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Ya Allah please guide our parent and siblings towards you and do not let us all die without realizing that you are the Almighty🏔

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Fondo ONU para el Sostenimiento de la Paz
Fondo ONU para el Sostenimiento de la Paz ()

. Place your order in the US🇺🇸 here 👉🏻 Supported by: @UNPeacebuilding

Rancho-Del-Los-Valkayrie ()

Irans been threatning to nuke us, So what does the Secular/Socialist Harris-Biden administration do? Jabs them in their arse with saber!!!

Bitcoin Automatic Investment (BAI)
Bitcoin Automatic Investment (BAI) ()

Today it is the best time to make your #bitcoin automatic investment plan. No idea, join us Bitcoin Automatic Investment group.

The US Foto,The US Twitter Trends - Top Tweets
Vincent ()

We spend our lives documenting our activities and ideas, so that those who come behind us can do the same. This is been going on for millennia. If it isn’t document it, does it exist?

Ninabhullar ()

Without us India would not survive Farming the Root Of India , bring us all MSP #FarmersSupportTraders Our Right to be Equal Modi #FarmersProtest

The US Foto,The US Twitter Trends - Top Tweets
PortlandTrailBlazers ()

@NHLBruins Barzal destroying debrusk plays well once every 10 games and Sensyhn can’t make it out of the AHL

darby harmening
Darby harmening ()

@Sen_JoeManchin thank you for knot just rubber stamping non qualified nominees for the Cabinet. Those roles require the best of the best for us to move forward. You are one of the few that are truly looking out for the people.

rose 🌶 lil ‘racha
Rose 🌶 lil ‘racha ()

@BigHitEnt In November Minisode1: Blue Hour reached number 25 on Billboard 200. Its the best charting album for a K-pop artist in their second year after their debut—an impressive record, considering K-pop artists have been unable to perform in the US due to COVID-19

Pervaiz Ahmed
Pervaiz Ahmed ()

Her legacy lives on in us.” Even exiled from Pakistan, Baloch’s vocal activism continued from Canada and in 2016 she was listed by the BBC in its 100 most inspirational and influential women. via @medium

Dan Trevathan
Dan Trevathan ()

good lesson for all of us is walking the walk after talking the your actions do not reflect your words,your words become was and is a man anyone can count on. He will not fail a mentor? Jesus is an excellent choice.🤔👍

Wendy Siegel
Wendy Siegel ()

Yes, the people who kept us going during the pandemic this last year who voted for Biden, they need the $15 an hour living wage. It would be unethical of Biden not to pass that #MinimumWage

Peter-Shaun Tyrell
Peter-Shaun Tyrell ()

@AndreiSaygo Hey everyone, Secrets have always kept Thalkin alive but when an acquaintance introduces him to the mysterious sellsword, Edelia, he uncovers a secret that could win a war. He only has to choose the side he gives it to. UK - US -

Kash 💋👑🌻
Kash 💋👑🌻 ()

The fact that Meya said I can’t fuck nobody till this wedding over and done with because she don’t wanna risk none of us getting pregnant just bms 😳🤣🤣🤣

verum obdurat 🌺⏳
Verum obdurat 🌺⏳ ()

@Catsinspace1991 @briebriejoy It’s ham reduction. For Syria. For the US. There is no way this isn’t a win win.

Rappler ()

US Senator Ron Wyden points out a 2017 exploit that he says the company had not been transparent about.

Ömer Özak
Ömer Özak ()

Great thread on the difficult road to a PhD for those of us who are not from the US nor from a country or university with strong academic ties to US. This is why we are working hard to contact and attract students in these regions. Lots of talent in Latin America, Africa,

President-Elect CornPop
President-Elect CornPop ()

@jrpsaki We need you to circle back on this in 2021 and let us know what the fuck this administration is thinking!!!

Ttvblackbelt ()

@ScottC_Fnaf Are you even the real one if you are give us the fucking fnaf movie stop marking us wait!!!!!!

🤲🏾 ()

Ya Allah please guide our parent and siblings towards you and do not let us all die without realizing that you are the Almighty🏔

𝖑𝖚𝖆 | ‘𝔠𝔢𝔯𝔢𝔧𝔞 𝔟𝔦𝔱𝔠𝔥..🧠♡︎
𝖑𝖚𝖆 | ‘𝔠𝔢𝔯𝔢𝔧𝔞 𝔟𝔦𝔱𝔠𝔥..🧠♡︎ ()

a mina gravando um vídeo mo fofinha jogando the last of us e eu quando tava jogando o jogo xingava qualquer coisa

Dencab ()

@EpochTimes @SenatorCollins Vote NO!!! They need to cut the Biden & Schumer Fat!!! This package screws the US citizens ~75% of which is not even COVID related. VOTE NO!!! Please please please please VOTE NO!!!

Notorious ()

@keatingssixth Save that spending $24 on a drink money for when they let us outside again and at least u can throw ur ass and listen to shitty DJ edits of ur fav songs at the club whilst paying for $24 drinks

Michael R. Weinstein, Bookseller #EndTheDuopoly
Michael R. Weinstein, Bookseller #EndTheDuopoly ()

Ever get the feeling the Dems are like Fine, if you are going to call us out on back tracking on the $2000 we will just do nothing then, that will teach you

Ryuu Kagami { Pirate Event }
Ryuu Kagami { Pirate Event } ()

@hcneyedx { she laughed } “ same as always Hitomi. “ { she smirked and swirled her gun around her finger } “ it’s always just been the two of us anyway~ hasnt it? “

Draza 🔞
Draza 🔞 ()

@ellieFFXIV You do awesome. The one that you did of the two of us? Freakin amazing. And like I said, you have permission to use him.

Shakayra 🐺
Shakayra 🐺 ()

@AlphasofShak When Shakira said donde están los ladrones she meant the big accounts stealing from us smaller guys

Fish ()

@MoonshineTrades You must be expecting us to go quite a bit lower in the future? When is your bday?

gab! is back!
Gab! is back! ()

society if marvel gives us already the real title of spider-man 3 pls i wanna know so bad now

Tebogo Phillip
Tebogo Phillip ()

The @MYANC doesn’t give a dam! They don’t care at all. They’ll tax us to death just so they can eat that money amongst themselves

ᴮᴱ Aleks 💫
ᴮᴱ Aleks 💫 ()

How do we go from telepathy to blue & grey? They loving hyping us up one moment and then making us cry the next 😭😭😭

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