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Every single episode of Queer Eye is like four of the fab five having a fun week doing makeovers and Bobby working 19 hours a day putting up drywall.

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Me parece a mi o el señor de los muebles de queer eye trabaja 50 veces mas que los demas?.

@abzisdaking2K14 My bf loves #UmbrellaAcademy and I just started #QueerEye S3. Ive literally cried for every episode of Queer Eye so far 😭.

Via @gaystarnews: Queer Eye’s Antoni explains why this is only type of meat he refuses to eat.

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Queer Eye has an episode with a man whose wife passed away from cancer and he’s trying to pick up the pieces with his five and three year old. I think they’re trying to kill me.

Queer Eye episodes about trans men make me so uncomfy like?? I hate the whole Cis Saviour storyline and the idea that trans men need cis ppl to teach them how to be male..

Ugh Season 2 Episode 1, “God Bless Gay,” is still THE WORST episode of Queer Eye.

Queer Eye - лучшее, что могло произойти с телевидением.

WHEN THEY GET HER NEW TEETH ON THE NEW QUEER EYE!!!! Omg I’m losing it. Imagine hiding your smile your whole life when you have a light that bright. Oh GOSH TEARS! 😭❤️.

Hehehe this bitch knows nothing for her exam and guess who’s watching Queer Eye season three?? You guessed it.

FMD I have PMS and I’m crying at queer eye and I have psych appointment tomorrow. 🥺.

ainda não sai de casa pq estou esperando queer eye baixar 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠 aluna do mês.

@Notso_mrblond Put it this way, I binge watched it in a weekend and chose to keep watching that over new Queer Eye. I love me some Queer Eye, so speaks volumes. Ha.

Having a week of rest, relaxation, family, and doggo snoring on me whilst we watch Queer Eye..

@plvtorising Youre doing gods work with this thread, I was trying to do one on the queer eye guys but I gave up..

Queer Eye season 3 got me all crying and i’m not even completely finished yet cause i spontaneously had someone sleep over so i didn’t have time to watch on sunday.

Procrastinating on cleaning my house by watching a Queer Eye episode about a guy who procrastinates on cleaning his house. Genius..

If anyone could let me use their Netflix for queer eye that would be fantastic, I just need some happy crying in my life rn instead of depression and death crying.

aliciaclarkes: my favorite thing about queer eye is just the abstract idea that if you don’t.

I have a beef with this article. Yes, on QE they buy the people new clothes and furniture, but QE also shows them how to maintain that within their budget..

Imagine if the heteros cared as much about queer issues as they do Queer Eye. IMAGINE..

Damn these @QueerEye episodes hit so hard that I feel like I’m getting Queer Eye’d myself 😭😭😭❤️.

A few episodes through the new season of Queer Eye and I’m manic, hello everyone..

Necesito que los de Queer Eye me fichen para ser la gótica que ayuda con el estilismo de la gente alternativa y evitar que los pobres señores hippies acaben con 10 camisas con estampado de aguacates en su armario..

🥑 ⊂_ヽ   \\    \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)     > ⌒ヽ    /   へ\    /  / \\ QUEER EYE S3    レ ノ   ヽ_つ   / /   / /|  ( (ヽ  | |、\ Já disponível  | 丿 \ ⌒)  | |  ) / ノ )  Lノ (_/.

Every single episode of Queer Eye is like four of the fab five having a fun week doing makeovers and Bobby working 19 hours a day putting up drywall.

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