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I’m ready to Play It Cool! Are you?😉 #CR7PlayItCool.

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@Cole_Manbeck That play and the failed 4th and 1 are the only things preventing this game from being a blowout..

We are now LIVE on with some #Borderlands3 mayhem. Join our #AMDRedTeam streamers as they dive into the game headfirst, switching perspectives every hour to give you a look at all the new Vault Hunters. Who are you most excited to play? 🤔.

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In 2007, Shaun Livingston underwent surgery on his ACL, PCL and MCL. He relearned to walk. There was concern he’d never play again. Today he retires a 3x champ..

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I’m ready to Play It Cool! Are you?😉 #CR7PlayItCool.

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◆【開催】トレード切手交換所◆ 本日16時より【セバスチャンバースデーお祝いガチャ】のアバターがトレード切手交換所に期間限定で復刻登場! 誕生日をお祝いできるアバターが盛りだくさん♪2ndバースデーミニキャラも! 詳しくはこちら→ #セバスチャンBD2019 #イケヴァン.

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@vannysmithh i love you more don’t play you know i’ll come cheer you up fr ;))😇.

[対魔忍がApp StoreやGoogle Playの審査の網を潜り抜け,我々の手元に見参するその日まで,温かく見守ってほしい。] これだいすき.

🔴Directo | ¿Qué límites tiene el rey a partir del encuentro que va a celebrar esta mañana con Meritxell Batet? Hablamos con @FAlvarezOssorio, profesor de Derecho Constitucional de la Universidad de Sevilla.

WNBA uses a playoff model with 4 teams playing 2 wild-card games to make it to the 2nd round, the 3rd & 4th seeds waiting to play the winners in the 2nd round and the top 2 seeds waiting to play the winners in the next round en route to the Finals. Would this be a good #NBA idea?.

@Rafc_TonyT That’s what I want and need though. I may suck for a while BUT I will get better lol and yessir! We gotta play man.

Alexa, play “It Was A Good Day” by @icecube 😂Hey, @janelmwrites! 👋🏿.

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@SirSuhDude @JagexAsh Suh dude why are you reading 14 year old articles about the vacations of the employees who make a video game you play in the middle of the day on a weekday go get a job.

@Boyf_P2 @SOFTIECAMP people who play more seriously want to collect villagers and thats the only way they can is through gulliver..

I love my @FSUFootball but like I said in this shared status on fb, y’all just need to play ball & so less talking..

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Do you really know who i am? I ain’t here for the play. I’m winning with the ones i been here with. Real love hard to come by..

向井康二、目黒蓮、ラウール「俺が!俺が!…からの!?」 | ISLAND TV ラウちゃんの死んだような目www ハグする所まで見たかった😍.

球史に残るレジェンド『梨田昌孝』選手を獲得! 仲間と一緒に強くなるプロ野球ゲーム⇒ .

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@weeniebagel So, its just borderlands and people dont like it Well, tough luck people who enjoy borderlands are going to play this game, reviews like this mean nothing.

@__Fumer na he be makin sum dumb play calls. da defense completely folded. they shoulda kept they foot on they neck. but i like da potential i seen. need ap back out there.

@tamronhall people from other countries are donating money. Their kids get sports scholarships to come to this country to play ball and go to college. But they don’t play the sport!!! The universitiesare are to blame!!.

I’m bleach blonde, can’t shoot whiskey, can’t play pool, would sing shania at karaoke we-.

My childish ass got a matching stylus for my phone to play cut the rope and my professionalism and inner finesse is showing. Yes I’m busy.

#MyNewRead Share this book to your friends The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success.

@HarveySZN We need to play Fred more towards the end of last season he played well.

DS is a totally new game and I’ve revealed many info(hint) so as a game creator I’d like you to play without any info and enjoy the surprise by discovering yourself. But since many people say they don’t know what’s the game is about, I decided to introduce the basic gameplay..

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