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They actually held hands. This wouldn’t be better if scripted. Tennis ♥️♥️♥️♥️.

Tennis Foto,Tennis Foto by José Morgado,José Morgado on twitter tweets Tennis Foto

💔😢. I LOVE YOU, Roger. Thank you for everything you’ve done in tennis and with myself. Tennis world will never be the same without you..

Tennis TV
Tennis TV

Inspiring the next generation of tennis players🥹 @rogerfederer #RForever.

Tennis 🎾 Indoor golf 🏌️ ...and more games! Players unwind on their day off 🙌 #PAKvENG | #UKSePK.

I have played and watched competitive tennis for 50 years. The Champion of Champions during this time has been the immortal ⁦@rogerfederer⁩ It has been a privilege to watch you play 🙏🏼😊 Thank you for your service to tennis and humanity!.

Yesterday the StPX tennis was melting under the sun and the solid play of the Windsor team. Found themselves down 2 matches to 3. Then a huge storm came through 🙏🏻🙌🏼 The team regrouped, went back today and Bella, Lydia, Claire, Brooke swept the remaining matches to win 6-3!.

Pure class. Anyone that watched him the last 20 years knows that sports (not just tennis) lost a legend tonight..

@Joeelmm06 @adelarosa Jajajaja no mms pero es cultura general mi estimado, yo si se quienes son, pero no juzgo a la gente que apenas lo conoce, pero es algo evidente xq todo mundo al rededor del deporte dice que se retiró el Michael Jordan del Tennis entonces es algo que llama la atención, nada más!.

Girls Tennis takes another #CSLSouth match sweeping all doubles matches to earn 6-1 #KitsWin over Niles West!!!.

@golikehellmachi There was a month where I couldn’t walk her within earshot of a tennis court.

The Hill
The Hill

Protester sets arm on fire at site of Federer’s final tennis match.

Tennis Foto,Tennis Foto by The Hill,The Hill on twitter tweets Tennis Foto

@jon_wertheim I love this so much! ❤️❤️ Their rivalry and friendship is admirable and has my utmost respect. Thank you Roger for providing years of joy to tennis fans around the world 🌎 🎾 And Rafa please don’t retire anytime soon 🙏🏻.

Such a classy finish for one of the classiest, most elegant players. I will miss watching him in action Federer Ends Career with Loss in Laver Cup, Paired With Nadal.

@nytimes Best era of Tennis all time… 2005 to 2010. Rafa vs Roger… Nole really came after that, a notch below, he never beat prime Federer or prime Nadal in Grand Slams in that era….

@ESPNFC @oluwafifunmii Tennis Classico literally Nadal = Real Madrid Federer = Barcelona Hopefully there’s a return hand (if there’s anything like that) 🤣 at the Spotify camp nou.

Tennis pro Marin Cilic of Croatia welcomed a new son bringing his family’s total to four.

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@ML_Philosophy 1) Sleeping 2) Playing sports (tennis, basketball, golf) 3) Going for a walk.

@rogerfederer @roger you have been an inspiration for us not only in tennis, but in business and family. We will miss seeing you in the ATP..

@bbcr1 breaking ins aside and tennis balls in their holster to save from foul play, that was the did you spot it? On the ball? Progressive Tech Trance, I noticed you were playing some progressive melodic funky house earlier - that was @capitalofficial.

They were amazing!!! Great tennis @DavidCup 🇨🇦🎾👏🏼.

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@rogerfederer Tennis will be missing you! I always keep thinking: You are the greatest player, ever played this game. Thank you for all the excitement. So many hours I`ve spend seeing you playing your wonderful game! I`ve loved watching, even when you lost- just for the beauty of the game..

@frenchopen2004 Fantastic story 😉 Mine was Bjorn Borg and Wimbledon and my mom loved Borg! Since I was in England Tennis was only Wimbledon and Borg won it every year. So of course I was a fan!.

@JuanPer45030360 @Olly_Tennis_ Typical unwanted 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊. Wanting to be seen and heard. 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽. No one is talking about NOVAXXX. No one is thinking about him..

Verlo jugar fue uno de los motivo que me llevo aprender a jugar, ayer jueves se retiró el más grande de todos los tiempos del #Tennis no solo por su capacidad de Juego si no también por su forma de ser gracias @rogerfederer el deporte pierde a su Rey.

“Papo y su Combo Sabroso”: Vuelve a escuchar su repertorio en vivo en el festival “Así se Goza”.

@marina_tennis_ レッスンで得た課題が共感出来る部分もあり、勝手にフォローさせて頂きました。 よろしくお願いします!.

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