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Apenas es martes y mi estabilidad emocional ya depende solo de saber por qué Robin dijo esto. 😭😭😭😭😭😭.

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.@Beyonce’s new single lifts a synth sample from the classic Robin S. house cut “Show Me Love”.

It is #NationalMeadowsDay today so we thought we would share a Calderdale meadow with you. The meadow is in Centre Vale Park in Todmorden and improves every year. Key successes this year are that Ragged Robin & Cuckoo Flower are spreading & there is a splendid display of orchids..

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don’t think about steve dying and robin screaming and crying “don’t touch him” and “fuck you” at vecna and crying into nancy’s arms bc she lost her best friend.

tô com muito medo da robin morrer no , já tô até chorando com as edits do tiktok que tão.

@MickleChrom (Kind of undecided on robin might see them be a tier higher tbh but understandable 🫡).

@calculus03_ Safari egg: meerkat Jungle egg: black panther Farm egg: chicken Aussie egg: dingo Fossil egg: Tasmanian Tiger Ocean egg: seahorse Mythic egg: kirin Woodland egg: bullfrog Christmas egg: Robin.

@red_mistress Wow Red, showing off a fabulous pair. Lots of love, to lovely Red, from Robin xxxxxxx ❤️😘😘😘❤️🤗🤗🤗🔥🔥🔥🌹🌹🌹😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖.

lista de quem na minha opinião NÃO pode morrer em stranger things: - dustin - lucas - argyles - max - eddie - robin - steve - hopper - mãe do will - will - irmão do will - eleven - mike - erica erika sla - nancy.

Now playing: Prayer In C by Lily Wood & The Prick & Robin Schulz #nowplaying Listen live:.

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Nancy is toast The long haired guy is going to die playing a guitar And robin or 11 are donezo before it ends This is Breaking Bad levels of excitement right here.

Stockholm, Sweden 23°C | 33% Fuktighet | 2 UV-index | 2022-06-21T15:09 | #RobinEdugrade.

@Robin_7utd すぐにプレミアだったら決めてるとかプレミアだったら止めてるとか言われる.


i have this terrible feeling. it might not work out for us this time i swear to god if anything and i mean ANYTHING at all happens to either robin or steve im going to end up on national news..

duffer brothers que não venham com graça pra cima da robin, eu vou até o inferno atrás deles e ainda saio espalhando pra todo mundo que eles são homofóbicos.

how did my morning go from me being excited about taylor possibly releasing carolina on thursday to nearly sobbing because robin buckley could die in stranger things without ever getting a gf.

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the trailer😭😭😫😰😰😔 robin in those clothes🥰🥰👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩😍💞✨.

all i ask of stranger things is that they do not even think about laying a hand on eddie steve robin will or dustin.

Duffer Brothers hit list: Steve Robin Eddie Nancy This trailer has scared me SHITLESS.

[ TTs BR🇧🇷 13:10 ] robin entrou nas principais tendências => 3⃣.

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Stockholm, Sweden 22°C | 41% Fuktighet | 1 UV-index | 2022-06-21T16:10 | #RobinEdugrade.

what if vol 2 is being released on the 1st of july because they’re going to k*ll off robin and they don’t want us to be like DURING PRIDE MONTH?! so they waited an extra day #StrangerThings4.

robin -5 AEEB074C :参戦ID 参加者募集! Lv275 ディアスポラ.

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ok so i dont think thats a death flag for robin i think its a death flag for STEVE ….

robin is NOT dying do u not realise how much hate theyd get? the bury ur gays trope???? absolutely not i dont think theyd just kill off the only representation they got confirmed rn.

personagens de stranger things que eu acho que vão morrer (❌ é quem vive e ✅ é quem morre) eleven ❌ steve ✅ max ✅ robin ✅ erica ❌ joyce❌ dustin❌ lucas✅ hopper❌ eddie✅ nancy❌ mike❌ will❌ jonathan ❌.

I am decreeing thusly- Robin and Will are not allowed to die. Anyone else is fair game but I refuse to lose any more gays. #StrangerThings4.


tem a robin mas acho q não matam pq tem a personagem da amybeth que e par dela n teriam sentido colocar se n fossem desenvolver depois.

@mandichrispim A única morte que eu realmente não vou aceitar e ficarei MUITO puta seria a Robin. Porque ia ser mais uma pra conta de “kill the gays” que seriados amam fazer. De resto sofro mas aceito, paciência fazer o que. Já mataram o meu favorito mesmo kkkkkkkkkk.

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