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Minister Twitter

And here we have it, straight from the horses arse. The Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom telling every working person in this country; Know your place. #ToryRailStrikes.

@BJMCBC Ahhh, the power of the minister of health , who has no expertise ! Shocking , not shocking !.

Amidst the ongoing political stir in Maharashtra, various media outlets and journalists shared a screenshot of Aditya Thackeray’s Twitter account stating that the word “minister” was removed from his bio. This is false. Watch our video report:.

#NowPlaying All in All by Minister NewmanSingle.

Minister Foto,Minister Foto by Right Now Praizz Radio,Right Now Praizz Radio on twitter tweets Minister Foto

Main @narendramodi ji se request krta hoon ki @mayursejpal bhaisaab ko bhi government mein Minister bnaya jaaye. Finance bhi dekhte hain yeh aur khaane k liye bhi bharpoor variety batayenge..

@JacekPiekara Jak na razie, w sferze marzeń naszego MON jest osiągnięcie wartości liczbowych armii fińskiej. Pan minister Skurkiewicz twierdzi, że Polska była świadoma zagrożenia ze strony Rosji do 2015 roku, ale niestety nie przełożyło się to na adekwatną rozbudowę naszej Armii..

“Thus, obligations on servicing the state securities of the Russian Federation were fulfilled by the Finance Ministry in full,” the statement said. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov argued that the transition to ruble payments does not imply a debt default..

@elfritzos War angesichts des Wahlergebnisses klar, dass Grün max 4 Minister bekommt. Und wichtig war, dass mit Wirtschaft und Verkehr zwei Zukunftsthemen bei Grün liegen. Familie ggf für Neubaur und Justiz aka Gegenspieler zum Innenministerium. Stark verhandelt von @GrueneFrakNRW.

@lmcheifetz You are a poor excuse for a minister. In favor of killing children? See you in Hell.

Minister Jetten staat voor joker #telegraafpremium via @Telegraaf.

@MrChrisJustice @TomFitton He was a good christian youth minister no doubt 🤣🤣🤣🤣. #hedead.

@PakPMO Chor minister shakal dekho iski allah maaf kery chokidaar banay k bhi qabil nahi tha.


@mariannezw @SigridKaag De Minister zei puuzel. Oei. Dat zegt een authentieke kakker echt helemaal nooit. Ook op dit punt dus #doordemand..

@globeandmail OTTAWA For the second time in less than two years, Canada’s ethics watchdog has ruled Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act this time for improperly pressuring the attorney general to intervene in the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin and help the company.

@Jowita_W Minister Błaszczak odpowiedni człowiek na odpowiednim stanowisku u niego słowa i czyny idą w parze , można powiedzieć że postawił wojsko na nogi 👊👍.

Minister Jetten staat voor joker #telegraafpremium via @Telegraaf.

@melsy1967 @JCCFCanada That in itself should not be allowed to happen. The PM appointing the head of an agency that could potentially investigate the PM?? Conflict of interest much? And she’s related to Bill Morneau, former Turd Cabinet minister. It all stinks and yet they scream about others?!.

@MayaSabbagh7 @Hwayda58155973 I love the idea. Congratulation Maya, you are future prime minister of lebanon..

@RebelNewsOnline 🇨🇦 James Topp for Prime Minister ✔️ #JamesToppForPrimeMinister.

He fired healthcare workers who rejected 3 jabs, then German health minister ridicules protestors against his totalitarian & biofascist policies: Thanks to the hard-working nurses, we saved many lives. But U, ... protesting against the vaccine, ur work was worth NOTHING!.


Ya Allah is admi k hotay huay Pakistan main koi beemari na aye. Jo hain woh bhi khatam hojayen. Its scary to think him as our health minister.

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid is the latest regional leader to be greeted in Ankara as Turkey takes a new approach to its regional ties. (by @AndyWilks61).

@lukehgomes So is Tony Employment Minister AND Health Minister? Or have I been given a bum steer on who the Health minister is.

The weak preprint is uncritically shared by the German health minister 🤯.

Minister Foto,Minister Foto by Frederik Schaltz-Buchholzer,Frederik Schaltz-Buchholzer on twitter tweets Minister Foto

@mahabs4life @TheTorontoSun 🇨🇦 James Topp for Prime Minister ✔️ #JamesToppForPrimeMinister.

President Aoun tapped the billionaire after a majority of the newly elected lawmakers backed him..

@DanielleCT86 Zij is geen volksvertegenwoordiger maar minister en moet inderdaad vanuit landsbelang regeren..

@BluButtercup 1) DK took over a group descended from a 7th day adventist and started moving it towards Islam(his polygyny was getting to over the top 4 christians). JJ was a ordained minister who brought Stalinism into the mix..

@MarkHamill The end of that video Percy reminds me of a certain former US president and a very current British prime minister. Can’t imagine why.

Anti-corruption commissioner Frédérick Gaudreau has forwarded allegations of criminal acts against officers of the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC) to Public Security Minister Geneviève Guilbault. ....

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