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Watch Miles Morales swing into action in this action-packed #PlayStation5 gameplay from Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

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Evan Filarca
Evan Filarca ()

New #MilesMoralesPS5 pre-order info & HD looks at the Launch Box Art! Zip up the Time Response Activated Circuit Kinetic () Suit & unlock the Untrackable Suit Mod. Designed by Javier Garrón, one of the talented Marvel artists on the MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN comic.🕷️

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Super Julian 3D All Star
Super Julian 3D All Star ()

No I won’t wear my Miles Morales suit but I WILL BE TEMPTED!

Miles morales Foto
⊃∪∩⪽ - Best Picture Winner 2021
⊃∪∩⪽ - Best Picture Winner 2021 ()

@OhioDavee PS4 might still work, but that doesn’t mean he can play God of War Ragnarok, or Miles Morales

Jeff ()

mfs say they’re chill with the ps4 bc spider man miles morales is coming out, meanwhile they’re 4 miles away from a mans morals 😴🤭’s got spiders

DoctorThiagoSDF ()

Peguei o encadernado das primeiras histórias do Miles Morales que a Panini lançou no formato reduzido e preço não tão altoo. Aí pergunto: POR QUE DIABOS ISSO NÃO SAIU JUNTO DE HOMEM-ARANHA NO ARANHAVERSO?!? Seria a porta de entrada perfeita pra molecada que acabou de ver o filme!

Jacob Young
Jacob Young ()

If someone could buy me the PS5, you’ll have my heart, soul and affection forever. My focus though, focus will be on Miles Morales. #ps5

Best Games Family🎮 | 🎮الألعاب الأسطورية تجمعنا
Best Games Family🎮 | 🎮الألعاب الأسطورية تجمعنا ()

@hr7_ho2 @khalidthegamer2 أنت شكلك لم تفهم شي و حان الوقت لأقوله لك اللعبة ستكون نسختين واحدة بقوة ال 4 الأخرى بقوة ال 5 لم يتغير شي و هذا الأمر أيضًا ينطبق على Miles Morales 👌🏻👌🏻

Petra ()

Who’s getting the PS5 day one? 🔥 I need it, especially after that INCREDIBLE event yesterday showing off all those amazing games! From what they showed I’m super excited for Hogwarts, FFXVI, COD, Miles Morales and God of War 😍

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SchwarzerRegenZ ()

@IGN So if you buy a PS5 disc version , Miles Morales , ratchet and Clank + console insurance and tax thats gonna set you at around $700 or more

toshita 🎃
Toshita 🎃 ()

everybody be waiting for ps5 preorder but my big brain is waiting for them to announce the miles morales limited edition console

Velvet ()

@AbsoluteEngine He doesn’t sound great in MUA3 either. I know they’re trying to make him THE Miles Morales voice but he just sounds kinda inexperienced still

LankyAstro ()

@James_Ham90 You legend mate what was the best thing on working on Spider-Man Miles Morales

Tom - TheLastRiddle on YouTube
Tom - TheLastRiddle on YouTube ()

Thank you for @DriftingOrbit for letting me know. The Ultimate Edition of #SpiderManMilesMorales is available to pre order on this website in the UK!

Gregory Coleman, Jr.
Gregory Coleman, Jr. ()

@shadowfuzz With the economy the way it is, it will be deep into 2021 before I’m comfortable buying a PS5. I will likely play Cyberpunk and SM:Miles Morales on my perfectly functional PS4.

Hoxenshattered ()

People are really complaining about Miles Morales being on PS4 🙄🙄🙄 like I can tell y’all have just come around to gaming because games ALWAYS used to make something for current and old gen consoles when a new console is coming out. It would be a bad business move not to.

ジョシュ 🏁💜💛🖤
ジョシュ 🏁💜💛🖤 ()

Spider-Man PS4 and Spider-Man: Miles Morales are night and day. The advantages of ps5 are clear lol

if you are justice...
If you are justice... ()

@batman_really And it’s only 20 extra dollars for the remaster connected to miles morales, while control needs an extra $60

V ()

me buying the PS5 diskless version and later buying a physical copy of Miles Morales game

Nolan Daniels
Nolan Daniels ()

@GameSpot Does that mean Miles Morales is gonna be $50? Bye bye day 1 purchases 😓

Billy Batson ⚡️
Billy Batson ⚡️ ()

Personally I plan on still waiting to get the PS5 until more games come out, the only games I’m really excited about so far is only Resident Evil 8 and Spider-Man Miles Morales 🤷🏽‍♂️.

👑SwiftKick🍟Gaming👑 ()

I still can’t believe I thought I was gonna play Miles Morales and Cyberpunk 2077 on next gen PS5 this Holiday 🤡🤡🤡😔 @PlayStation @BestBuy


تأكيد تواجد لعبة Spider Man مع إصدار Spider Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition بنسخة محسنة تماماً على جهاز PS5 ! #جيمرز #قيمرز

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Acekidder (social distancing sucks)
Acekidder (social distancing sucks) ()

@Jordan_v0 @XboxNewsReddit They good just say hay you can play miles Morales and horizon 2 on your PS4 so get a series X it’s the only play to play The Medium and Scorn this year plus best versions of all third party ala cyberpunk on the worlds most powerful next gen console 😀 Oh yeah and gamepass👍

Russ ()

@_wotta The event was ok, not much new stuff shown. Preordered a PS5 with disc drive and an extra controller. Probably just Spider-Man Miles Morales from the launch day releases

🏳️‍🌈 ()

@SewerynSzczepa5 @PlayStationPL Miles Morales standardowa edycja jest akurat za 50€, a deluxe z remasterem oryginału w pakiecie za 70€. Ale większość nowych gier raczej będzie 80€, niestety.

Rod ()

@insomniacgames If I own Spider-Man and all the DLC (bought game + season pass at launch in 2018) would I need to pay $20 extra for the Ultimate edition? Or would I be OK getting the normal Miles Morales edition?

Pikachu ()

Miles Morales on PS4? Okay no reason for me to even consider getting a PS5 😭😂🙌🏻

Tyler Smalley
Tyler Smalley ()

@brunovelazquez Sooooo is this a proper sequel or are we looking at a miles morales type add on situation here?

Lamar🍫 ()

@BRGaming Ehhh but miles morales is really $50. It’s only $70 if u get the ultimate edition with the original spider man game included.

IGN ()

Watch Miles Morales swing into action in this action-packed #PlayStation5 gameplay from Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

☚ halloween #FIFA21 ☛
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