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Happy #InternationalFamilyDay from your #Twilight family! 💙.

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Twilight: Toxic message for girls about potentially dangerous relationships and the nature of obsession: bad. Deadpool: Tells guy to kidnap and murder a love rival, which they attempt to do. Hilarious and very good..

MEU DEUS SIM o ranço Bizarro com twilight tem a ver com misoginia SIM e quando disfarçam nao conseguem disfarçar o elitismo to nem aí vou defender crepúsculo ate a morte.

Lol to everyone freaking out when a new batman is announced, I doubt someone hates the twilight movies more than pattison..

Twilight Sparkle x Nicole watterson, collab with @ColdBloodedTwi !.

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@kifune_twilight 評判になってんですかい!? ...ウィヒヒ嬉しっ!(この後めちゃくちゃオレンジさんに搾られた.

Spotted a Rush Limbaugh book in the background during one scene in Twilight so Rush Limbaugh canonically exists in the Twilight Cinematic Universe.

مرتبط شعور التجدد والراحة بوقت الفجـر؛ أكيدة!✔️.

My mom’s opinion on the new Batman casting. She liked the Twilight movies too so this was funny 😂.

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@tvi24pt Estou encantado. Mais parece um Música no CoraçãÉ um paradigma do faz de conta, da ocultação da realidade. Uma twilight zone na qual tudo é cor de rosa onde nada se passou com a.

Leggo che ci sono già le petizioni per non avere Pattinson come Batman. Voi Robertino non ve lo meritavate ai tempi di Twilight e non ve lo meritate nemmeno ora..

@davefranklin The non-film lovers on my Facebook definitely hate it because they’ve seen him in nothing but Twilight.

Democrats arrogance in thinking they’ll win Presidency, retain House, maybe gain Senate is TWILIGHT ZONE LEVEL STUPIDITY given what we’re likely to face from trump, Putin in 2020 THEY ARE MID PROCESS OF RESTRUCTURING THE WORLD ORDER Putin will not walk away from his investment.

i’ll go further and say that his actual acting in the twilight saga wasn’t bad, they were just bad movies.

@Complex Hes a good actor (watch Good Time) everyone chill out dude is far from Edward from Twilight.

@MmementoMmorii ohh, v good. I played thru twilight princess once on a TV the size of a walnut so I could not actually read any of the text. I beat it but have no idea what that game is about.

@kitoya_ 애들이 막 손잡고 있는 거 보니까 기분 넘 좋아져요.... 우리,,,우리 친구지,,,,, ㅠ 아.... 메이 넘 귀엽고 예쁘다 고양이메이 최고예요💞💞💞 엄청 빨리 이메레스 가져오셨네요 ㅌㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠ.

Why are people mad about this he’s an amazing actor, yes twilight was god god awful but he’s an incredible actor still.


@suburbanmowgli A LOT of people haven’t seen him since Twilight. But, this always happens. Heath is the prime example. His beedy eyes are the only things that throw me off. :P.

I never watched Twilight and so have no well-grounded opinions about cast except they all seemed so basic emo at the time and I suppose that translates just fine for Batman..

@godsperfectnerd I made my decision, but mostly because it annoys me that everyone is bashing him after seeing only Twilight 😂.

@MpNintendoFan @YongYea Oh yeah; I forgot he was Cedric before Twilight came along. I remember him being good in that.

@THEJordonBrown I don’t hold twilight against him I think it’s a great choice..

@JamesIsAWizard It’s because she’s gonna be a Charlie’s angel lol but since they’re “connected” because of twilight they gotta trend together lmao idk.

Happy #InternationalFamilyDay from your #Twilight family! 💙.

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