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This is from the Khalistan referendum event in Canada. When Khalistanis were going to vote in Pakistan-backed referendum, an Indian man was standing alone there with a placard: Long Live Khalsa, but No to Division of India. We are one..

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Residents of temporarily occupied Snihurivka in Mykolaiv region came out to protest against the referendum. Our people are so incredibly brave. They are not afraid to speak up even in occupation. Thank you, Heroes!.

BREAKING: Days after a so-called Khalistan referendum in Ontario, @MEAIndia issues advisory cautioning Indian nationals in Canada over the threat of hate crimes, sectarian violence & anti-India activities:.

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Un appello ai milioni di italiani che hanno votato al referendum del giugno scorso: non lasciate questo Paese nelle mani di populisti giustizialisti. Il #TerzoPolo 癡 lunica squadra interamente e autenticamente garantista. Forza #ItaliaSulSerio.

In a referendum 62% of voters voted against the draft document. Not one of Chiles 16 regions approved it.

Al pueblo h繳ngaro le sancionan los oligarcas de Bruselas porque decidi籀 en refer矇ndum que esta barbarie no se ense簽ase en los colegios. 聶Preguntamos a los espa簽oles si quieren que en las escuelas se promueva la corrupci籀n de sus hijos e hijas?.

孝Last week, Ron Johnsonwho cosponsored national abortion ban legislation EIGHT timessuggested a referendum to determine if Wisconsins nearly universal abortion ban should be overturned. Today, Gov. @Tony4WI called a special session to make that referendum possible..

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BREAKING: @DecisionDeskHQ calls the Russian annexation referendum for @JebBush..

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quand un r矇f矇rendum ? Ha non pardon ce serait beaucoup trop d矇mocratique pour ce dictateur..

The turnout in the DPR at the referendum following the results of two days of voting was There are 3 more days of voting ahead..


#FPVideo: #Russia Goes All Out: Referendum in Donbass, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia; Nuclear Threat to West. Watch:.

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Koalice rusk羸ch kolaborant轡 SPD Triko oblepila Brno ob穩mi billboardy. Nev穩m jak v jin羸ch mstech. Takov矇 nasazen穩 禳mejd轡 by d獺valo smysl u parlamentn穩ch voleb, ale u voleb komun獺ln穩ch a sen獺tn穩ch? Jak羸 to m獺 smysl? Leda鱉e maj穩 pl獺n volby n獺sledn vyd獺vat za referendum o vl獺d..


Four regions of Ukraine will hold a referendum on joining Russia, a move which is widely condemned by the West. The Russian-backed leaders in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson have announced plans to hold voting. @nehakhanna_07 tells you more.

In the territories of the Zaporozhye region controlled by Kyiv, after the liberation, a referendum on joining the Russian Federation will also be held, said Vladimir Rogov, chairman of the movement We are together with Russia..

Ukraine war live: Arrests at anti-war protest in Moscow passes 1,000; British nationals held by Russian-backed forces released.

Het punt is dat in Zwitserland de rechter een referendum kan verbieden als het niet eerlijk verloopt. Wij hebben die regels echter niet. Achterlijk rechts heeft in Nederland het referendum zelf om zeep geholpen door het vooral te gebruiken om regeren onmogelijk te maken..

Putin orders partial mobilisation as Russia moves to hold annexation referendum.

The tide has turned and Putins sham referendum and reserve mobilisation will not turn it back Ukraine seizes dozens of Russian tanks left by fleeing forces by @bpolitics.

@abhiyadav2209 @JagjeetInCAN Lai 不trs onda try ty tanu kush pta ee ne hle v ke ukhad lya. thoda Dr Dr ty bheek mngda phirda referendum rokn d.不Media thode dy motion loose hoye pye aa. Lok thode tdfi jnde aa v Canada ch ee bnao koi kch rhnde aa kaka, vese oh v jlde puri hojne.

Heard signature gathering efforts are underway for this referendum. and when I say heard I mean my coworker was approached by someone contracted to collect signatures while shopping at a Vons.

Putin ordena movilizaci籀n parcial mientras Rusia avanza para celebrar refer矇ndum de anexi籀n.

Mid-term elections should be a referendum on Trumpism via @IrishTimesOpEd.

@florastr tawain 癡 parte della Cina (cosa riconosciuta dallonu, usa, italia e il resto del mondo) quindi non ha senso fare un referendum per RESTARE indipendenti. Sarebbe buona cosa informarsi invece di credere ciecamente ad ogni stupida propaganda made usa.

Referendum, Mobilitazione, Opzione Nucleare: siamo proprio sicuri che via @YouTube.

Ana Pardo Vera @pardodevera: Nos metieron la inviolabilidad de la Corona en la Constituci籀n del 78 con calzador, previo al refer矇ndum, por orden e indicaci籀n de Francisco Franco y que el Psoe se empe簽a en mantener @LaBasePublico #CoronaAbolici籀nYa.

#UNGALa m礙me manipulation est luvre lorsquon parle de r矇f矇rendum dans des territoires conquis par la force & la terreur. Ou lorsque certains nous menacent de tous les moyens alors que nous sommes avec dautres ceux qui refusons de participer quelque escalade que ce soit.

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@franclecuyer @gobeillades Sur le r矇f矇rendum possible Legault a prouv矇 qu il demeure un PQ mou ...

@AcaNerd73 Referendum u鱉 je pro nkter矇 m獺lo akn穩, takov羸 @kolovratnikm vyhla禳uje rovnou ne繳prosn矇 REDERENDUM!.

@innrumi Claro, va a ser un refer矇ndum con todas las garant穩as posibles. Garantizan, de antemano, hasta el resultado 云.

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