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So, to sum up the Supreme Court’s week: life begins at conception and ends in a mass shooting..

Ben Baby
Ben Baby

Bengals QB Joe Burrow shared his this post on IG about the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Dobbs case on abortion:.

Supreme Court Foto,Supreme Court Foto by Ben Baby,Ben Baby on twitter tweets Supreme Court Foto

the supreme court: “just use the democratic process” also the supreme court:.

This is WRONG SCOTUS! Separation of CHURCH & STATE, must be followed to ensure DEMOCRACY! Taxpayers Have to Fund Anti-LGBTQ Religious Schools, SCOTUS Says via @vicenews.

OpIndia: Why were the houses of Ishtiaq Ahmed and Riyaz Ahmad demolished in Uttar Pradesh: What the UP govt said in court, exposing their lies. via @GoogleNews.

@TheDemocrats A sad, sad, sad, sad, sad day in our Justice System. EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN MUST vote for lawmakers who will IMPEACH THESE 🤬🤬#SCOTUS JUDGES. They are a direct threat to children and the Liberty of the USA! ***SHAMEFUL***.

@RadioFreeTom Hey Tom. a close reading of the original intent of the Founders actually guarantees the right to carry an inaccurate musket with lead slug, not bullet, and no rifled barrel!! never thought the most deranged and cruel among us would be on the Supreme Court!!!!!!!.

Per fortuna che son così invasati nel desiderio di disarmare il Popolo per dominarlo che nn procedo per piccoli passi: tipo test attitudinale, test psichico, alzare i limiti di età... Ma propongono sistemi da cui si capisce che il loro unico scopo.

@townhallcom It seems dems don’t understand the role of the Supreme Court. Their job is to rule on the law and constitutionality of the law, not to legislate from the bench! If they do not like the current laws or constitution, then try to change them. Otherwise, sit down and shut up!.

@JRubinBlogger Where did you get your law degree and why aren’t you a justice on the Supreme Court?.

@RonFilipkowski the House ‘2nd Amendment Caucus’ and House ‘Freedom Caucus’ are working together with the Supreme This is a blatant violation of the oaths sworn by every member of the court..

Was the USA written by Mike Judge? Ludicrous, putrid country. The UK stinks too, but good lord..

@TheRickWilson Au contraire. As a lawyer who apparently never appeared before a jury, or litigated a criminal case he obviously is the next choice of a republican president for the Supreme Court..

Hochul Prepares New Legislation in Response to New York Gun Law Ruling.

The Law Firm That Got Tired of Winning by Paul Clement and Erin Murphy.

UP सरकार ने सुप्रीम कोर्ट को बताया- राज्य में संपत्ति को ढहाने के दौरान प्रक्रिया का पालन किया गया #Seize_Rioters_Property दंगाइयों की संपत्ति जब्त हो.

The New York Times News Quiz, June 24, 2022 by Unknown Author via NYT.

Oh, look! When did confidence in the SCOTUS hit that first dip? 2008. Nullified DC law. REVERSED CENTURIES OF PRECEDENT. “individual right to possess a firearm” Look where it is now, with three Trump appointments and Roe. 14 points lower..

Supreme Court Foto,Supreme Court Foto by 🇺🇦Kathy E Gill |vaxed,masked,fighting #TheBigLie,🇺🇦Kathy E Gill |vaxed,masked,fighting #TheBigLie on twitter tweets Supreme Court Foto

The estimated federal budgetary impacts of @UHC non-compliant actions are estimated at $500 million, after #SCOTUS refuses to hear the plan’s appeal—.

Supreme Court Foto,Supreme Court Foto by Ed Gaines,Ed Gaines on twitter tweets Supreme Court Foto

Supreme Court: North Carolina Republicans may intervene to defend voter ID, ballot law - USA TODAY.

[holding my breath and staring directly at the Supreme Court].

reminder that uncle thomas’ wife tried to overturn the 2020 election and played a role in jan. 6 and for some reason that’s not enough of a conflict of interest to remove him from the supreme court..

@theMCwale People said the same thing when “alarmists” brought up the very real threat a Trump presidency would have on the Supreme Court. At the end of the day, we’re going to get the country we deserve..


What happens now that #RoeVsWade has been overruled? Abortion will very soon be illegal in at least 18 states, and will be banned very early in pregnancy in at least four more..

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Passing out water to protestors at the Supreme Court. Stand tall, stay hydrated, and keep up the fight. @RepRubenGallego and I stand with you. #BansOffOurBodies #RoeVWade.

Supreme Court Foto,Supreme Court Foto by Rep. Jimmy Gomez,Rep. Jimmy Gomez on twitter tweets Supreme Court Foto

@POTUS Do you really not understand what the supreme court’s decision meant ? It means it’s back in the hands of the states !.

@JeffreyKyle We need a full redo of the Supreme Court. No lifetime appointments. Must be reconfirmed every 5 yrs & totally stay out of women’s reproductive health..

@MysterySolvent A sexual offender who should never have been selected for the Supreme Court..

Half a century rights law has been annihilated by the Supreme Court. And there goes the neighborhood..

Supreme Court Foto,Supreme Court Foto by Samuel Tesunbi,Samuel Tesunbi on twitter tweets Supreme Court Foto

@kaitlancollins Hard to call this bunch of Jokers a Supreme Court, with Brett and his Tears, and Thomas married to a Nut Job !.

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