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The Alabama Success story: Since the Trump 👍🏻The unemployment rate has fallen and reached an all time low of 👍🏻Monthly initial unemployment insurance claims have tumbled over 26% 👍🏻Wages are up! We’re just getting started..

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It’s hard to run a superpower when the person with the highest security clearance is also the highest security risk. @jonathanchait writes.

Trump’s so called “vows” are meaningless. He’s a liar and a cheat and as corrupt as fuck!.

@studentactivism The Dems need to understand why they didn’t win here. Just comparing results to Trump isn’t enough. This seems that it could have been winnable. Did they get the Charlotte turnout they expected?.

The first responders who ran into the burning buildings. The passengers of Flight 93. The residents of a city under siege who refused to let the attack paralyze their future. Those residents who, when President Trump banned Muslims, turned out in droves to Kennedy Airport..

And, find a way to balance This is why I want to be your representative (or president) with And this is why Trump and this traitorous Congress must go. Both messages are needed..

the saddest thing about trump winning the election is that if he lost he would 100% have a cameo right now.

Dios gracias es un halcón !!! John Bolton, la caída de un halcón que no comprendió los cambios en el mundo y complicaba a Donald Trump -.

@realDonaldTrump Trump you are a disgrace! Vote for anyone but this fool the world will thank you!!.

That Robeson County result in #NC09 is insane. It went for Dan McCready (D) last November by 16 points. Tonight, it went for Bishop (R) by 1 point (50-49%)! What do you suppose happened there, @BowTiePolitics, @CabPolitical? Trump rally?.

At this point, however, not looking funny at all, it’s deeply worrying, because just learned that top administration officials demanded that the National Weather Service, which you might have imagined the least political agency out there, make false claims on Trump’s behalf.

@Jim_Jordan @RepJerryNadler Come on Gym, Trump doesn’t care about your guns. All he cares about is Russian money going to the NRA, then to him..

60% of the homeless population in California are African American male, 40% apathetic vote in the state .if #DonaldTrump gets that vote, he can win State..

@VP Hope this tweet makes it into the history books under the Chapter: American Trajedy: The Trump Years.

@ArthurWeint @LimaDoc Eu não espero nada rápido. Defendo o Presidente todos os dias. Só espero que ele cumpra a palavra dada em campanha. E não jogue nas nossas costa a CPMF. Pago imposto todo mês. E pago IR todo ano. A CPMF é apropriação indébita legalizada. Se o Trump fizer isso nos EUA ele cai..

@BobStein_FT “Trump’s immigration judge” - huh, no problem seeing this “journalist’s” agenda..

y’all swear up and down that sexism has nothing to do with it but why would the best candidate in the race be trailing trump by 2 in NH?.

@thedailybeast In a single week, Trump lurches from falsely and vociferously claiming that Alabama was in the path of a storm, to inviting the Taliban to Camp David to celebrate 911 with him. (They would have all gotten an extra scoop of ice-cream and the special cake.).

@MsAvaArmstrong @catturd2 I disagreed with Obama on just about everything. But I actually feared for his safety as the first black President that a nut would try and harm him. I actually fear for President Trump more now, the left is full of nuts!.

@IlhanMN @RealNoraC and bots trying to change the story. Trump is unfit to run a barber shop never mind this country..

@CNNPolitics Fake news alert. Jobs and the lowest unemployment rate in US history is going to easily get Trump re-elected. Only anti Americans and fake news want to see a socialist elected. Not a chance..

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@TimesofIsrael Yeh, go blow sand up somebody else’s butt UN, your now irrelevant as far as majority of US is concerned, your warnings are MEANINGLESS, and, WE DONT CARE! The UN Facilities ought to be turned into another Trump Resort!.

@SorcererLance Another key reason why Trump’s little trumptards are stupid old hags that hate any people that isn’t white.

@BluRadioCo A Duque se dejó convencer del muñeco de vitrina Trump y ahora lo dejó solo.

threatened? why not just do it? given we know of the total inability to cooperate when Trump is involved. . ..

The Alabama Success story: Since the Trump 👍🏻The unemployment rate has fallen and reached an all time low of 👍🏻Monthly initial unemployment insurance claims have tumbled over 26% 👍🏻Wages are up! We’re just getting started..

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