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Bolsonaro admite que recebeu oferta da Pfizer de vacinas mais baratas.

Dear Pfizer CEO @AlbertBourla On behalf of the American Taxpayers, give us ALL our F#CKING MONEY BACK you CRIMINAL PIECE OF SH#T!.

A preprint study of adolescents conducted during Thailand’s national COVID-19 vaccination campaign showed what one physician described as a “stunning” association between myocarditis and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine..

Ursula Von der Leyen dit qu’elle « a très envie que la Macédoine du Nord rejoigne l’UE » ! Nous on a très envie qu’elle montre enfin ses SMS avec Bourla le PDG de Pfizer ! Et vite ! #UrsulaDégage #Frexit.

Pfizer’s CEO once claimed that his vaccine is 100% effective in stopping the spread of covid. He has now tested positive for covid..

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A CPI da Covid provou q Bolso é diretamente responsável pela morte de milhões de brasileiros. As 1as doses da Pfizer, por exemplo, só chegaram ao Br em abril 2021, 8 meses dps da 1a oferta. Ontem o genocida admitiu isso. E nada acontece.

Estou suspeitando que a combinação de quatro doses de Pfizer com Paxlovid é a receita perfeita para o rebote viral. Começa-se com “original antigenic sin” e se reduz a apresentação dos novos antígenos com a queda inicial da carga viral do inibidor da protease. Só uma teoria..


@tacootje I have no idea whom to trust……seems the system shut down the blind trials, so we have no data. Pfizer wanted the records to be locked for 75 years (inspiring) and the data says that vaxed peeps are now pretty exposed..

Letztes Jahr twitterte der Pfizer-Chef, in seinen selbstgemachten Studien hätten 3 Dosen zu 100% geschützt. Jetzt braucht er nach der 4. Dosis sein extrem teures Paxlovid. Bald kommt dann die nächste Ansteckung, wie bei Biden (rebound wegen Paxlovid). Und Sie bezahlen alles!.

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Pfizer CEO tests positive for COVID-19, has mild symptoms.

Pfizer Foto,Pfizer Foto by THE VOICE 🔱🇺🇸⛑️🦅⚔️⚓♠️💎🍊 CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS,THE VOICE 🔱🇺🇸⛑️🦅⚔️⚓♠️💎🍊 CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS on twitter tweets Pfizer Foto


My buddy @statomattic is in Twitter jail for a factual (and vanilla) QT of Bourla. Pfizer & Twitter thought they could act quickly to stop dissent. Judging by this ratio, Matt suffered only because he was ahead of the trend..

Boycott Pfizer products. Demand that pharmaceuticals follow ethical considerations. We can control the future..

@DrMilesDC @rotor_motor13b It’s been all over Twitter and the news for over a year now. The Pfizer results have been out for a long time as well. People can claim ignorance but it goes beyond that.

@WhatsOnStage @pfizer , actors were the first group to be forced to take the #killshot.

Why call people Anti-Vaxxer, and we on the ground level of things, think we can argue with actual doctors in this field and negate the rest of those who are on the same peer level as #Fauci just shows the digression in our so called “advanced times” 😵‍💫 #Pfizer.

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I mean, is any trip to NYC complete without stopping by the @pfizer hq?! #sciencewillwin.

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#VacunaCovid | Serán varios municipios del 16 al 18 de agosto los que podrán recibir el biológico Pfizer en este rango de edad. ¡Conócelos!.

Nevada kept refusing my VOC applications during Pfizer Beta Testing in 2018 which was done as a penalty for reporting to Harrisburg with FBI receipts regarding Church pedophilia with the photos..

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@branemark1 Buen dia dura mas menos la inmunidad de 4 docis pfizer me la puse en marzo y tengo saludos.

@xicosa Presidente da Argentina tb é genocida então? Vários outros q reclamaram tb são genocidas? Só p entender como funciona tua imaginação! Pois se for assim mais da metade dos presidentes sao genocidas afinal muitos reclamaram do contrato com a Pfizer!.

@CECLynch @marcelesa2 O safado não fechou negócio com a Pfizer porque trata-se de uma indústria séria. Esquema é coisa de gentalha desse país! Ando boicotando todas as empresas que estão no esquema, a começar pelo tal de mundo verde..

@disclosetv Seriously doubt he was vax’d to begin with! These CEO types know the risk involved in getting the 💉and while they probably had NO PROBLEM in forcing their employees into getting 💉they wouldn’t put their own backsides at risk! This Pfizer CEO will survive & get natural immunity!.

NUEVO - CEO de #Pfizer vacunado cuádruple infectado con COVID. @sallelorier.

US government has pre-purchased Paxlovid and Pfizer links directly to the CDC. Need any more proof how these corrupt companies operate?.

@SquawkCNBC @ScottGottliebMD Please disclose that the person on TV is a board member of Pfizer..

@AlbertBourla If 4 jabs of @pfizer doesn’t prevent #COVID19 nor the spread of it, why is anyone still falling for this scam? 🤡.

@AlbertBourla Why do people feel the need to give a announcement that they got a cold and then give a thank you speech to Pfizer like its an awards show?.

@CNN expressed gratitude for his colleagues who worked to make vaccines and treatments is also working on updated shots to target the Omicron variant, with the company saying they could be available in the early fall depending.

@CNN 🧵1/2 I am thankful to have received four doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and I am feeling well while experiencing very mild said that he is confident I will have a speedy recovery, due to how far the world has come in efforts to battle the coronavirus and.

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