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He ... proposed ... making ... it ... illegal ... for ... Muslims ... to ... enter ... the ... country.

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Strange how Hindus have been victims of a cultural genocide for centuries, but no one speaks about it, but ONE terror attack on a mosque someplace can erase the memories of ALL previous Islamic terror attacks and turn Muslims into victims!!.

We Muslims are the victims everywhere and still you bloody say Muslims are terrorists #WeCondemnNZTerrorism.

He ... proposed ... making ... it ... illegal ... for ... Muslims ... to ... enter ... the ... country.

Our race is living being , Humanity is our religion . Hindus Muslims Christians Sikh, there is no separate religion ..

Other Muslim narrations mention that the blood of the Muslims reached their knees, there were literally rivers of blood..

@eIenasalvator muslim lives matter ! to all my muslims brothers and sisters: you are valid and loved ! ❤️.

@JustinTrudeau Is It The Word Terrorist Reserved Only For Muslims. Such a Shame #Christchurch #NewZealand.

@al_afghaniyya @sumaya_ay Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon. Absolutely heartbreaking to hear about the Muslims who were killed in not one, but TWO mosques in New Zealand. My duas and prayers go out to all the victims and their families in this senseless crime. May Allah have mercy on their souls.

@fraser_anning Yes, me. I lived in the Middle East for 3 years as a child & 4 years as an adult and the only violence I saw was not by Muslims. I saw Sunni and Shia stands shoulder to shoulder after the mosque bomb in Kuwait. I am a Christian and I dispute the link between Islam and violence.

@ImranKhanPTI Really sad to see that the killer was live on facebook carrying camera on his helmet covering the whole brutal killing. Its seems like he has so much hatred for for the victim families.

@caballoantares those aren’t Muslims the Muslim religion is very peaceful and they themselves have said over and over again that they didn’t claim those views/morals. Educate yourself PLEASE maybe you won’t be such a dumbass online.

#Christchurch we know what they will say, they will say he has mental health issues!!. If he muslim they will say he’s terrorist and all muslims are responsible..

people are sharing the livestream of the new zealand shooter killing muslims in the mosque im sick to my stomach how the hell are yall posting this shit on twitter.

@yetoomudasir @Nidhi They will never coz they think those muslims who were killed r pakistani..

They are so kind. 😢 praying the muslims feel safe to walk down streets..

Mosque attack in NZ - terrible news. But you just know it’s going to have far more news time than all the attacks that were done by doubt many in the are that aware of all the attacks in Aus even..

@tweet2el @Argentum729 He is a terrorist and is to blame. The evil that triggered him was the killing of a girl by a takfiri wahabi Saudi tutored terrorists, but he was already bat shit crazy. Who paid the price, innocent Muslims..

Assalam-o-Alaikum and Jumma Mubarak to all. Please make dua for Muslims, your family & friends, the oppressed, the downtrodden and Pakistan Please Allah (SWT) protect this Arz-e-Pak from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Long live Palestine and Kashmir liberation.

@Breaking911 This is Muslims shoot at their own mosque to distract fromIlhan Omar and blame Americans..

Keep sayin’ a generation of vilifying Muslims is “nbd”! The victims are in my prayers.

Christchurch shootings: At least 30 feared dead after gunmen with automatic weapons open fire at two mosques - live updates |.

Oh yeah, more Muslims and Christians being bombed and murdered. Here we have my fellow Palestinians going through hell..

It was never mentioned that these criminal attackers are terrorists. Do they need to be from a specific race or religion to be terrorists or terrorism against Muslims is just violence?.

Racists are the problem. Not immigrants or refugees. Hate threatens our way of life. Not Muslims. Bigotry makes our streets unsafe. Not our local mosque We must stand for love, inclusion and equality for all now or perish in the hubris of white supremacy. #Christchurch.

Now the #Muslims are using American government representatives in our universities to undermine our relationship with the only democracy in the Middle East. #DemocratsHateJews.

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