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Look back at the history of Superstars who have carried the #SDLive #WomensChampionship..

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The only good thing about Roman going to #SDLive is not hearing Michael Cole shout big dawg while having an orgy #SuperstarShakeUp.

Dave’s impression of the IIconics everyone! #WWE #SDLive Check out this clip! GetDaTables streaming on Twitch.

Guess what ladies and gentlemen the secret isn’t a secret anymore. #SDLive.

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The prospect of Buddy Murphy on #SDLive, competing against the likes of Balor, Kofi, Owens, Cesaro, Ali, Gable and more, that’s something I can definitely get behind.

@VinceMcMahon What a super man punch 😂😂 #BigDogOnBlue #SDLive @WWERomanReigns.

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The Usos ✅ Finn Balor ✅ Ember Moon ✅ EC3 ✅ No announcement on Samoa Joe, but they won’t have the IC & US champs on the same show, so ✅ And told @SeanTPendergast yesterday that Reigns would be the big #SDLive get ✅ (Please ignore the misses.).

Literally the best move of his career. Massive potential in this. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #SDLive.

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Kairi Sane and @WWEAsuka have quite the history and will be a helluva team. It’s also helpful to have Paige as a mouthpiece since that’s been Vince’s issue. Ideally Asuka would be a solo champ, but this works for now! Wonder why Shirai isn’t debuting! #SDlive.

Enjoy jibbing ti Alexa and Lacey for the next year, every woman on Raw. #SDLive #SuperstarShakeUp.

I’m so happy to see Kairi Sane on SmackDown. The main roster is always scary for NXT call-ups but #SDLive is definitely the brand where she’ll have a better chance of flourishing..

now I can get behind the pairing of Kairi Sane & Asuka now if WWE wants to make things compelling have them win the belts hold them for a while, have Asuka turn heel win back the SD Live title (if not unified) and build a Kairi vs Asuka at mania #Sdlive.

The Empress of Tomorrow and the Pirate Princess is a great combo, but where does Paige fit in 😭 like what was the point of having her tease and announce their arrival? #SDLive.

Noooo!!! Tu no @AJStylesOrg Te vas de la casa que construiste #SDLive #SuperstarShakeup.

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Imagine if @FinnBalor goes to #SDlive 😊 my favourite wrestler on my favourite show!.

If you didn’t think @NaomiWWE got enough tv time on #SDLive .. welcome to #MondayNightRaw 😪.

My predictions on who will be moved to #SDlive from #RAW Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush Finn Balor Braun Strowman Drew McIntyre Undisputed Era No Way Jose The B Team AOP Ember Moon Sasha Banks Dana Brooke Vanessa Bourne & Aliyah Velveteen Dream.

@MattMoody_M Too bad Walter is staying in the or they could bring him on for SDLive and that would be awesome as hell.

@NatbyNature I think you will be drafted to #SDLive and they let lacey win that nasty girl 😂.

Demain #SDLive devient le #KevinOwensShow @FightOwensFight.

Undisputed era will be call up tomorrow mark my words #SDLive #SuperstarsShakeup.

@EvaArtme Ya Mi pesadilla confirmada. Me dijeron q 90℅ viene SDLive . ahora q me voy a otro país a verles? Ya me aburrí el año pasado con Raw . ahora que voy a ver SDLive. Ni los Hardys me llaman la atención ya .... Estoy a nada de no ir mas.

My expectations for #SDLive: Nikki Cross, Heavy Machinery, Elias, B-Team, Braun Strowman, Ember Moon or Sasha Banks and one between McIntyre and Lashley. #WWE.

Aj Styles Fortalece #RAW, Ya que Es Una Superstars de Gran peso,Asi Mismo debilitando SDLive Con su ausencia Siendo la Cara de ahi. #SuperstarShakeup 🤘🏻.

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@Seva_McCool @AmrothVardamir Capaz que a sasha la manden a sdlive y ahi busque el campeonato tendria mas logica.

Look back at the history of Superstars who have carried the #SDLive #WomensChampionship..

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