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After Watergate, Congress passed reforms to safeguard the rule of law and root out corruption. We are working on new reforms now, because the threat Trump and his enablers pose to our democracy is more grave than anything Nixon did:

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Daniel Travers ()

@BernieSanders @cameron_kasky If President Donald Trump debates bernie sanders in the main election debates this coming in September and October, he will RIP HIM TO SHREDS.

Donald Lindsay ()

Trump Budget Proposes Eliminating All Funding For Libraries, Museums, Public Broadcasting & Arts For 3rd Year ...when our nation faces growing trade imbalances, arts and cultural production stand out, actually providing a trade surplus of $25 billion.”

Tired of politicians ()

@BernieSanders @realDonaldTrump No you won’t!! I work for my money. I pay my student loans. I pay for children’s student loans. My friend lost their healthcare bc of Obamacare & the price doubled. We don’t won’t to spend money on people that are breaking the law to come here. You’re wrong!! Tx votes 4 Trump!!

ElPopi ()

@OddoneGabriel @BernieSanders Trump no califica para honesto analista, está haciendo política de mierda como siempre.

The Real Republicans Of Vladivostok ()

@crucialhit @DrEricDing Obama had an excellent pandemic response system. Trump disabled it.

Greg Gilbert ()

This is what Trump realized in 2016 and the Dems need to realize in 2020.

Scott Trever Dougan ()

@SER1897 I think Sanders is Lefty Trump: not in policies, but in political style. He surrounds himself with sycophants. He’s narcissistic. He lies about releasing taxes and medical records. He tacitly accepts Russian help. He is a cult. He is casually racist abs sexist (not explicitly).

Strykr VII ()

Dem voters, especially young ones like me, be honest with yourselves: why do you think Putin is helping Bernie’s campaign, and Trump is so eager to face him? BECAUSE THEY BOTH KNOW WHAT I’M TELLING YOU IS THE TRUTH. Don’t let them get away with rigging another election, please!

Rocksolid ()

@KwekuAboagye @ABC So you would be ok if someone ran your kids off the road? Come on you don’t have to like trump but this is not ok. 😡

LisaBethRules ()

If I hear one more person say they won’t vote for Bernie if he is the candidate, I’m going to scream! Bernie is better than Trump! Shut the fuck up! Anybody is better than Trump! I don’t like Bloomberg much, but he is still better than Trump! Dog shit is still better than Trump!

Boeing 737 MAX software company ()

Trump signs S386. Americans lose their jobs to H-1B workers. Trump loses 2020 election. @OsigahK

Karl Rosenfeld ()

@Dax_x98 @BernieSanders Of course. However, the question is not about those who tweet to each other. The question is will the country vote for him particularly when Trump paints him as a socialist or communist.

TheProdigalPittsburgherTM ()

Trump needs to sign an executive order banning sale is companies to China. Speaking of China, reading about who owns what products, how they’re made, fed, raised, etc. Obama started the sending of chickens to China for processing. What the hell goes on there?

Christian Ziegler 🇺🇸 @FloridaGOP Vice Chair ()

Looks like the 5th overflow room for a @realDonaldTrump rally. Trump gets 4k in line 12+ hours before a rally.

Ark ()

@ScottAdamsSays The problem is not trump questioning media credibility, but doing it while promoting the worst of media such as alt-right and Alex Jones! Same goes for his criticism of mainstream politics while using dirty back channels like Rudy and Parnas!

Paulo de Tarso ()

@Ideias_Radicais O Trump deve vencer em todo caso mas é preocupante a forma que os EUA estão tocando a economia, e os americanos caminhando pra Trump x Sander é mais um alerta já to até vendo um colapso global da economia

GoNews ()

US President Donald Trump Shares Video Of Himself As Baahubali Ahead Of India Visit


@realDonaldTrump We will not let RUSSIAN backed Trump and Sanders to run. Sanders not what we want. He is what trump and Putin wants

Eneas González ()

@Rafaelita82 Creo que sería el rival más fácil para Aunque al final son la misma gente, el que sea va a joder igual

Thecostofliving ()

@kylegriffin1 @UROCKlive1 If your point is that he’s being hypocritical, he’s not. We cannot have a compassionate nation with trump at the helm. Trump is all those things he Sanders said he is. Calling him out for who and what he is needs to be done, and at every available opportunity. We are in danger.

YouBrokeItYouFixIt ()

@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews SERIOUSLY - the guy who insults every one of our intelligence agencies and denies Russian interference in the past is now CRYING about not being told things. Trump is an IMPEACHED LOSER!

Kathy Scheve ()

@RepAdamSchiff Americans deciding this election is exactly you tried to impeach President Donald John Trump. #DemocratPompousArrogance

Adam Schiff ()

After Watergate, Congress passed reforms to safeguard the rule of law and root out corruption. We are working on new reforms now, because the threat Trump and his enablers pose to our democracy is more grave than anything Nixon did:

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