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BREAKING: European Parliament approves massively the candidate status of Ukraine and Moldova as member of the European Union !.

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Lynch has been so effective because he has drawn attention to the cynicism and knee-jerk hostility of politicians and TV journalists. @zoe_grunewald on how Mick Lynch won the media war..

@jan_knes Haben halt zu viele CDU und immer noch zu wenige Grün gewählt. Wer glaubt, Grüne könnten alles verhindern, was die Union sich so an reaktionärem Mist ausdenkt, ist naiv oder frustrierter Juso. Oder beides..

#Reserva | #Boca cayó ante Unión, en Santa Fe, por 2 a 1, y sumó su segunda derrota consecutiva en el torneo. El gol del equipo de Ibarra lo convirtió Gonzalo Morales. 📸 @bocajrsoficial.

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@LiamFox Can anyone spot where it mentions leaving the single market or customs union on there?.

Firstly to the weather - it is devastating to see the shocking impact of the #ClimateCrisis across the globe. From Spain to Iran to the US Midwest, temperature records are being broken during an intense global heatwave..

Das wirtschaftspolitisch ziemlich homogene #Bermuda Lager (Union, FDP, AfD) steht (vielleicht auch deshalb) seit Jahren ziemlich stabil bei 45%+x Cc @ElfieTalime @SchaferCorinna.

In diesem Sinne ökonomisch konservative Positionen vertreten auch die AfD und (das hören sie nicht gerne) die @fdp (Dass gerade die #FDP ein Anhängsel der Union ist, sieht man in dieser Datenauswertung zum wahl-o-mat 2021).

@caitoz Why can’t they ALL be bad? Is it because if you criticize the Soviet Union or red China funding ceases?.

@LabWomenDec I am a member of Unison in a very large workplace and one of the women considering leaving the union. The reality is that this is a minority view because those opposing it (which are the majority in my work place) are too fearful to voice their views..

Diario Oficial de la Unión Europea, CA 241, 24 de junio de 2022..

Diario Oficial de la Unión Europea, C 241, 24 de junio de 2022.

@MrHANT6 そこがすごい マジでおねぎの甘ったれレベルは異常 こないだ帰ったらリビングでねてたわ、覚えてないけどw.

It’s Friday, and you know what that means? Here’s our weekly wrap-up, considering the biggest stories in #Purpose and #ESG for the week: 👇 🧵.


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Union Realtime LLC is hiring Remote Senior Creative Designer Apply Now 👇 #remotejobs #remotework.

first time in the history of china-Europe relationship, Brussels is ready to go on the offensive..

@Juned_siddiqui_ But he got rewarded with cabinet berth that too in Union Central Ministry for gifting Madhya Pradesh. Eknath Shinde may most likely succeed in his plan and can either become Deputy CM. or Shiv Sena party president & Union Minister with a plum portfolio..

@PetrHuna @zoltanspox The United States, the European Union and the United Nations. But they want to go to war. Hungary and Pope Francis cannot prevent this. We will only do our best for peace..

My mother was a teacher walked out with her union every time. If the Tories are so intent on bringing back the bad old days, let’s bring labour action back in a big way as well..

I think the rail union democratic vote to strike was a lot higher..


@watch_union Verstehe nicht warum es dann ein Verbot braucht ? Unions Watch mal wieder agenda driven.

Roy tiene experiencia política y ha demostrado efectividad, pero @petrogustavo debe tener en cuenta que la mitad del electorado no lo acompañó, esto lo obliga a ser + estratégico en sus desiciones, las cuales deberían generar unión y no profundizar divisiones. Esperamos gabinete.

@Lowkey0nline Blacklisting of good union reps still continues, just done very subtly. And in all areas of work..

Watch: Mick Lynch responds to dinosaur comment as spoof facts about union leader goes viral. #bbcqt.

It would be great if every worker in the world was covered by a union. Greedy corporations wouldn’t be able to get away with the current status quo of exploiting workers and treating them like rubbish..

Kalau tak protest, dah lama dah Malayan Union. Oh lupa. Dia x kisah pun. Sultan Johor dulu2 lah yang awal2 sign Malayan Union tu. Okay need to buy headgear in case kena swing pakai golf club nanti. Gerak lu..

The Global Islamo-Marxist European Union is inheriting the economic sclerosis of the USSR it is replacing..

👉 La atención se centra especialmente en las regiones afectadas por la crisis alimentaria, como la Unión Africana 🗣️ En vísperas de la cumbre del #G7 en Elmau, #Alemnia eleva la cuestión de la seguridad alimentaria a lo más alto de la agenda internacional.

Union activities’ suspension in Edo higher institutions not witch-hunt – Obaseki.

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