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Prepping the BIRTHDAY STREAM! Going all the way to TGS at 5am ish, while installing Saturn mods and playing whaaatever I want. Should be live around 9PT.

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Haggard Hawks 📚🦅
Haggard Hawks 📚🦅 ()

Because of its unusual swirling shape, a gigantic 2,000-mile wide thunderstorm that has been building in the southern hemisphere of Saturn since at least 2004 is known as the DRAGON STORM.

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SATURN😈低浮上 ()

バイクに乗ってツーリングが嫌いで絶対車派のサターン😈 #0秒でバレる嘘ついてください見た人もやる

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Saturn 🪐
Saturn 🪐 ()

สนับสนุนให้ทุกการทำงานมีเด็กที่สอบเข้าได้ด้วยความรู้ ความสามารถของเด็กจริงๆ เด็กจบใหม่ก็อยากมีงานที่มั่นคงทำ ก็วิ่งสอบไปทุกสนาม คนวิ่งสอบมันเหนื่อยนะ ถ้าต้องวิ่งเข้าไปในสนามที่มีผู้ชนะอยู่แล้วอ่ะ #บัณฑิตเจ็บใหม่

Vaidehi 🇮🇳 🕉️
Vaidehi 🇮🇳 🕉️ ()

The Moon, Jupiter and Saturn made tight triangle together. But, it was still not as tight (lipped) a triangle as Mata Shri, Buddhu Shri, and Maun-mohan ji. Kisi ko kuch pata nahi chalega k hua kya un teeno ke beech me. Lol Waise #HappyBirthdayManmohanSingh #MaunVratDay

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Massimo ()

Moon with Jupiter and Saturn and their reflection in water, captured by Vladimir Nerush on September 24, 2020 in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia [source: ]

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Brian Roemmele
Brian Roemmele ()

The conjunctions and appulses of Jupiter, Saturn and the moon:

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Star gazers ⭐️ Tonight and tomorrow night are the last nights to see Saturn and Jupiter bright in the sky with the visible eye 👁 Enjoy!

Ric Kearbey WTSP
Ric Kearbey WTSP ()

The Moon, Saturn and Jupiter making a beautiful and fun triangle in the sky right now. Take a look. 😁

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Novi ()

✨ PLANETS IN INTIMACY ✨ Sun is fun. Moon is devotion. Mars is passion. Mercury is communication. Venus is support. Saturn is commitment. Jupiter is growth. Neptune is forgiveness. Uranus is electricity. Pluto is fear.

✿ Lesbiandrea ✿
✿ Lesbiandrea ✿ ()

The whole fucking reason this series got so popular was because of it being a bisexual harem and now the game is not going to involve dating girls, only boys. Amazing how there are anime based otome games for the fucking Sega Saturn more progressive than this.

Thrillist ()

⚡️ “Jupiter, Saturn, & the Moon Will Form a Tight Triangle Tonight”

‏^م‌ه‌د‌ی‌ه^ ()

خمیر دندان ایرانی = (از توهین هم گذشته)

Betül Türksoy
Betül Türksoy ()

Arkadaşlar bu gece Uluslararası Ay gözlem gecesi Şu an Ay, Saturn ve Jupiter birlikte gökyüzünde parlı

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Valentin Ghincolov
Valentin Ghincolov ()

Daca vreti sa le recunoasteti pe Jupiter si Saturn, acum e momentul: Azi, acum, Luna e fix intre ele Jupiter e steaua mai stralucitoare din dreapta Lunii iar Saturn e in stanga ei, mai slab. Cu un binoclu vedeti si 4 sateliti a lui Jupiter, cei descoperiti de Galilei Enjoy ⭐🌙⭐

Thomas Zurbuchen
Thomas Zurbuchen ()

The Dragonfly mission will survey locations on Saturn’s largest moon Titan to help answer key astrobiology questions & advance our search for the building blocks of life. I have every confidence in the team to deliver this mission successfully and conduct transformative science.

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Mark Tarello
Mark Tarello ()

PASS IT ON: Planets Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon will appear close to each other in the southern sky tonight an hour after sunset! #Space

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Master WU
Master WU ()

Here is why I have been super confident of the bearish call lately: (1) 9/28 is a LT cycle that corresponds with multiple turning points since 2018, no misses. (2) 9/29 is the worst astro setting you can think of, Mars square Saturn, etc. which leads to violence. (3) 9/29 debate.

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Evan Sherlock, Astrologer
Evan Sherlock, Astrologer ()

Astrology for Friday 9/25 Today the Moon joins Pluto in Capricorn, we may feel pulled towards serious transformation. This afternoon the Moon joins Saturn in Capricorn, we may feel weighed down by our responsibilities. Remember to take care of yourself.

ساتورن. ()

السعادة.. السعادة ان كانت لاجل سبب ما او حدث ما فأنها سعادة مزيفة انت لا تحتاج لشخص او شيء ما لاجل ان تصبح سعيد بل يجب ان تكون نابعة من داخلك وان تكون سعيد بدون الحاجة لأي عوامل مؤثرة انت بيدك القرار.

Saraswati Films
Saraswati Films ()

3067BCE is best fit for Mahabharata: We take all astronomy others take + all their CONFLICTING observations 1. Jyotish obs + 2. 60+ Drona Parva data + 3. Balarama’s pilgrimage + 4. 15 Nimmita verses of AV + 5. Tithi/star of Bhisma Moksha + 6. Rohini Saturn 7. Kartik Purnima

ساتورن. ()

لا احد يستحق.. لا تعطي احد جل اهتمامك وتقديرك وتعبك لا تحاول ان ترضي الاخرين على حساب سعادتك عن نفسك ورضاك في النهاية لن يبقى احد الا نفسك دللها واعتني بها واعطف عليها لا تقسو على نفسك.

Jay Hulme
Jay Hulme ()

Once I texted a friend at 3am to find out the physics behind pouring various liquids through Saturn.

Bobak Ferdowsi
Bobak Ferdowsi ()

To go from imagining what those specks of light are to exploring them. The sky is full of wonder - I hope wherever you are you can go outside and look up. Tonight’s sky with Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon.

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Maximilian Dood
Maximilian Dood ()

STREAMING ON TWITCH! ALL NIGHTER! TGS Sega/Capcom @ 5am PT, DBFZ & Saturn/More Until Then (9-24) Click to watch! ►►►

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Nicole Mortillaro
Nicole Mortillaro ()

Go outside and find the moon. That bright “star” beside it? That’s Jupiter. And to the left of that is Saturn. Oh, and Mars is up, too! High in the east. It’s a planetary smorgasbord! #astronomy

VirtualAstro ()

Look to the south right now you will see the bright half Moon. To the left of it is a bright starlike object. This is planet Jupiter - Largest planet in the Solar System. To the left of that is a fainter Saturn - The ringed planet. Great in binoculars or a telescope

Maximilian Dood
Maximilian Dood ()

Prepping the BIRTHDAY STREAM! Going all the way to TGS at 5am ish, while installing Saturn mods and playing whaaatever I want. Should be live around 9PT.

thomas from ivalice
Thomas from ivalice ()

The bar is pretty low. I could see some frustration for sure, but that PS5 launch was a disaster. You needed to be looking at the right website at the right time, or basically, be near a GameStop. It was Sega Saturn launch levels of bad. Sometimes, better to be lucky than good.

Rappler ()

In your late 20s, you mark a milestone known as the Saturn Return. This cycle repeats itself when you reach 56, during your midlife crisis. Read more about it here:

Astrology by Mecca
Astrology by Mecca ()

Going through a Saturn Return will make you find and draw your boundary line and end a relationship or file for a Saturn is our backbone.

☚ #F95FWK #dokomi2020 ☛
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