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Ray Liotta Trends After People Complain Brad Pitt Looks Dead In GQ Cover Photo.

Ray Liotta Foto,Ray Liotta Foto by Daily Wire,Daily Wire on twitter tweets Ray Liotta Foto

Before his death, actor Ray Liotta made peace with his adoption: ‘I’m grateful… for being born’.

Ray Liotta Foto,Ray Liotta Foto by Live Action News,Live Action News on twitter tweets Ray Liotta Foto

I deadass thought this was Ray Liotta and this cover was in memoriam..

When Ray Liotta died, my daughter seemed rather upset over it. I asked why and “what do you know him from?” “GoodFellas. It’s one of my favorite movies” she replied. I raised her right ❤️.

At the time Liotta was born, closed adoptions were the status quo. Today, it is better understood that closed adoptions can cause immense trauma for both the child & the biological family & open adoptions are slowly becoming more preferred. Read more 👇.

My man Brad Pitt looks like he’s competing in a Ray Liotta lookalike contest.


@LockedRatt @mikeagrammar Oh I’m sorry, is it weird that I don’t want to shag Ray Liotta’s corpse.

This picture looks like a cross between a dead Rob Lowe and a zombie Ray Liotta what the fuck.

Ray Liotta was so great in Field of Dreams. I love that movie so much. Best movie ending evah.

@LetsGoBidenFUB Great actor, we all will miss him!✝️Rest In Peace Ray Liotta✝️.

Antes de su muerte Ray Liotta había hecho las pases con el hecho de haber sido adoptado y dijo “Doy gracias por haber nacido”. Conoció a su familia biológica..

“At first, I didn’t understand how a parent could give up a child…then when I finally met my birth mom in my forties, by then, I wasn’t as angry about it.”.

ray liotta vraiment le seul qui a pu rendre un ptit boloss comme henry hill cool.

@jbarsczewski Damn, he looks like Ray Liotta in those quit-smoking-drug commercials from a few years back..

@BeWaryOfLeft @RealSeanHoff Yeah. I heard that he passed recently. Shame. He was good. Donated to the environment, too. Anyway, uh, whats Ray Liotta have to do with this conversation about JabbaTheGut, his complete and total ineptitude, and the election that he lost?.

@ShawnInArizona I had forgotten just how good Ray Liotta was in ‘Good Fellas’. Watched it again last night, amazing soundtrack, amazing acting, amazing directing ~great movie..

British GQ why you making Brad Pitt look like Ray Liotta? let the man Rest In Peace.

Remembering #RayLiotta in a New Mike Hammer episode with @StacyKeach1.

Ray Liotta was a left handed Sagittarius. ♐️♐️♐️ May he Rest In Peace. 12/18/1954-5/26/2022..

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The only mistake Martin Scorsese ever made in his entire career is not casting Ray Liotta as Frank Sheeran in The Irishman.

@LiveActionNews See, adoption as an option to abortion. Worked out great. We got Ray Liotta..

@JulieSLalonde I can’t take credit for this comment, but “he’s becoming Ray Liotta” 🤣.

Yal niggass got ray liotta trending AGAIN @firefire100 … I’m inconsolable 😂😂😂😂😂.

He is cinematic history. He and De Niro made what cinema is today. A giant of cinema. Ray Liotta 1/3rd of the Goodfellas Smart, sharp and witty. He bought life into his characters. He will always be our Henry Hill. Rest in Peace Ray Liotta..

Rewatched Something Wild for the first time in a lifetime. Now think this could be the best of all 80s yuppie movies - and how good was Ray Liotta! #FilmTwitter.

Ray Liotta Foto,Ray Liotta Foto by Davidcox,Davidcox on twitter tweets Ray Liotta Foto

I still can’t get over Ray Liotta being dead. What happened? One of my all time favorite actors. What did he die of? Anybody know?.

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