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Congratulations to Justin Trudeau for winning the elections in Canada. I look forward to working with him..

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Victorious but weakened, Trudeau needs help to form government.

Justin Trudeau sommé d’« éteindre l’incendie » dans les Prairies.

@KathrynMathias1 @Annatlast I’m sure stirring up separation is a carefully crafted plan to keep the Base angry at Trudeau so they don’t focus on the cuts to their healthcare, infrastructure, social programs or the growing job losses in o&g..

Congratulations on your win last night, Prime Minister Trudeau! Sending my best wishes to you and the continuing growth of your country under the outstanding leadership of the Liberal Party. (@JustinTrudeau).

The kind of healthcare promises politicians make & then break! “A re-elected Liberal government will make sure every Canadian has access to a family doctor, to mental health services, to affordable prescription drugs, and to national pharmacare.” Justin Trudeau, September 2019.

This is your daily reminder: Progressives don’t actually care if someone is a racist Ralph Northam is polling at 51% in Virginia despite his blackface/KKK scandal Justin Trudeau was just re-elected after having worn blackface as recently as 2001 It’s all just virtue signaling.

Congratulations to Justin Trudeau for winning the elections in Canada. I look forward to working with him..

Justin Trudeau has been reelected as the of Canada (The 2nd Leader of Nigerians) If and if he had lost, there would have been an uncertainty towards Canadian policy to Nigeria. I can hear the sigh of relief from Nigerians.

@Brantfordbob59 @HarveyMyatt Soon you will need to replace it trudeau.

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Notice that Trudeau lost the national popular vote. Guess media will call him illegitimate! (Federal election 2019 live results).

Good Morning Canadians, I don`t know about you, but I feel like I`m a victim of the biggest HOAX ever perpetrated on Canadian soil. The idea of voting is to change things for the better, for a better leader, but I bet if Trudeau knew it would change, he`d make voting illegal. 🤨.

One thing is clear: DO NOT underestimate Justin Trudeau’s political capital. He’s surprised us all twice. A sweep in 2015 and a pretty strong re-election mandate in 2019. #elxn43 #cdnpoli.

Une connaissance approximative du monde, de ses rapports de force, une maîtrise très imparfaite des dossiers, une superficialité remarquée lors des sommets… #Canada #JustinTrudeau.

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♦️رئیس جمهور آمریکا پیروزی جاستین ترودو در انتخابات کانادا را تبریک گفت ⚡️دونالد ترامپ رئیس جمهور ایالات متحده آمریکا پیروزی جاستین ترودو در انتخابات کانادا را روز سه‌شنبه ۳۰ مهرماه در صفحه توئیتر خود تبریک گفت..

தமிழர்களுக்கு குட் நியூஸ்.. கனடாவில் கலக்கும் ஜஸ்டின் ட்ரூடோ.. கணிப்புகளை தவிடு பொடியாக்குகிறார் #canada #justintrudeau.

Niggas are really dumb asf u rather trump over trudeau bout moving to america smh good luck.

Canada’s Trudeau Projected to Win Second Term, Overcoming Doubts About His Character.

@Sid_Seixeiro Canadians are fucking retarded. Imagine the shit Trudeau is gonna try and get away with now..

@LoraInAlberta @SeakasPerson I’m in Ontario and am seriously considering a move to Alberta. I’m done with Trudeau Country. Canada died tonight..

how can people vote trudeau after he was racist and fake and went back on all his promises fuck him.

@Morristhecat79 @marie4poches7 Un autre contexte, mais essentiellement Trudeau joue cette game. Trudeau fait le plein de votes où, penses-tu !! Le cas de Montréal et du 905 est évident..

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Justin Trudeau will serve another term as Canada’s prime minister.

Benny Gantz forming the government in Israel and Trudeau and the Liberals winning the most seats is a sign that the wave of Trumpism has crested and the center-left alternative is rising..

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will mandate social media companies to censor “online hate and disinformation” if he wins re-election. That’s right, the world’s number 1 blackface enthusiast will decide what constitutes “harmful” content..

To combat “hate speech” and extremism, Trudeau’s Liberal Party says it plans to move forward with regulations that force social media platforms to remove illegal content & hate speech within 24 hours or face heavy penalties..

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