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Tweet247 | Updated: Fri, 18 May 2018, 22:07 PM IST

Ukraine - Top Tweets Auf Twitter

  • Rudy Giuliani is likely a target of this investigation and doesn’t know it yet. Further, his multiple trips to Ukraine, three in 2017 alone, should be looked at with a microscope..

  • Reminder: A Ukrainian politician who communicated with Trump associates about a plan to resolve Ukraine’s conflict with Kremlin-backed rebels is reportedly testifying before Mueller’s grand jury today..

  • Ukraine claims its military dolphins in Crimea refused to take orders from Russians, went on hunger strike, and died.

  • An email from now-State Dept official Baxter Hunt dated 3/28/13 shows the Podesta Group – led by Tony Podesta (brother of Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman John Podesta) – represented the "Party of Regions" (a pro-Kremlin political party in Ukraine). (3/9).

  • #AwanContra🇵🇰 #McCabe #Deripaska 🇷🇺 #JCPOA 🇮🇷 #Urenco Is #Flynn a #UraniumOne Amigo Like #Mueller & #Manafort❓🤔 #auspol #cndpoli #dkpol #eupol #nzpol #svpol #säkpol #migpol #turpo #uk #ukpol #ukraine #uspol #estonia #latvia #lithuania #EU #NATO🦉.

  • Merops apiaster. Ukraine: Kryvyi Rih Photo credit: Viktor Sevidov #ukrbin #fauna #ukraine #biodiversity #citizenscience #birds.

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  • Coracias garrulus. Ukraine: Kryvyi Rih Photo credit: Viktor Sevidov #ukrbin #fauna #ukraine #biodiversity #birds.

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  • First patients designed medical centre starts its work today in Kyiv #AIDSMemorialDay @UNAIDS_EECA.

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  • Hispa atra. Ukraine: Kharkiv, Bezlyudivka Photo credit: Boris Loboda #ukrbin #fauna #ukraine #biodiversity.

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  • @DerKopite Mainly because Ukraine can have the cunt for a few days.

  • На Украине заявили о задержании российских шпионов с портретом Путина.

  • When #KGB agent on a contract have received a payment from #Kremlin to defame #Ukraine and glorify #Russia: are no frozen/unfinished infrastructure projects in Russia? is not the most corrupted country in world in which elite steals billions? #RussianPropaganda.

  • #travelalberto Tunnel of Love, in Ukraine.

  • Starting from such a low base, still not anywhere near enough. Good news, sure, but Ukraine could achieve much more..

  • Chernobyl (UA) February 2018 #Chernobyl #Pripyat #Ukraine Click the link for more pics and history about this location: A urbex video from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone:.

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  • Pandas-Woolen Toy via @Etsy Fine and fun goods from Ukraine..

  • @History_Ukraine Наши в городе.

  • Разложили по полочкам, где в Украине новомодное искусство раздают..

  • Latest from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM), based on information received as of 19:30, 14 May 2018 | OSCE.

  • One more inspiring story illustrates how civil initiatives transform Ukraine into a better place.

  • @SergiyKyslytsya @MFA_Ukraine Ахахаха лошары. Да к о вас спрашивает. Клоуны. Вы в кружевных трусах все должны ехать пить кофе в парыж. Мост вам зачем? "Дибилы, блять" (с) Лавров С..

  • @lumiferrous @AnarchoVex In Spain, Ukraine, and Manchuria anarchists fielded rather conventional armies with trenches and everything. They had notable efficiencies and inefficiencies compared to authoritarian armies but in none of those cases did they fail because of the inefficiencies..

  • 30% of certificates on vaccination in Ukraine are falsified, - UNICEF.

  • ທູດພິເສດ ສຫລ ຢ້ຽມຢາມ ເຂດແນວໜ້າ ໃນ ຢູເຄຣນ.

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  • Шапка вязаная охранника - Вінниця, Ukraine.

  • Putin to meet Merkel to talk Iran and Ukraine via @YahooNews.

  • In 1 of my classes we have to presentation something about our home country and everyone else is doing sad things like violence in Ukraine and the flint water crisis so I am tempered to do mine on the naked bike ride in Portland.

  • The Cryptid Detectives are going to the Ukraine. Thanks, Kiev International Film Festival! #CryptoForceAlpha @TOMMYKlipsch @powerhouseanim @KevinBurke20.

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  • The Latest: Putin says gas may keep going via Ukraine.

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  • The Latest: Putin: Gas shipments via Ukraine may continue.

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