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Ewan McGregor y Hayden Christensen quieren una Temporada 2 para #ObiWan Kenobi u otra alternativa:.

Hayden Christensen reached out to Ewan McGregor right after he got the #ObiWan call..

Just watched the ending of Obi-Wan, a great way to finish the series The circle is now complete #ObiWan.

I want to see a Rebuild of Evangelion / FF7 Remake version of #ObiWan where Obi-Wan actually kills Vader at the end of the show, leading to an alternate timeline where Obi-Wan finds redemption in reforming the Jedi Order to fight the Empire. Star Wars: A New Hope .

Respectfully disagree. #ObiWan is a prime example of a series understanding the characters and making the story about them. It was never about the action, or the twists. It was always about the characters..

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Er will in 3 Monaten schon gutes Deutsch sprechen? Da hat er sich aber was vorgenommen. #Mane.

#ObiWan was a great watch and if nothing else, it proves that Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi is quite simply one of the greatest castings ever..

-¿Por qué tan elegante Homero? - Porque hoy me veo el último capítulo de #ObiWan.

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Hi Twitter please my Dad dropped a chris bok recently pls repost if you see this post to help us sel @LadyRoza_001 @😢😢pls epp retwet IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JOCHEBED: EVERY WIFE’S HANDBOOK ON MARRIAGE David hundeyin #LiesOfObi Runtown #ObiWan.


Wherever #ObiWan pops up next, I NEED this meeting to happen:.

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Mando > Kenobi > Boba Fett Staffelfinale von #ObiWan war episch. Fühle mich an die guten alten Zeiten vom Expanded Universe von #StarWars zurückerinnert. Staffel 2 wäre willkommen!.

This!!! My thoughts exactly! #ObiWan had a brother FFS! But they made Rey a Palpatine 🤦🏽‍♀️.

Wiele gorzkich słów napisałem o #ObiWan, ale w pełni zasłużonych. Nie cieszy mnie obecny stan Gwiezdnych wojen i jest mi przykro, że jedna z najlepszych serii coraz bardziej się stacza..

@BrightSideHT Yeah but some opinions are just wrong… 😜 As in this case. #ObiWan was EXCELLENT!!.

they made obiwan amazing for the childhood me who loved the prequels, god bless. now greenlight season 2 /today/.


I need a FUCKING YEAR to recover from that EXPECTACULAR episode #ObiWan #DarthVader.

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Mi aspettavo qualcosa di meglio dalla puntata finale, comunque a me la serie su #ObiWan è piaciuta. Molto meglio della deludente serie uscita ad inizio anno su Boba Fett.

I have an idea for #ObiWan season 2. What if it is a prequel where we see obi wan with his master meet a young Anakin. He frees Anakin from captivity and faces off against this red dude (still working out who he really is) with his master where his master ultimately dies..

Obiwan show doesn’t fox it makes it better at all. It didn’t need other material to make it “better”. It was a hit & well received movie of all time.

no because you don’t understand, I NEED THAT OBIWAN KENOBI SEASON 2. or simply just bring hayden and ewan back (and hopefully even natalie) and make something like idc i just love those characters so much, i’d watch anything with them in it..

Hey everyone, I was supposed to be on @SeismicCinema tonight live for a recap of #ObiWan but my pup isn’t doing well and tomorrow he is crossing the rainbow bridge. I can’t thank Paul and Colin enough for giving me a pass tonight. Make sure to hug your fur babies tight..

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Really loving Obi Wan Kenobi on #DisneyPlus #ObiWan well done after that disastrous Book of Bobba Fett..

@LukasHD23 @LazarusLarrus Schau obiwan erstmal an, anstatt voreingenommen zu sein wegen dem Regisseur :D.

So #ObiWan all the sudden has full force capabilities and can defeat Vader out of no where after he got his ass kicked two weeks ago there’s that the force comes and goes as writers see fit which is garbage. He should’ve been badass from the get go like we all said.

@starwars @disneyplus Obiwan Kanblowme escaped Darth Vader AT LEAST 6 times in this series. Do you people not watch your own awful show?.

That episode of obi-wan literally had me off the couch in the middle of the night in pure awe 🫢 #obiwan.

ewan performance is so beautiful, what he gives to obiwan is so human. and hayden, we can only see half his face, but he also goes through all the possible human emotions. what they did to his voice/moderator. didnt need that. it hurted.


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Well the #ObiWan finale was perfect. Didn’t miss a beat and if all we get is these 6 episodes it was the most satisfying conclusion. No spoilers just enjoy it..

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