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Everyone complaining about #ModernWarfare 🤣🤣 this game plays like the older cods. Y’all just forgot how to play since y’all used to this jumping cartoon bullshit. Yes there is some stuff they gotta fix like every beta but overall this is a good game..

『CoD:MW』スペシャルマッチ FINAL - Special Team vs Libalent Vertex スキがないカバー重視のプレイでスペシャルチームを圧倒⚡ LVが2マップ目を取り返し、最終ラウンドへ🔥🔥🔥 🔴LIVE YouTube ⇒ Twitch ⇒ #TGS2019 #ModernWarfare.

『CoD:MW』スペシャルマッチ 第2試合 LV vs USG 銃で撃つより殴った方が早いのでは……❓ そう言わんばかりのUSG Duffle選手、持ち味である格闘が炸裂👊 🔴LIVE YouTube ⇒ Twitch ⇒ #TGS2019 #ModernWarfare.

I AM LIVE ON THE #ModernWarfare Beta LMAOOOOOO come say hi.

infinite swap. [SoaR] #modernwarfare.

I have never realized how much I use the minimap in @CallofDuty until they removed it in #ModernWarfare I truly thought it would be OK without it, but it certainly needs to be added back. 🤣.

It’s #ModernWarfare time! Check out the stream at @MortalKnightsGG | #MenInSteel ⚔️.

The lag is getting a bit ridiculous on the Beta now, anyone else getting frequent stutters? Spoiling it for me at the moment. #CallofDuty #ModernWarfare.

Work To-Do List: Play the #ModernWarfare Beta So needless to say, I got a busy day ahead..

PC 版『コール オブ デューティ モダン・ウォーフェア』 から直撮りした #RTXOn の ガンファイト プレイ動画を YouTube で公開しました ! 🎬 #ModernWarfare YouTube で見る :.

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Una alegria ver la recepción que está teniendo la beta de #modernwarfare 😍 Solo me queda decir que deis apoyo a los vídeos de los creadores Españoles ❤️ @MrxSoki : @GuiasTacticasES :.

“Yeah I haven’t hit anything ” 💥 BANG 💥 We love seeing grinders like @Wacke #BringTheHype on #ModernWarfare.

First impressions of #ModernWarfare - fun to use a reg gun - mechanics feel great - sniping is slow as fuck - everyone is camping My solution? - ADS for snipers increased - Bolt re-chamber increased - ADD the fucking Mini Map Thank you, @InfinityWard ❤.

My eyes are so tired from playing #ModernWarfare all day Time to get some sleep, wake up and do it all again tomorrow It really is that time of year 🙌🏻🔥.

🚨 Infinity Ward have responded to the no mini-map controversy in the #ModernWarfare Beta!.

Everyone moaning about “NO MINI MAPS” Use the the Hardline perk, get a TWO KILL streak and you get a MINI MAP 👏🏼 If you’re that shit and can’t do that then maybe play Minecraft #ModernWarfare.

camping is a huge issue right now i was on 15 gun streak and all i see is a bunch of little no timmys camping in a corner. mini map 100% needs to be added back . The players who grind the most should be rewarded. #ModernWarfare.

No minimap is killing the game for me #ModernWarfare @InfinityWard beside that i like it alot ! Therefore i potentially cancel my pre order for not having a radar in the game. Call of duty needs that radar. I dont play without and against campers..

They need to fix the spawns in TDM. You can get pawn trapped BADLY. No spawn flips at all #ModernWarfare.

@CoDInfoES_ #ModernWarfare Lo peor, Demasiado Camper, por todo lado. La idea es mejorar, pero se nota la falta del #Minimap. Espero le puedan dar una buena solución..

Si quieres cambiar tu nombre en #ModernWarfare: 1. Inicie sesión en 2. Ir a 3. Cambie Nombre del foro por el que quieras..

Sorry for cutting the #ModernWarfare stream short. But the low FOV, and slight blurriness is just not a good mix and is making me feel nauseous. Will wait for the PC Beta to try it again. #Borderlands3 tomorrow! See you then! Tossed @HadzTV a raid!.

Good afternoon everyone! Streaming some #ModernWarfare tonight! Whos playing w me?!.

@charlieINTEL @OpTic_DKarma Ive got 67 #CallofDuty    #ModernWarfare  beta codes to giveaway! COMPLETELY LEGIT RETWEET & FOLLOW ME to enter! Will DM winners AT GMT. (2 Hours From Now) Already gave 13 away! Go go go! THE GAME IS SICK!.

Who still needs a #ModernWarfare Beta Code? Giving away 5 in this tweet. These are for all platforms & redeemable at 🔥 To enter, simply FOLLOW me & RETWEET this tweet! NOW!.

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