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The #247Championship may not be in the clutches of @RonKillings much @JinderMahal finds that crowbar! #SDLive.

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@iamcardib Kween!! I wore this gear last night on #SDLive! It’s inspired by your Invasion of Privacy album cover! 🤑🤑🤑.

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جندر مهال استطاع العثور على آر تروث بطل 24/7 #SDLive.

I really want Ember Moon to kick Mandys ass. Sick of this bullying promo shit. #SDLive.

4 things we learned on WWE #SDLive as Big E returned to action for The New Day.

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OK. We settled on this. I think it works. See ya soon #SDLive The review was barely 50 minutes. Terrible. Just terrible.

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The New Day get the win over Dolph, KO, and Sami #SDLive 🙂😉😊.

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Once again, the reason why @humberto_wwe is one of my new favorite wrestlers and why @WWE205Live was better than #RAW and #SDLive again this week!!! 💪🏼🔥.

Just finished recording #SDLive recap. Uploading now to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn. Hope you’ll check it out. Search “Hardway NewsCast.”.

Joe Biden, just fix #RAW & #SDLive and the pressure’s off if the whole “promise to cure cancer if elected President” thing doesn’t work out..


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Ember Moon was doing the only acceptable thing when Shane was on TV: playing Nintendo Switch. #sdlive.

I really hope Cross right now who need that win the most is Nikki Cross . #SDLive.

The Miz defeated Elias and lost to Drew McIntyre #WWE #SDLive.

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OK, the entire world is expecting a Big E heel turn ... soooooooo, will we get a Woods turn instead? A little swerve, perhaps? #SDLive.

If Sasha Banks does come back soon WWE needs to turn her heel immediately because she will be booed out of whatever building she appears in. #SDLive.

Does @RonKillings have any breaths left?!? It’s been a while since we’ve heard from him! #SDLive.

The #247Championship may not be in the clutches of @RonKillings much @JinderMahal finds that crowbar! #SDLive.

I believe in @mikethemiz winning and getting to shove @shanemcmahon teeth down his throat! #SDLive #Awesome.

Turned on #SDLive, watched for less than 2 mins, and changed the channel. 😐😐😐.

Whenever @mikethemiz wears his gear for #MizTV, you know the segment is leading to a wrestling match #SDLive.

But really though. What does Drew get out of his alliance with Shane and Elias? What does he gain? #SDLive.

@mikethemiz spitting truth calling @shanemcmahon a “talentless hack” who was only “born a McMahon” #MizTV #SDLive.

On the mic and in the ring, @DMcIntyreWWE is one of the best there is in the WWE #SDLive.

When Smackdown started being live in like 2016, that shit was so good. That’s when I started preferring Smackdown over Raw but now I realize, they’re equally terrible and I dread watching both every week. #SDLive.

Bad enough we keep seeing the same people but now we get to see the same people replaying PPV matches 🙄 #SDLive.

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