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Yes, more people joining gives more topics to talk about! Thanks @dearkimberlykay for this @TwitterSpaces

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Robert P. Scelzo
Robert P. Scelzo ()

@domenicadelia22 Liz Cheney is the one who isn’t playing a role in the future of this country.

AR Rob
AR Rob ()

@kandibar2011 @EricJoh37288055 This reminds me of work. I constantly remind patients, who have cognitive disabilities, to put on their masks. But I’m a Registered Nurse! This guy is fuk-ing #POTUS

Robert Kellough
Robert Kellough ()

Alan Murray passing resonates. We shared “hellos” as Alan would grab a smoke outside e2 editorial. He was intense, cool, kind and timeless. Loss of a legend in Filmsound, but also a father and a colleague, who took the time to say hi. He’ll be missed.

Steve Goldstein
Steve Goldstein ()

February is Black History Month, but here’s why one Black entrepreneur feels that the focus should be less on the past and more on the future. Read more from CNBC @

Robert Klamut
Robert Klamut ()

@jzdunowscy2 Anuluje zamówienie. Wole czytać dzień dobry od Ciebie przez kolejne 30 lat 🙂

Bolso Design🇳🇱
Bolso Design🇳🇱 ()

@El_Robert_Bolso La verdad que sí, pero un manya te va a decir que ganaron en la inauguración del GPC

HKer1992 ()

@Robert_Aderholt CCP will not stop even they have absolute control of #HK in every dimension, they will continue to crack down Taiwan and eventually the rest of the world. In fact, CCP is already doing these, by expanding market power, involving Pls, beware of CCP, #StandWithHongKong

Cathy H Watson
Cathy H Watson ()

Wow, Robert. They are looking very healthy 🌿💕👏🏽☺️🐝✅💯👊🏼🦆🌟

Alfonso González
Alfonso González ()

@mau_bueno7 Don Robert, una leyenda periodistica sin duda. (NL solamente) El número uno en incitar a la violencia, hablando de los dos equipos regios.

𝐑 𝐨 𝐛 𝐞 𝐫 𝐭 ✪
𝐑 𝐨 𝐛 𝐞 𝐫 𝐭 ✪ ()

Eto na ang tunay na laban, naway hindi ko ikamatay ‘tong letcheng rrl at rrs na ‘to

Dobber ()

If you speak up you lose the only thing you got. And if you don’t you lose yourself.

Roberto Hernandez
Roberto Hernandez ()

@willaxtv @kampueromeza De verdad que decepciòn con Vizcarra, èl sigue mintiendole al paìs.

Jayson Gober
Jayson Gober ()

@why_sophie_why @IwriteOK ROBERT! How in the hell does the High Priestess of Machetecine NOT own at least ONE of our churches holy supplements?! Seems almost sacrilegious. . .

Robert (MPA, MBA)
Robert (MPA, MBA) ()

@TatekAbba @Abebab Your mess?😂What do the people of Bale have to do with that issue? You just assume and accuse, huh? Is that the result of the Neftegna superiority complex terminal illness? You have been fed the falsified history of neftegna Ethiopia. You know deep down Ethiopia is a shithole.

ロベルト🐾心の番犬🦴 ()

@blog_youqu 悠久さん、おはようございます😊💕 たくさんの笑顔をバラまいてやりましょう😜❤️

Noble Prize Winner
Noble Prize Winner ()

@Tushyofficial @robert_hengel Oh don’t worry, you’re not coming off as spiteful/rude.

Rob Jones 🌵
Rob Jones 🌵 ()

this is what we should have sent on the golden space disk

Robert Foto,Robert Twitter Trends - Top Tweets
Overwatch_17🇺🇸 ()

@RealPNavarro @Johnheretohelp He will be and the wait may not be long. Robert’s will love

ロベルト🐾心の番犬🦴 ()

@kota_freestyle コウタさん、おはようございます😊💕 今日も最高にステキな1日にしちゃいましょうね🐶❤️

ロベルト🐾心の番犬🦴 ()

@JQ2KPP ななしさん、おっはよーございます😊💕 今日もポカポカ☀️春の陽気だね😝✨❤️

アニメ『おしえて北斎!-THE ANIMATION-』公式
アニメ『おしえて北斎!-THE ANIMATION-』公式 ()

@Robert_Pires7 \ 伝説の絵師は9⃣人 / 今日の応援メッセージは…🤔❓ ⚡動画でチェック⚡ 葛飾北斎からの応援メッセージが届くと 豪華賞品を🎁 3/7まで毎日参加してね🎶 『おしえて北斎! -THE ANIMATION-』 📺3/7~ABEMA先行配信 📺3/8~ほか順次配信

Robert Raible
Robert Raible ()

Scanning my phone photos I noticed I have an inordinate number of pictures of Stef reading. These are just from the past year.

Robert Foto,Robert Twitter Trends - Top Tweets
Louigi Salvati
Louigi Salvati ()

Who Can You Create a Perfect Moment With? #FridayForward via @robert_glazer

karen ward
Karen ward ()

@robert_billard @AbundantLandUse im very aware of what he is and thinks of us, thanks.

Mike Ronan
Mike Ronan ()

@RobertVonA @PressSec A little research and you wiyldnt look so fucking stupid Robert!

Elisa Forgione
Elisa Forgione ()

Because Chief Justice John Robert’s has been linked to Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and for that reason, May be compromised.

Robert A. Lafrance
Robert A. Lafrance ()

Yes, more people joining gives more topics to talk about! Thanks @dearkimberlykay for this @TwitterSpaces

Katee Robert - ABEL out now!
Katee Robert - ABEL out now! ()

@balletbookworm Eh, it’s a different culture for book reviewers over there for whatever reason. I don’t take it personally. They’re usually great photos.

Paco ()

@RobEGto1 @ernredtya Robert, es que hoy en día tenemos al presidente màs pendejo de la historia. Sería por eso, que decía que iba a cambiar la historia?

ランKINGぅ! ()


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