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Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who has embraced election-fraud conspiracy theories and allegedly tampered with voting equipment, has been barred from overseeing elections in her home county..

A vendetta FIR has been launched against @incpunjab Secretery Tina Chaudhary ji who had exposed illegal mining at Bhoa. @BhagwantMann ji each & every congress worker is equipped to expose your wrongdoings & is not afraid of your cheap politics. We will fight this tooth & nail!.

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I met with @TinaKotek today and am delighted to endorse her for governor of Oregon. This state needs a true leader to address its urgent needs, from homelessness to education to addiction, and I believe Tina is that leader..

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Here are 4 things you might have missed in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands #sponsored.

Tina Peters’ team claimed it was “physically impossible” for Mesa County clerks to upload certain batches of 2020 election ballots so quickly. The cameras showed otherwise..

Meu deus Brasil o Ronny mudou vei ele virou outra pessoa graças a Tina a me desculpem gente mais eu não quero que ele morra não leva a cora então #QuantoMaisVidaMelhor.


Ida e Riccardo rilevanti solo per quello che dirà Tina perché onestamente piena rasa #uominiedonne.

The man lost his daughter to a school shooting. Yeah he does get a pass for being a boomer online. Especially when terminally online stalkers decided to comb through his social media like vultures finding a fresh corpse Cry more.

Nancy and Tina basically threatened Ray Liotta into starring in the Rat Pack TV movie. Bless..

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boenas perrekes, soy tina. soy de arg staneo a bash,(el cast d heartstopper en general) entre otros. emmh me siento integrada en el fandom, nda denme follow soy re piola. #INTEGRACIONSEBASTIANCROFT.

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Un’altra 20ina di minuti di Tina vs Pinuccia me lo guarderei piuttosto che Ida e Riccardino #UominieDonne.

모르고 지나쳤던 미국인들만 이해한 #블랙핑크 영어랩 #가사해석 | BLACKPINK | Tina from Korea - @YouTube 재밋다...

Camille is a very good lawyer for cross and AH is not a good witness. JD fumbled on stand a bit yesterday but he still comes off as genuine and believable as someone who watches a lot of witnesses. She gives me deceptive and like this is all an act vibes..

Jury instructions are basically instructions to the jury about how to interpret the case law and what they are deciding on. Defamation and a lot of the law around this case is complex. This is to help them come to a verdict. It happens in every jury case.

.@RonWyden and @JeffMerkley fight hard for Oregonians every day. I’m so honored to have their endorsement and know that, together, we can win in November #orpol.


WHO KNEW?: The huge @Whitesnake hit that was originally written for @tinaturner to use:.

gracias Jesucristo 2 por decirle q se tiña el pelo, le agradezco esta vida y la siguiente.

Jajaja jajaja jajaja. Un soldado machote no como los de tina y corralón como los cobardes y TRAÍDORES que tenemos ahora..

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My therapist would go crazy if she sees my burner😂😂😂😂. I mean, anyone would😂😂😂😂.

Go out, be the life of the party, come home and cry myself to sleep.

In attesa dei commenti di Tina su questa storia infinita. #uominiedonne.

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Comunque Tina ha rotto un po con questo accanimento verso Pinuccia ... Adoro tina ma anche meno #uominiedonne.

I just really like the video and audio quality of the Peter Obi Classic fm interview. (Yeah, besides the message of the clip) I kept rewatching..

@unvarnishedvoid @Actually_Tina I suffer from regular back pain after anything physically taxing due to an injury I suffered when I was 15 I can be fucked for days if my back decides it doesnt want to play along. the whole he is just playing dragon quest bit is bullshit, since they dont know how bad it can be.

@Soy_Tina_ @AndrealebuPJ ¡Si querida! (en otra época) ¡Como vos digas! ¡Lo parió!.

@telemaco31 @YouTube Cando tiña vinte e pico de anos tiña a casette do primeiro álbum deles e era impresionante. Gran Banda..

@brown81310986 @tina_swindells Hahahahaha enjoy my lord and tally ho 🧐😂😂😂😂.

@OnlymeandDean Geht sie jetzt auf einen Reiterhof und trifft ihre Freundin Tina? Das wär zumindest mal was Ordentliches..

@georgee68 @TheNolaGirl That was Not funny Tina. I got scared. But we are getting jacked by those pumps.😊.

@shaanbaal بخدا میترسم رستورانای مورد علاقمو برم ببینم قیمتاشون دوبرابر شده قلبم بشکنه:))).

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