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Bharat, with its millennia-old agricultural tradition & a sizeable population with an intrinsic knowledge & connection with the Land, must become a demonstrable model for soil health revival & the Breadbasket of the World. -Sg #SaveSoil @MVenkaiahNaidu.

@Apresdemaiin C la base le henna c’est magnifique et en + c les tradition t’auras pas le choix d’accepter.

@tradition_18 これから知っていけば良いんですよ🥴 5枚買うと1枚無料で付いてくるんで ちょうどみんな行けて気に入った子にもう1回行けますよ!←.

#DISNEYLAND UPDATE: High heat melts crowds. Attraction breakdowns & paying extra for Lightning Lane. Plus, Subs getting closer, refurbishments, construction and.

@Brincelj420 @jaketapper Abgesehen davon dass Cowboystiefel eben *keine* Tracht sind, sonder einfach nur 150 Jahre alte Alltagskleidung, die nichts mit Tradition, Kultur oder Festlichkeit zu tun haben - und Söder erhebt ja auch nicht den Anspruch hier ganz Deutschland darzustellen.

@ntvde Nicht die Länder wollen strengere Vorgaben, zur Verwirrung des Wahlpöbels müssen diesmal die Länder längst geplante, rüde Freiheitseinschränkungen fordern. Und natürlich macht auch @Bertelsmann_DE willig mit, in bester Tradition..

To have overcome so many schools steeped in cricket tradition is amazing- Campbell Col, Wallace HS, Ballyclare, Belfast Royal Academy, Foyle C, Friends, Down H, Grosvenor, Limavady GS, Enniskillen GS, Strabane GS and RBAI. Today we made our won cricketing history. #teamlisneal.


a new history and tradition test? Sounds like bullshit to me..

@welt Wir sind bayern und das unsre Tradition sollen sich die Preussen schön drüber aufregen😁.

@DBrozeLiveFree Academic philosophy courses where critical thinking and writing skills are fostered which serve as foundational to other disciplines. History of the Analytic tradition, Continental tradition, epistemology, metaphysics, and formal logic are a good basis..

@Runningaep We have a tradition at our house at dinner time where we play music of the country/culture from which the main course originated. Admittedly, I am unfamiliar with Indonesian cuisine, but I will definitely add some dishes and music to the menu..

@g_tradition_ms masahiroさんもかっこいいですが、ぱんだかわいいです(๑•ᴗ•๑) ぱんだって何で笹食べるのかな?.

...because what in Europe was called liberalism was here the common tradition on which the American polity had been built: thus the defender of the American tradition was a liberal in the European sense..

@MrQ38418003 @halalhomer_ To be fair, the Jewish people do have a tradition in which the prophet Elijah returns to Earth from Heaven, that’s why most people who met Jesus (peace be upon him) for the first time in the Gospels mistook him for Elijah coming back from Heaven..

New video out 🛸 A break from Been wanting to look at tutorials for a while. Look forward to deep diving and sharing my knowledge. Happy with the new but still #taghappy 😎 look 👌🖖 #vr is not going anywhere. Videos will still upload 🦾.

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