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Diese Dinge fehlen noch in #Warzone - Footsteep fixes - Waffen Sound fixes - SBMM entfernen - RPG/explosive Nerf - Truck Nerf


SBMM on Twitter

JoshOG ()

We testing if SBMM is in Warzone TONIGHT! We will finally know the truth

Souen ()

En général voici ce que les joueurs fortnite aimerait le plus ( Pro ou joueur lambda ) : - Enlever le SBMM - ITEM Fun - Sangsu Tout le monde en parle depuis des mois mais rien ne ce passe, ils attendent quoi ? 🤨 @FortniteFR

Ashtronova ♡ ()

@Nadeshot i still wonder if sbmm is what contributed to people becoming slowly uninterested in multiplayer or if people became uninterested for another reason

Kiran ()

@Nadeshot This is a wild idea, but create two different modes: classic with no SBMM and a competitive/ranked mode 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯


So I gave my account to my kid cuase of all the skins a while back . He constantly got frustrated after losing a match. I had to explain sbmm & how I’ve played on it since season 3. So he’s playing pretty decent players. Well he finally won his first solo on it ! Lil banksy 👍🏼


Collin ()

@PlayApex When does sbmm get removed or significantly turned down? When do you patch footsteps? When does solos and duos get added?

A.P. After Hours ()

Why do I have to play COD like it’s the NBA finals and I’m up against loaded teams of kids on addy man SBMM in normal public matches is fucking terrible

Nibbles ()

i feel like i’m the only one who genuinely enjoys the game right now i agree sbmm and forced cross play need removed, but it’s still pretty fun to me. creative is super good as well.

Davis | SoaR Nitroh 🔥 ()

i gurantee if Call of Duty got out of Activision somehow like Destiny the newer games could be SO MUCH BETTER and the developers would have ALL control. Sad to see ATVI be the ones puting SBMM in COD and not letting Developers have control on all things

Neslo ()

Current Warzone conspiracy theory - Not only is the game SBMM (This is obvious) but the circle/zones moving is also SBMM. I can try to rotate as early as possible to the new circles I have 500 games played I almost never and I mean never get the next zone even trying to predict.

Dylan Gafner (dmg04) ()

@AscendantNomad And before a large amount of people say No, remove SBMM from every aspect of the game! - I hear you. This section just helps to illustrate how players bleed from the game when getting stomped on frequently by players out of their skill band.

Darren ()

@WACKOFPS I was a casual apex legends player, put the time in, spent lots of money on skins, was an advocate of the game to friends. SBMM was the beginning of the end, then the cheaters, miserable pro scene. I have now completely stopped playing and gone back to CS like lots of others.

𝕵𝖔𝖍𝖓𝖓𝖞 ☣ ()

@MaxGau7 @MontanaBlack SBMM ist nur eine Ausrede wenn die Leute Scheisse spielen 🤔

MaxGau ()

@MontanaBlack Also Steps und Waffensounds müssen nen PS4 Problem sein. Auf PC ist alles super. Ich bezweifle immernoch das es in diesem Game jemals SBMM gab. In meinen 120 Stunden Spielzeit ist mir dahingehend nichts negatives aufgefallen, was nicht heißen soll das SBMM was negatives wäre.


@PlayApex Remove sbmm in pubs or get rid of ranked Solos Duos Map rotations Footstep audio Prevent third parties Remove p2020 and Mozambique Remove all gold items Upgrade servers + netcode Give us actual content instead of peaking the playerbase when you need to with KC/Duos

GetOnMyLvL ()

Diese Dinge fehlen noch in #Warzone - Footsteep fixes - Waffen Sound fixes - SBMM entfernen - RPG/explosive Nerf - Truck Nerf

Daniel ()

@SCUFGermany - Footsteep fixes - Waffen Sound fixes - SBMM entfernen - RPG/explosive Nerf - Truck Nerf - Mehr als 5 Platten im Inventar haben zu können

Ben vaughan ()

@PlayApex you are losing a massive portion of your original season one play base because you refuse to take sbmm out of public , I have got a PS4 of screen shots, showing nearly every match I get newbies with 24 damage, whilst I’m getting 5-6 kills over 1000 damage, explain?

Steve French ()

@dannyboyman95 @TheIIlusiveMan If you “get good” then that’s when the problem of SBMM becomes

Oh no no ()

@Nadeshot Nice, but where the audio fixes at? Its so annoying to hear gunshots really close to you when in reality they are MILES away, also REMOVE SBMM

FireMonkey • Fortnite Intel 🎄 ()

Alright, so here is how I feel about SBMM in Fortnite. I never really cared until I saw I somehow got in a game with @NickEh30, now I am still in like Season 2-3 days of building, before putting a wall in-front of your stairs was a trick people did. /1

Kausmik ()

People complain about how toxic the Apex community is but honestly respawn made us this way. Same playlists for over a year, SBMM in pubs, shitty devs that like to have pissing contests on public forums with their community. Can you really blame apex players for being toxic??

Felix ()

@NoahMyDude @Clayster It’s that sbmm us bots will never face off against the hackers

Skyrroz ()

@MrLEV12 @VinceTPS Ils nous ont dit que non pendant le reveal mais c’est du mytho, il y a du SBMM sur

Ohmwrecker ()

@CouRageJD I will say one thing I appreciate about DBD is that they run ranks, and reset monthly giving you a chance to breath a little with more chill lobbies every time that happens. Do you think monthly SBMM resets (say cutting your skill level in half) would help? cc @ashtonisVULCAN

Floyd ()

@Treeyz_ @aexsel_ Glaubst du Falaxi macht einfach plötzlich in den Sweatlobbies einen SOLO vs TRIO 46 KILL Win? Oder lag es an dem neuen Account der das SBMM ausgenutzt hat? Wenn du jetzt immer noch sagst dass es kein SBMM gibt, denkst du auch noch an den Weihnachtsmann

ModernWarzone ()

@CouRageJD I didn’t at first. But now, I absolutely believe there is SBMM. Especially after @Nadeshot’s tweet with all the top streamers he played against in one day. That’s not a coincidence. Out of 30 million + players, there’s maybe 1 trash team a game I run into. Rest are sweats.

FalaXii ()

Das hat einfach fast 300 Die Leute verschließen die Augen vor der traurigen Wahrheit. Es gibt SBMM und fertig!

Ari ()

Nothing like loading into Iron Banner with a quest that forces you to use anti-meta weapons in strict SBMM matches with a cool bug where other players randomly have their Artifact power enabled!!! The only thing more enjoyable would be non-stop beaver error codes ahaha--oh my go

Call of Duty News ()

Nadeshot has called out Call of Duty devs asking why they spend so much time to ‘implement skill based matchmaking’ but not have a ranked play mode

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