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FIRED UP and READY TO GO! 💪🔥 @T1LoL begins day 4 of the #MSI2022 Rumble Stage against EG now! 📺.

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He visto lo que queda de MSI y el Rumble Stage acaba así: RNG 9-1 G2 7-3 T1 6-4 PSG 4-6 EG 3-7 SGB 1-9.

PSG Talon strike again as G2 drop third straight game at MSI rumble stage.

今夜も20時頃からこごえそうな鴎見つめ生配信。 食材は人肉?サイコパスすぎる夫婦を操作してレストランを経営するホラーキッチンシミュレーター「Ravenous Devils」に挑戦♪ 【待機所】 【Ravenous Devils トレーラー】.

G2 lose fourth straight game at MSI, allow T1 to jump into second place in rumble stage.

Závěr Rumble fáze na #MSI2022 začíná být hodně dramatický! G2 bohužel prohráli již podruhé s PSG. Na druhou stranu EG také dokázali sundat korejské T1. G2 na ně jdou za hodinu #G2WIN Sledujte živě další super zápasy na s @Davkounyy a @Mortsche 📺.

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okay i’m not even sad at the loss and i’m glad that i’ve conditioned myself to not be, just a little disappointed at the calls made but if i survived through ‘20 & ‘21, 3 losses in rumble sure isn’t gonna fuck me up let’s do better next game boys ❤️ we’re here for you always ❤️.

no se si os acordais pero el rumble stage msi 2019 se hicieron un 5-5 perdiendo los 2 games contra los malitos del buffalo.

@siworunn これだけ長く続けたのにこんな消化不良な終わりになるなんて😭 自主練して塩と素材がほしいだけだったのに…。 こうなったら今夜のホラゲー楽しむ🎮.


... they already have stockpiled vaccines for smallpox. What they bought is more smallpox The name of the product is called It is marketed by Bavarian Nordic.


Waiting for Saigon Buffalo to get their first Rumble win against the reigning MSI champs.

👁️​Tipping Point w/ Kara McKinney Dinesh D’Souza speaks about “2000 Mules” @OANNTV.

I am playing with fonts today; this is one of 3 projects I am currently working on. I find fonts difficult. Tracy Strong (Stylist Rumble) does the most amazing motion graphics, I think I am going to rewatch her YouTube videos today.

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【レコードジャケット】UK盤「RUMBLE」※10inch LP #tmge.

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Sur le papier on a en termes de règnes combinés 46 règnes de champions du monde 4 vainqueurs du Royal Rumble 4 Maineventer de WM 4 légendes absolues de cette discipline.

@RishovMukherje @Vedius In RNGs 6 rumble stage games so far, Kalista has been banned 4 times, picked first rotation by PSG after RNG firstpicked Ahri and picked second rotation by RNG after fp Wukong, so it seems like RNG do have a high prio on Kalista when they can get their hands on it..

Cette quatrième journée du Rumble Stage commence avec une nouvelle défaite de G2 Esports.

@LatamEsportsGG Tengo la teoría de que G2 tiene cosas guardadas y simplemente aprovechan el empezar 4-0 para draftear como el ojete lo que resta de rumble stage. Porque sino no se entiende. Lo de ayer y hoy contra PSG no tiene sentido, eran injugables las 2 partidas.

@RiotPhreak Lol but you were hyping G2 so hard you guys called them the best team in the world on Rumble stage Day 1.

@JohnCleese @DrAMVRostramAO Lol we have a small % of idiots but never believe bitchute or rumble speak for us, and certainly not fox… Murdock should be tried for treason, unfortunately we can’t but muricans can… therein lies the problem….

It is challenging to be constantly motivated for episode recording or podcast content planning, so you must learn to be disciplined. 💪 We know you can do it. #mondaymotivation #rumblemondays.

@MuliBoom Jakby dla mnie to była normalna reakcją i trudno się jednak trochę fanom g2 dziwić po wygranej na rng i t1 mimo że t1 wygląda slabo tera loosy na psg i rng to było oczywiste że to przyjdzie 1 miejsce w rumble było marzeniem fanów nie realnym celem.

hat man @Karl_Lauterbach schon mal mit der PrideFlag gesehen?😂 Na @NancyFaeser, gibt das Ärger?😂 Rumble in the Jungle bei der SPD😂.

Cette quatrième journée du Rumble Stage commence avec une nouvelle défaite de G2 Esports.

Leave it to RINO establishment has-been George W. Bush to top Basement Wraith Joe Biden in the gaffe game. Sit down, shut up, and eat a bowl of #OxFartStew , geezer..

頭文字Dの神曲Gamble Rumbleとまっがーれが似てると友だちがタレコミあって草生えてる.


It used to be the GREAT United States ;apos;s Biden's America. Seb Gorka on TalkTV.

WHO vote happens May 22-28, 2022 Michele Bachmann: WHO Vote Threatens Sovereignty.

Pray for Dr Zelenko, the doctor who saved an entire church community very early on during the covid lockdowns by treating them with HCQ. He informed the Trump administration of the effectiveness of HCQ and developed the Zelenko Protocol.

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