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Updated: October 26th, 2021 02:43 AM IST

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Yes. The military has criminal jurisdiction to prosecute/court-martial service members for any crime they commit, whether the offenses violate the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) or violate civilian laws.

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@QuintusCurtius Remember when usmc units used to make their troops wear their chucks uniform? Same idea - “we need to see who is a fatbody”

@gnievchenko @MargrietKuijper Standardisation is key if we want proper market development for h2. A uniform and globally recognised and adopted LCA methodology to calculate GHG emissions is key

since jill has her re3 outfit in every resident evil collab ever can we finally acknowledge how good her bsaa uniform is

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@BoelkeStefan Vielleicht sollten wir auch nicht über jedes Stöckchen hüpfen, dass man uns hinhält? Die Erfolgsstories hinsichtlich zugfahrenden Soldat:innen in Uniform sind doch mittlerweile vielzählig

I’m technically only supposed to wear black shirts underneath my uniform but you can’t see it anyways so customers will never know. But we’ll know. And that’s what’s important

DP carcelario con @ALETTAOCEANXXXX, la celadora cachonda con @christianclayxx

Wearing the I gotta be on camera today uniform. Business up top, gym shorts and crocs below

I’ve got a band 6 interview this week and I feel so unprepared, however, I like the question “uniform aside, how do people know you’re a leader”.

Politesse. Das fiel mir ein. Könnte ich den ganzen Tag Leute annörgeln und trüge eine fesche Uniform.

But watching Tabitha wear a brownie uniform to school everyday and write endless copies of her work was hard for me. I said if they dont have a copier, give the teacher a lemon.

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Kvothe continued, smiling himself “I see you laugh. Very well, fo The uniform is that which we d هناك من يتذمر لأن للورد ش ♕•ﻜٕوِدٓ•♕ ARAB $ﺧٕٓصٍٓم$ IEP نِمَشٍيِّ فوغا كلوسيت مَفَارِش الْحَبِيب اوناس 3D1957BE هل سمعتم بأمة نالت حريتها

Waiting patiently for my Oikawa uniform to arrive so i can feel hot and superior

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面接試験の時に雨☔️風強かったし…。 何年か振りかにスーツ着たなぁ😏 最近また鼻詰まりが酷くなってきた… 管が狭いらしい。夜になると余計詰まるんですよね…😒 明日…ってか、もう今日か💦 🐯絶対勝ってね🔥 ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ


One of the most prolific passers in franchise history, Matt Hasselbeck will be inducted into the #Seahawks Ring of Honor on Monday Night Football. Looking back at a decade under center in Seattle, which performances stand out as his most iconic?

“Cities can require property owners to plant any missing street tree in front of their property when they sell. This policy would lead to a uniform rate of tree planting in all neighborhoods and thus improve equity in the tree canopy.” 🌳 @CNUPublicSquare

Hey @baseball_ref I have a Can you name this player using only their achievements and uniform numbers from our site? for your IG feed

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Lucknow ki team ka uniform wahi hoga jo Yogi pehenta drinks break me inki team gaumutr

I’m out here trying to come up with stupid names for uniform combos, whir BYU is out here doing it professionally

still trying to figure out what it means that sunwoo isn’t wearing the uniform

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@ThomasEsser11 @Lehmann030958 Die gibt es aber auch. Meistens die mit der goldenen Handschelle an der Uniform, ohne zu wissen, dass dies in einigen Kreisen zu Amüsement führt.

@JayMcvann The important question is: did ANYBODY ELSE realize you’ve walked around all morning in uniform without your belt? 😉

earth version looks like a school uniform HAHAHAHAHAHA OMGG SORRY HANBIN 🤣🤣😭😭

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Design goals for the new version were to make it simpler, more performant, easier to learn, and more uniform and interoperable with other .NET languages — by @pjkrill.

@Twitter is a #warzone, information war is being fought here. No cap or uniform to identify the enemy. #bevigilant.

@LordElvo 1. Possession of 3 armored vests of Military uniform of bags, tactical bags of fake passports (Lerato Hilton, Ian Khama, & Alicia Keys) of fake Omang (Ian Khama id) of ammunition without license

@luna12388396951 @i_villadolid9 Mga mandaragit ng palay na may paa, nka uniform pa ng kulay pula. #CancelScottieThompson

@tweetappan It’s a mischievous photo grab to be fair. A tired Kohli saw him smile and the young man would have been enamoured by the champion. But having said that kneeling in the Bharat uniform can not be acceptable and also this seems to be a unilateral decision.

Yes. The military has criminal jurisdiction to prosecute/court-martial service members for any crime they commit, whether the offenses violate the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) or violate civilian laws.

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