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青色のベルトって今まであんまり見たことなかったけどかっこいいね👍 #WWE #SDLive.

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青色のベルトって今まであんまり見たことなかったけどかっこいいね👍 #WWE #SDLive.

Yes keep giving Baron Corbin more tv time, that’ll boost the ratings. So glad AEW is on weekly tv just in time to save everyone from the garbage you call Raw and Smackdown! #SDLive.

@MrBrandonStroud you are definitely going to write about how AEW had like 12 different HA HA I AM NOT BEST FREINS WITH KEVIN OWENS THIS TIME little dumb jokes the last two weeks and tonight #SDLive definitely had a fuck you Billy Gunn joke at having a jobber name Kip, right?!.


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Bray Wyatt And Daniel Bryan Are To Good I Don’t Know Who I’m Cheering For man #SDLive.

Something is going on with vlademir and putin. Putin brought it too wwe oh no #SDLive.

Wait so Adam Cole has no one to face for their brand So NXT wins by forfeit?? #SDLive.

Danny boy is the number one contenders for a title belt? What about strohman or Rudolph or the king? #SDLive.

Smackdowns actually over. Genuinely didnt look at the time till now. Well OK #SDLive.

I guess we are not gonna get bray vs Cole vs Lesnar oh well. Would have been too easy for brock and fiend. #SDLive.

Pretty sure they intended to go off the air with Bray’s yes chants, but then had like 20 seconds to kill. #SDLive.

ユニバーサル王座ベルト、スマックダウンに移籍して青になったね #SDLive.

One thing that Bray Wyatt is right about is that the Universal Championship is looking like a toy. #SDLive.

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#SDLive Nobody wants to watch these 40 year old men still wrestle!!.

@WWEBrayWyatt might scare me more than the undertaker did back in the day ... Sheesh #yes #SDLive.

SINCE #SDLIVE has bored you all to death, allow me to take the time to revisit how Peyton and I for the last few weeks have went from Austria, France and EVEN Switzerland; in attempt to make those poor chumps live a bit guessed it—IICONIC! Can you name a better duo?!.

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@BecksLynchChile Por que en SDLive hay mas jobbers entonces se ven menos opacados jajaja.

“oh no it’s lucha house party” - literally no team in wwe except the revival #SDLive.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! La Princesa Panda Una de las ganadoras de la Tag League Ex-campeona del Artist La que obtuvo el premio Performance Excepcional del 5⭐SGP La futura campeona Wonder of Stardom y GOSC (tag team) La dueña de P-chan TAM NAKANO!!! 😍😍💕🐼 #SDCL #SDLive.

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Bayley being the only one from RAW and SDLive actually invading shit has been so funny oshzhsjxbns.

I just love me some Undisputed Era, I’m such a fan of this NXT takeover angle. #SDLive.

#SDLive remember when the revival took me ps godcount cause i had two tag team championships..

Sami just going “SUPPLE LEOPARD” to Braun was the second funniest thing this century, right after the way Sami said “Would ya look at that, Kevin? It’s the police” that one time. #SDLive.

Sami Zayn is definitely an artist. He knows how to back-pedal, reframe his strategy and escape a situation he created more flawlessly than Houdini. #SDLive #Smackdown.

@WWE #SDLive I dont give a shit ! You cant help love @WWEBigE ! Guys got charisma for days.

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