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You Russiagate freaks wasted all of our time with this nonsense and pitted us all against each other and you are going to pay for this!.

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@eldon_katz Agree about Russiagate, but I wonder if a lot of Centrists will now rally behind Warren, AOC, et al..

Like, they literally misinterpreted everything I said, and are now patting themselves on the back for defeating the evil liberal Russiagate witch. Just incredible. Why do you folks bring your friends to my timeline? Ever?.

Look at this, and consider Clinton emailgate investigation etc, not to mention the set-up of Russiagate under Obama. The blatant hypocrisy of finger pointing at Trump - serves to spotlight the appalling lies, deception and manipulation under Obama, and the Clinton investigatiom.

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There’s been enough evidence since day 1 to impeach the president on a bunch of shit not related to a russiagate conspiracy theory. He’s still making money outside of his presidential salary. But obviously impeachment will fail so they don’t bother because otherwise.

@MZHemingway Hysterical Russophobia has predictably survived Russiagate, and it is what will unite the pro-Trump crowd and the #Resistance..

Tulsi Gabbard on RussiaGate & the New Cold War.

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Not surprised that the Left wants to keep Russiagate going. Once people are vested in a Big Lie, they never want it to end. The more truth that they’re faced with, the harder they kick and scream. They just can’t let the Big Lie Bubble pop..

@davereaboi Good pts. Plus, if we take Russiagate at face value, whole thing should have happened same way if Hillary had been elected. Same Russian attempt & suspected Trump collusion would have required FBI probe. Partisan tensions inflamed! Eroded conf in institutions!.

Israel Again Bombs Gaza, US Backs Haftar In Libya For Oil & RussiaGate Was Always IsraelGate via The Last American Vagabond: Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent ....

Obama played a key role in stoking #RussiaGate hysteria. One month after 2016 election, he launched an investigation into Russian meddling, the outcome of which he knew would serve to undermine incoming Trump administration..

@ParkerMolloy @aaronjmate aaron just got an award for his reporting on russiagate.

@BentKazemore @mattyglesias because the Russiagate shit is definitely doing a great job getting Trump out of power, right? You freaks were all so sure he wouldn’t even be in office by with a brain knew you were deluded.

One of the saddest aspects of #RussiaGate and indictment of the mediocrity of corp media today, is that they can be wrong on #RussiaGate for 3 yrs straight - and still keep their jobs. This proves how utterly useless they have become..

A new article from @ilfoglio_it calls for explanations from intelligence supervisory cmte COPASIR about Italian involvement in Russiagate; as its former Vice Chairman Giuseppe Esposito even attended the Link Campus meeting where @GeorgePapa19 was lured..

[email protected] — Russiagate originated not from evidence, but because elements of National Security State were unnerved by Trump saying nice things about Putin..

It’s too early to assess the damage that Democrats & their media partisans have done to themselves with Russiagate. But I think it will be serious. Their failure is too big, and those outside their base won’t have a hard time seeing it..

I accidentally watched an segment on CNN about Me trying to keep up with the logical labyrinth that is every attempt by CNN to refuse to admit they were WRONG ——> 🤯.

So if I am following the news today: Trump has been completely exonerated, has committed crimes, russiagate is a hoax, and basically, it sounds like everybody is right..

To be clear: The entire mainstream media spread the false Russiagate conspiracy theory that paralyzed our government, damaged our international relations, interfered in the 2018 election, divided our country, and caused a mass shooting May God have mercy on you.

You Russiagate freaks wasted all of our time with this nonsense and pitted us all against each other and you are going to pay for this!.

#RussiaGate Trump on Flynn after his resignation @BBCNews @GlobalCRL.

Think about this. No American citizen colluded with Russia. That means this entire #RussiaGate thing was a HOAX from the beginning. And next, we prosecute the hoaxers..

More depressing is how badly the media has screwed up its coverage of Russiagate over the past two years..

Cult tribalism is on the rise in the Social Media Age SJWs are a cult Neocons are a cult Russiagate is a cult The magic letter is a cult ComicCon is becoming a cult All now exhibit classic cult characteristics Is this the new normal?.

Can you imagine the 2nd Trump term with a new #MAGA House Majority, the swamp largely drained, a mandate from a landslide victory, no more RussiaGate and #DeepState conspirators in prison? @realDonaldTrump Imagine it. Make it real..

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