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Things will be horrid culturally for the next generation, but at least they won’t remember when things were normal. Those of us living now are the bridge between a world that was sane and whatever you call this twilight world we’re living in..

In moments where I feel the world has gone mad. You guys remind me that the vast majority of us are sane and will never stand for this crap x.

“I believe it, that I am not left wing, right wing, or chicken wing.” - Dan Rather articulates the position of all sane, hard working journalists who are accused of bias. Must read:.

“The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” ~ Nikola Tesla.

沖縄初上陸❤️🎈 バンクシー&ストリートアーティスト展 浦添市美術館 いいモノ見なぁ~😊✨つって.

Sané Foto,Sané Foto by こきざみインディアン☺︎さーねー☺︎@オリジン沖縄,こきざみインディアン☺︎さーねー☺︎@オリジン沖縄 on twitter tweets Sané Foto

#NAFO is the only thing keeping my sane rn. Games are boring , college is dead and i have nothing else going yet ;-;.

Turned this thread to mutuals only because you lot are mostly sane and nice! The random aggro firstname5857474 types can shout at each other in their usual places instead of my mentions :).

@GSocTakes Im astonished about how sane he actually is. Compare him to Columbias lunatic..

@ripley_aussie I followed you just because you are nice enough to worry-ok I actually looked at your profile and you seem sane so that helped too! Have a great day and keep being you!!💙💙💙.

@Tazerface16 And one of the millions who watched Hillary Clinton concede the day after the 2016 election, like normal, sane candidates do when they come up short..

In a sane world this woman would be in a prison psyche.

@twi_sane 瞬足を超えた速さだよ…………………コーナーで差をつけられまくってる() えーんおれの先生…たのしみしてる….


Sané Foto,Sané Foto by 雪実,雪実 on twitter tweets Sané Foto

@Dante12426925 Ih a call with them rn, their keeping me sane rn, cause i was about to lose it.

@minase_90 I’m also sarcastic I don’t actually think Hakuno shouldn’t have done it because any sane person would.

@PaulMeekPerth I think the Russian people are fearful which they should be , Putin will implode hopefully real soon. No sane human being wants war..

@ParvMann06 @CrimsonFrost_ I used to be And I was single those days. Be a crazy person; but in the best ways..

Download Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PC + Full Game for Free [UPDATED] via @YouTube.

Im def not one of those people that can’t stand my food touching but spaghetti is where I draw the line. You mean to tell me you already mixed it all together???? You just took away my ability to consent to that. I wanted my sauce drizzled over the noodles. Like a sane person.

As is every sane human on the planet by their accusation. It is a badge of honor to be labelled by the Alphabet Gestapo. 👌 My pronouns are MOLON LABE. 💀.

Look up some of the pictures from the banned books and you will understand why. I will not entertain these delusional worldviews as if they are sane and normal - and are worthy of acceptance and normalization. They are not. They’ve gone too far, these wokesters..

若バンクシー💐 平日がオススメです もう1回 平日がオススメです。つって.

Sané Foto,Sané Foto by こきざみインディアン☺︎さーねー☺︎@オリジン沖縄,こきざみインディアン☺︎さーねー☺︎@オリジン沖縄 on twitter tweets Sané Foto

@fcbayernfanid Seandainya bisa backward, harusnya foden yg ke munchen. Sane tetep di sono 😝.

I will never take people who believe in Astrological/zodiac signs serious, I mean how can any sane person believe a person’s personality is entirely dependent upon the month they were born in 🤦🏽‍♂️.Wollah astrology is nothing but pseudoscience..

@youD4C すぐに画像変えるような 軽い男と思わないでよね!.

Sané Foto,Sané Foto by Sane-Koma🐱卍丸,Sane-Koma🐱卍丸 on twitter tweets Sané Foto

✅ Vote GOP to get your savings back through return to sane economic policies. @NanHayworth.

@valuetruthpleas I’m glad there are still sane parents around. I thought everyone was complicit..

@Williamsuduakk Following this dude so I know what not to mint from now one cause how can you miss so hard.

@Goal432 @iMiaSanMia Imagine if sane played under a coach that don’t play nagelsman system with half space sane musiala muller are all getting exposed.

only thing keepingme sane in this god damned grocery store is the fact tbis nice old lady tipped me like $20 cuz they had a $400+ order and i didnt have a bagger and they wanted it all double bagged in paper and she felt bad.

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