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Hey @ hear you like comedies with built-in fan bases that do even better on YOUR network than at their previous #saveODAAT.

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@nbc you are literally home to two of my fav shows pls rehome my third I will love u forever #SaveODAAT.

me: :( @OneDayAtATime: * 🇨🇺 * 💃 * 👩‍❤️‍👩. * .🏅 * . 🌈* . * . . 😭* . 👩‍❤️‍👩 👸 * .📚 * .. ☕ *. *. * 🙏 . * * 🍽 . *. 💪 * . 👔 . 🍳 * . * . 🚴 me: :) #saveODAAT.

퀴어로 태어나서 한국 가정에서 절대로 할 생각 없는 커밍아웃을 원데이 앳어타임을 통해 위안을 얻고 용기를 얻었음. 퀴어문제뿐만이 아니라 이민자,페미니즘,중독,우울증,불안증에 대해 이야기 라는 원데이앳어타임에 대해 소중함을 느낀다고 넷플 놈들아 #SaveODAAT @netflix.

this scene literally helped me not giving up when it came to my education this show means the absolute world and i have never cried or laughed so much i dont want to lose it #SAVEODAAT.

This is AWESOME AND SO HELPFUL!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️Thank you!!! #saveodaat.

Everyoneee 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 let’s continue fighting #SaveODAAT #SaveOneDayAtATime.

so fuller house *deserves* five seasons, while one day at a time barely gets three? @netflix #saveODAAT #SaveOneDayAtTime.


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so i started watching one day at a time and. god it’s such a good show?????? IM???? it makes me so sad theyre planning on canceling it please #saveODAAT.

rt/like to join an untitled gc! - must be following me! - stan sitcoms not limited to b99, tgp, odaat, etc. - #SaveODAAT - be nice - keep this bitch alive - send me yo credit card info - the last one was a joke - seriously be nice and keep it alive. making at 20 likes/rts.

si los cabrones cobardes de @netflix no van a hacer otra temporada por lo menos que la nbc salve la serie por favor #SaveODAAT.

primeiro a netflix tira everything sucks e depois tira one day at atime aaa ninguém merece #SaveODAAT.

Sabe pq essa série é maravilhosa pra mim? Pq eu me vejo na Lupe. Por mais de 8 anos eu tomo remédios para meus problemas psicológicos e passei mt tempo tendo vergonha disso. Eu tenho ansiedade e depressão, e ver uma personagem carismática, que busca levar+ #SaveODAAT.

@netflix This show is so so important for diversity and representation on screen. I hope that more people will discover it and you’ll reconsider your decision and bring this awesome program back @netflix #saveodaat.

– they advertised the fuck out of them. This is bullshit. Screw Netflix. Look at all the outrage on Twitter. Top trending worldwide? How does that not say anything? #SaveODAAT.

Netflix didn’t do shit to try to keep ODAAT going. They didn’t do any advertising like they do for shows like 13 Reasons Why, or Stranger Things. Are they really surprised that they didn’t get that many views? The reason the other shows got so many views is because – #SaveODAAT.

Good morning networks. I’ve met with you in the past & you’ve said “If only we had @OneDayAtATime” Good we can be yours! We can easily do a reset so that those not familiar with the show will get all the info they need. Call Sony. The fight continues. #saveodaat 👍🏽.

anyway odaat means SO much to me and i can’t believe netflix has made this decision and i REFUSE to accept that this is final, #SAVEODAAT #RENEWODAAT or else the cancel button on my netflix subscription looks VERY APPEALING.

netflix recommended me “gay tv shows” and odaat was nowhere to be 0 bars #saveodaat.

DO NOT LET THIS SHOW BE FORGOTTEN DO NOT LET THIS SHOW BE FOGOTTEN #SaveODAAT Netflix: Renew One Day At A Time for season 4! - Sign the Petition! via @Change.

#SaveODAAT this is a INCREDIBLE SHOW and netflix is literal garbage for canceling such a inclusive and generally spectacular show while shows like riverdale are constantly promoted despite how GARBAGE they are. netflix really couldn’t promote this show one bit?? and for what??.

When you thought Netflix’s cancellation season was over then they pull a fast one with ODAAT #SaveOdaat.

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Hey @ hear you like comedies with built-in fan bases that do even better on YOUR network than at their previous #saveODAAT.

summoning circle, hope this works: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 #saveODAAT 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯.

literally saying “your story isn’t profitable enough” is saying it’s not important. this is heartbreaking. we need more latinx stories on our screens. #SaveODAAT #RenewODAAT.

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