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Your daily dose of Nikai 🐺 #standforwolves #TuesdayMotivation.

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#TuesdayMotivation गीता अ*16 श्लोक 24 में लिखा है कि जो शास्त्रविधि को त्याग कर जो मनमाना आचरण करते है न तो उन्हें सुख मिलता है न ही सिद्धि प्राप्त होते जो हम अपना रहे है वो सब पाखंड पूजाए है। देखिए ईश्वर चैनल रात्रि 8:30 बजे.

1. “I have lots of plans for the future and hope to one day ride for the British team.” After a serious relapse, Emma (living with MS) decided to take up horseback riding. In August she completed her first para-dressage competition! #TuesdayMotivation ➡️.

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Almost 10 days of no gym, need to recover what was lost. Glad to see fine lines on my sides. Gonna burn those belly fats. ⚓️😏💪🏻 #TuesdayMotivation #StripesOnTuesday.

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Corporate felon returns Russian money from major Republican donors after felony arrest last week. Florida man ⁦@SenRickScott is the highest ranking Medicare fraudster in the GOP. #TuesdayMotivation.

Rudy the Bag Man took in half a million bucks to work for Fraud Guarantee, the shady fraud company his henchmen own. Now, his bosses are in jail for foreign election interference. #TuesdayMotivation.

@callmenana19 @nargesflower70 What happened in Karbala, can extend to any place where Shia’s are living. However, today I must say that this extension goes into further, further beyond the Shia community. Dr. Peter Chelkowski#ARBAEEN2019 #TuesdayMotivation.

@global_peace133 @nargesflower70 Karbala resounds today and will continue to resound until the end of time. Thus the message of Hussain and his stand in Karbala is relevant for all times and represents a perpetual call for constructive action. Datoo#ARBAEEN2019 #TuesdayMotivation.

Hussain ultimately found himself a reluctant party to the greatest battle of all times; a struggle of: Truth against falsehood, Humanity against villainy, Righteousness against evil, and Justice against corruption. #TuesdayMotivation #Arbaeen2019.

trials either make us bitter or better. When you love someone, remember, that what they have been through, created the person you love, yet, if you remove yourself during my failure, continue do keep removed in my success @kennyloggins #TuesdayMotivation.

Awesome, Bold and beautiful 🎯👍 Badass look ❣️ Kay ada Kya jawlve Tere 😂 #TuesdayMotivation #dressup.

जैसे कमल की पंखुड़ियां जल में रहकर भी अलिप्त जल से रहती हैं न अपने लिए कभी ये जलसंग्रह करती हैं, इनसे ही तो जलधाराएं बहती हैं, राजनीति में रहकर भी बस ऐसा ही होऊँ मैं, नीचे तन-मन खपा-खपा सृजन-बीज बस बोऊँ मैं। #TuesdayMotivation.

राम लखन सीता मन बसिया हे बजरंग बली हनुमान 🙏 #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts.

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Every single second is an opportunity to change your life because in any moment you can change the way you feel. Good morning everyone #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation.

Give me six Hours to Chop down a tree And I will spend the First four hours Sharpening the Axe #TuesdayMotivation.

@biren419 #TuesdayMotivation #UniqueWayToMendYoungMinds दीपावली पर विद्यार्थी अनुष्ठान शिविर का आयोजन Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji आश्रम, अमदावाद में किया गया है जिसमें उनके चहुंमुखी विकास के लिए अलग अलग प्रयोग सिखाए जायेगे। सभी अपने बच्चों को शिविर का लाभ अवश्य दिलाए।.


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@biren419 #TuesdayMotivation #UniqueWayToMendYoungMinds है Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji की प्रेरणा से दीपावली पर अहमदाबाद आश्रम में होने वाले विद्यार्थी अनुष्ठान शिविर जिसमें विद्यार्थियों को जप,ध्यान व विभिन्न प्रयोग कराए जायेंगे। सभी अभिभावक को अपने बच्चों को शिविर में भेजना चाहिए ।.

Killing animals is a sin, please stop eating meat. #GodMorningTuesday #TuesdayMotivation 👇👇👇👇 Must Watch SadhnaTV 7:30pm @Dipikapadukon8 @Ranumandal19.

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*अपना परिचय अगर खुद देना पड़े,* *तो समझ लीजिये कि सफलता अभी दूर है.... सुप्रभात 💐🙏#TuesdayMotivation.

#GodMorningTuesday Every morning,God has given us as a gift,so We should Star saying to God Morning Instead of Good morning . #TuesdayMotivation.

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Pagiku, Msh blm ada kepastian dr kamu, Lho ko gtu ? Msh blum syg jga emng ? Atau blum ada kebranian ? Ahh Jgn lama2 mikir. #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation.

God wants us to have many enjoyable things, but He must be first place in our lives. God can give us joy without things, but things without God will never give us joy. #TuesdayMotivation.

Your daily dose of Nikai 🐺 #standforwolves #TuesdayMotivation.

Their accumulated terrors have turned them into what they are now: perpetually petrified human beings whose disfigured, Frankensteined faith has now turned on them. Their religion is a heartless, fearful monster. #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation.

Good Morning Beautiful People 🌞 🗣I DON’T BELIEVE IN DEFEAT! 🗣I DON’T BELIEVE IN DEFEAT! 🗣I DON’T BELIEVE IN DEFEAT! #KaraboMotivates #TuesdayMotivation.

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