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Everything weird with this: Couches. Random jerseys. No actual chairs. Haphazard setup. Spider-Man posters. No mirrors on the walls. Barber in a button up & tie. Random Jumpman stickers.

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Naam ()

It’ll be a while till I can return to my VR tinkering. I have walls to paint, plinths to pick colours for! Also tryna finish a movie at the studio. I miss my outings. I miss making avant-garde dada poetry tapes and the machines that play them.

English Heritage ()

Sunday Spotlight on Framlingham Castle 🔎 Once a fearsome fortress, Framlingham was at the centre of a vast network of power and influence. It was behind these walls that Mary Tudor was proclaimed Queen of England. 🏰

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🛸monday goatfriend🌵 ()

everyone wants to live in an upstairs apartment but no one wants to deal w the hell of sounding like an elephant to ur neighbors even when u tiptoe across the room bc the walls are made of styrofoam and pocket lint

Bryan Dean Wright ()

Pete Buttigieg says, “We must change what it feels like to live in the United States of America. Meanwhile, there are people quite literally climbing walls & selling their children to get here. America doesn’t need to change. Democrats do.

HypnoCat ()

@BoltLizard This is gonna take some backstory So the performance this time was split into two plays with different plot and actors but played back-to-back. The set has these sheets in front of projectors that are backstage, and they help for set-peices, like walls or the ocean.

Abby / CHANGES ‼️ ()

@bizzlehabituals i posted a whole ass room tour to youtube when my walls looked like this

Stefan Grant | Realtor 🚀🏁 ()

Everything weird with this: Couches. Random jerseys. No actual chairs. Haphazard setup. Spider-Man posters. No mirrors on the walls. Barber in a button up & tie. Random Jumpman stickers.

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Isa ()

bueno ya paro con las fotos en vdd no tengo bueno sí una con walls pero salió horrible la foto pq me puse nerviosa y lo saqué con el modo cuadrícula me quiero pegar un tiro

ً ()

@meIaninbam free promo they aint have to go in their pockets for? nobody aint have to do any work? girl i know they lazy as*es bouncin off the walls

NINI 😘🍯 ()

Lmfao I never had one that big .. ion like dem too big tbh though 😂 ain’t finna be beating these walls out

Nednared ()

Beautification aka Imeldification of Ahmedabad slum. After the practice, initiated by Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos during the New Society regime, of hiding urban eyesores from visiting dignitaries by raising white-washed walls.

ً ren 𖤐⁷ ()


Maria ()

me deram: louis sou stan: sou música fav: only the brave, always you e walls me deram: zayn sou stan: não k música fav: nenhuma me deram: halsey sou stan: nao música fav: castle curte e comenta um emoji q te dou 3 artistas

Lisa ()

I shell calcified trinkets whittle down baubles we gathered together love is in here peace is in here I know somewhere here in minutae days close in hard walls grow dark and I burrow I whittle I shell ......... #vss365 #peace

Brian Keselowski ()

@bobpockrass Road course cars. That means there is no built in stagger like the circle track tires use. That would change the way the cars handle by a ton. Third, the side walls would have to be changed significantly to stand up to the side loads the circle tracks produce.

Albert Hernández ()

@AlfonBTA Trueno ganó al menor tras 2 réplicas walls a lobo directa blon a dtoke directa acertijo a yoiker directa (creo)


No no noooo ... no puede ser coñ #FMSInternacional es una dan apenas voy en la segunda batalla y son una dan victoria a Walls sobre Lobo cuando era clara de Lobo y ahora dan replica en trueno vs el menor cuando era de son una cagada bien grande

Rayan ()

@Pilar08 @SamanthaRapHH Jajajaj que dices estúpida, hasta walls dijo que era de Lobo

Potkanka ()

@cupofdragons AoD has a lot of creepy imagery if someone was into imagine a tattoo of the bloody symbol Eckhard paints on walls, even with some dripping blood.

EruditeElf ()

Me *hanging pictures on my walls. Cussing a lot* T: you know you are supposed to hang thi gs at your eye level, right? Me: if I did that, it would look like a Hobbit lived here. T: Can we put in a hobbit door?!?

Yeagerist Propaganda ()

@qGiian The parallel between Berthold attacking the walls and Armin attacking Marley is just crazy

𝔠𝔞𝔯𝔦𝔱𝔬 / D-1 🥳 ()


Manuel ()

bueno walls se retira de fms. si eso le hace feliz y puede concentrarse mas en su música esta todo perfecto <3

Parpy ()

@ohcrr i was always wondering if you could do this because Ive played other games with controller and always did it through walls

Pedro L. Mota ()

@AndreaAlbion @OrinocoTribune Ireland is famous for their magic lands of fairies and old houses and walls coming from the

Eltiojohncena ()

Que wea el jurado? Buscaron a los peores de cada FMS y los pusieron juntos, la de Walls vs Lobo era réplica, la de El Menor vs Trueno, era de Trueno antes de la réplica, la primera réplica es de El Menor, la segunda daba pa otra réplica. Malo a cagar el jurado #FMSInternacional

Ms Still A. Thot ()

@undacovaperv @Bi_Deeva Let me tell you ladies, Tracy’s Dog is in a class of its own. My orgasm was so fierce (and multiple) that the contraction of my walls pushed out the toy with such force that it landed on the ground.

FreestyleRankings ()

Está primando que los jueces sepan que Trueno y Walls se retiran. Sino no tiene sentido esto.

ℓy ()

mais um dia sofrendo pq não vou na walls tour nem na love on tour ;(

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All India Mahila Congress ()

One builds walls to keep migrants out and another to keep poor out Namaste Trump maybe only pomp and show with no trade deal The limited US-India trade deal that has been under negotiations for months may not be signed after all. #WhatModiShouldAskTrump

☚ #disneyplus #BigBrother2020 ☛
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