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Brad Stevens says, “If we make teams play against a set defense, that usually means we’re running good offense, and it gives a good shot (at winning).”.

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La confianza, como el arte, nunca proviene de tener todas las respuestas, sino de estar abierto a todas la preguntas. Earl Gray Stevens.

New deal: if you’re a venue that takes a cut of merch, you need to supply bottomless onion rings. Even Stevens..

loic duval sacrificed himself so the race could finish behind a safety car and guarantee will stevens would win in his class q.

Go confidently In the direction of your Live the life you have 😴 #GoodNight.

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Stevens AGAIN from downtown!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? 26pts for the senior WiHi leads 55-51 0:41 4Q.

Dorian Stevens hits a 3-pointer with 41 seconds remaining and Wi-Hi leads 55-51 over Oakdale #ShoreHoops.

Wi-Hi back on top 50-47 with a 3-pointer from Dorian Stevens and a jumper from Jayson Handy. 3:23 left in the game. #ShoreHoops.

End of 3Q: Wi-Hi leads Oakdale, 45-40 Dorian Stevens still leads all scorers with 20 points. Keyshawn Marshall had 10 #ShoreHoops.

Stevens first bucket of the 2H comes at a clutch time for the Indians Give him 3 more, 20pts in total WiHi in front 43-36 3:12 3Q.

James Stevens & Dax Carter Full Video here:.

Roger Stevens says he had no idea when he snapped the pictures of what he believes was a mother squirrel protecting her nest from a bald eagle in Lincoln, that it would be shared around the world!.

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Sufjan Stevens really snapped when he wrote the Carrie&Lowell album. Takes me back to the 2015 me that spent hours on tumblr mechanically scrolling away my my early teen years.

Wenn es Stevens und Büskens für das Spiel gegen Leipzig gelänge, ihre Mentalität zu vermitteln, dann wäre Entscheidendes erreicht. Aber wie sollen diese Schalker Spieler die beiden kapieren?.

election upgrade american animals i, tonya isle of dogs leave no trace barton fink thoroughbreds miss stevens life after beth force majeure obvious child coherence do the right thing martha marcy may marlene wolf of wall street george washington heavenly creatures etc.

Congrats to Baseball on their 5-2 victory over Oak Ridge!Grant Stevens, Nico Regino, and Carson Stevens all had 2 hits each. Zach Meddings threw a complete game for the win..

Timothée chalamet is sitting by a fireplace crying while listening to sufjan stevens you tell him to get up but he won’t.

Brad Stevens on Jaylen Brown coming off the bench: “He’s done a good job of embracing that. He’s done a good job of not letting that affect his game.”.

Brad Stevens: “I thought Morris kind of kept us afloat there for a thought he dug deep, because he looked like he was tired in the first six minutes coming off the trip.”.

Brad Stevens: “Their run I thought was really impressive and we had to answer.” He liked Jaylen Brown’s lift off the bench, the double-big minutes, and the way Marcus Morris dug deep to find ways to help..

Horford/Baynes minutes now. Stevens clearly searching for something that works now..

Either way, Purdue is gonna have a tough guard in Lamar Stevens if PSU wins or Amir Coffey if Minny wins. Both guys have had success against Purdue..

Alabama knocks off Ole Miss tonight 62-57 in the #SECTourney⁠ ⁠. Huge comeback leads to a rematch with Kentucky tomorrow evening. Alabama shot 9-18 from FT line, with 16 turnovers, and still somehow won that game. Stevens & his health are huge for Rebels NCAA run..

Stevens switching up the matchups to put Hayward on Barnes on the weak side, Ojeleye on Bagley and Horford on Giles. Hayward was getting killed in the post giving up 30-40 inches to Bagley..

throwback to the time i woke up in the middle of the night depressed, dehydrated and dying for a piss but went off and gave myself a shitey sufjan stevens tattoo instead.

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Brad Stevens says, “If we make teams play against a set defense, that usually means we’re running good offense, and it gives a good shot (at winning).”.

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