaben las nominaciones para los Ignotus, querría recordaros que la novela corta Dama Luna, de Ian McDonald, puede ser candidata en la categoría Cuento Extranjero. Es una aventura lunar, se lee en un pispás y engancha que no veas. El worldbuilding es fenomenal.

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Adam Brooks
Adam Brooks ()

Go to a McDonald’s & order at a screen, wait about until order it outside & eat. Go in a Costa, queue up amongst the other 8/9 people, touch all the products, order food at a screen & wait til it’s Proceed to eat outside. stay outside you ‘peasants’

Bizzle Osikoya
Bizzle Osikoya ()

My friend used to work at McDonald’s and his salary £1,800 a month , now in nigeria my cousin works at a bank and her salary is ₦1,680,000 a year = £2,490. Chaiiiii

NaRNG🔥 ()

As an elitist, I naturally snagged some McDonald’s for lunch. I have never felt out of place for not having a mullet. Thanks Missouri.

Chloe🪜 ()

bestie got a job at mcdonald’s and first thing i asked her was to rob them of their jin photo cards 🙏

Felipe🌊 ☭
Felipe🌊 ☭ ()

Burger King has really somehow stayed afloat by using the business model of being the place you go when there’s no McDonald’s around

Dem ()

i waddle to tyz’s house and place ketchup packets from mcdonald’s on their doorstep

Khal Vissi
Khal Vissi ()

A 10 ans quand je suis passé du Happy Meal au menu best of chez McDonald’s

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Fianso ()

Ptn marre à chaque fois j’me fais avoir jcrois que McDonald ils sortent un nv bail de burger et ça parle de bts on sblc frr

Тим ()

@jessixmcn gar kein bock zu kochen macht mir keinen spaß und schmeckt meistens (für mich!!) auch nicht besser als mcdonald’s

Jamiejoe ()

McDonald’s needs to bring back all day breakfast if we ever want this whole pandemic thing to be over with

Mr. Lustful ➐ ☻
Mr. Lustful ➐ ☻ ()

I got medium fries, a mcchicken, and 4 nuggets from mcdonald’s for $3 and you think ima pay $6 for some cinabitz from wetzels pretzels? lol

$HUG ()

y’all be looking all in da window at McDonald’s, you don’t know meeee give me my fries

nicole hackney
Nicole hackney ()

One hell of a leg workout 🥵🔥 but now im sickkk I only ate a apple this morning. Shewww. Chris is gonna kill me for going to McDonald’s but oh well 😅🤪

Sakimi 🍣| LinkTheSun-Feur
Sakimi 🍣| LinkTheSun-Feur ()

att les fans de Kpop sont vraiment hype pour un menu McDonald là? Je vais tout casser ils ont des gros problèmes

Andolph ()

I’ve met McDonald’s managers that are more professional then the head of the business department at my school

Laura⁷ ()

quindi mi state dicendo che questa cosa non era per annunciare la collaborazione col McDonald’s ma il loro nuovo singolo che esce il 21 maggio?! non ero pronta

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Vale ()

only armys have a wide range on their eras, going from mcdonald’s, to louis vuitton, to a butter, which one’s yours?

rae 💭
Rae 💭 ()

@taesbearrr to be honest for a bit i thought it was for mcdonald’s because of food sizzling and butter melting

minh; REAL yanfei haver!
Minh; REAL yanfei haver! ()

its perfect that they have the mcdonald promotion omg this cb gonna be so good with the dynamite treatment from columbia records too

Lux ()

butter is gonna drop almost at the same time as the collab with mcdonald’s so ✨more promo✨ also the single is food themed yay

Adam Brooks
Adam Brooks ()

I’ve proven today, that not allowing indoor ordering points for pubs & restaurants, is discriminatory. Costa coffee, McDonald’s & others are allowed. MP @scullyp ,has stopped engaging now that I’ve pointed out the unfairness of the situation. What will it be? YES or NO @GOVUK


giving my children $50k so they don’t have to work at mcdonald’s > losing $50k betting on a fight

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